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Friday, January 18, 2013

Elitist Hypocrites, or Just Average Tyrants?

Continuing the rant, the recent school shootings ( and unless I am misinformed, there have been several since ) in Connecticut have served to open old wounds, and have given our government another excuse to reintroduce gun control in an exalted ( higher ) level. All this 'hulabaloo' might make one think of Pearl Harbor ( which conspiracy theorists believe was staged to bring the U.S.A. ( Inc. ) into WWII ) and the 'terrorist attacks' of 9-11, about which you may have heard it said, 'we need another 'Pearl Harbor'!' 

You may have heard the NRA condemn our President as an 'elitist hypocrite' because he is reportedly hesitant to place armed guards in every ( public? ) school, while his own children enjoy the 'protection' of the Secret Service in their classroom. You might even agree with this condemnation, and thus you would join the ranks of many in this nation who have begun to note the hypocrisy among the 'elite' in this nation ( for, make no mistake; this may be 'one nation under God', but we are not 'created equal', in the eyes of certain individuals ). You may even have seen the tyranny that has transpired in this nation, and has been creeping over us insidiousssssssssssssly for many, many years!

Do you really believe that our government 'forces' would turn in their weapons as they would ask us to do? I don't think so! Are our troops over in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and wherever else the hell they are, going to start carrying 7-round clips for their M-16s, rather than the 30 or 40 round clips that 'they' need to make the world safe for democracy ( not to mention themselves )? Not hardly! Is our beloved president going to require his Secret Service agents to give up their guns and still protect his children? Of course not! If any of the above were to happen, if the 'elite' ( make no mistake; 'they' DO exist ) were to follow their own rules; their security ( I mean, the security of this nation ) would be compromised!

More and more people are waking up to the revelation of what would likely happen if their government came to be the only ones with weapons of mass destruction. The primary effect of the 'new' gun control talks in D.C. ( because of 'Sandy Hook' ) was that gun and ammo sales skyrocketed ( especially in certain states ), most likely setting precedent which will likely continue into the coming conflagration, likely another 'civil war', but more along the lines of a 'revolutionary war'. If the current and recent administration of this nation has produced one good thing, it is that more Americans are waking up every day to the fact that we are quick becoming a socialist nation, and that all these purported 'safe-guards' are simply thinly disguised ( at best ) instruments for our destruction, the destruction of the principles of freedom ( to say nothing of true biblical freedom ), and the tools of the elite to remain in their exalted position!

Reading these words, and those that have been running rampant elsewhere on the 'world wide web'; many of those with a futurist view of eschatology are having a 'heyday'! This is 'right up their alley' because of their belief ( for the most part ) that the world is 'going to hell in a handbasket'! As things rapidly get worse and worse, the 'Second Coming' of Christ only becomes more imminent. In fact; we probably SHOULD give up our guns, and other assorted freedoms, in order to hasten the 'Return of Christ', and our deliverance from this mess! We really can't hope to do anything about it, right? We don't have the authority anyway, do we??

Can you imagine what would happen in this country if everyone thought and acted like that? The only ones with guns would be the police ( to say nothing of a standing army ) and criminals! How 'safe' would your average citizen be then ( to say nothing of the Christian )? You may have heard that, 'when seconds count, the police are minutes away': this is really not that far-fetched; it's sadly true, not far-fetched at all! Sure; you could find many, many stories, both on the 'web' and otherwise that vividly recount the heroics of certain police officers and armed personnel, from all branches of the armed forces, that will quickly bring you to tears and reinforce your faith in them! Many of these personnel will even acknowledge the intervention of, if not our Creator, some 'Higher Power', but rarely if ever, will you see one of these soldiers admit that they are embroiled in an unjust and unconstitutional war. Why, they might lose their jobs if they were to make such an admission!

This is not a proposal to make things safer; this is an insidious ploy to further remove our freedom! Not that this DOES remove our freedom, for our freedom has been won by the Christ  and guaranteed by our God, Father and Creator! This freedom which we have inherited, not through the sacrifices of the forefathers of this nation, but through the One Final Sacrifice of the Son of God, and through our creation as His Body, is inalienable, as our forefathers recognized!

Should we give up our guns, as our government, the government which many Christians will tell you is instituted by our Creator, tells us? If you have this worldview, the worldview that Jesus is coming back soon to rescue us from the mess that we have created ( ? ) oh wait, that was 'Satan' right? ? ), then you might well lay down your weapons, spurning the gift ( of freedom ) that we have been given, and waiting ( hopelessly and irresponsibly ) for Jesus to come back and redeem all the harm that man has engendered ( ? )! Or, you could cling firmly  to the weapons that you have been provided, and with a firm confidence in the strength we have been given, struggle valiantly to defend our God-given freedoms against the tyranny that seeks to ( further ) enslave us!

So which is it; are you a mouse or a man?

Charles Haddon Shank

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