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Monday, May 27, 2013

On the Verge of Collapse

Ever have one of those days when you feel like crying 'Calgon, take me away!'? It seems to me that days like this are happening more frequently as relationships sour, infrastructures are threatened, and it seems like the world is coming apart at the seams! It's a great time to be a dispensationalist! With the economy threatening to collapse at any moment ( sometime in the very near future ), and society become more and more God-less, it seems that the 'second coming' of Christ can't be far behind!

With the plethora of available information ( thanks to the internet ) out there, both good and bad, horror stories about the coming collapse, both economic and social ( not to mention political ) abound. Some of these stories may seem to be somewhat blown out of proportion, but those 'in the know' are quick to assure their readers that they have not exaggerated in the slightest. And although some of these stories ARE more believable than others, it is pretty clear that some sort of collapse IS inevitable! Things cannot continue on their present course, either politically, socially, or economically. If something does not change, and change for the better, very soon, this collapse WILL come, and it WILL be ugly!

It will also be glorious!

Even if things DO begin to change for the better very soon, one ( who knows ) can see it coming! As far as this country has degraded, and as long as it took to get to where we are, it's not going to happen overnight! As one nation under God, we must grasp this indivisibility, once again, band together in the bond of love, and begin to rebuild America with a greater sense of community, possibly even great than that experienced in it's beginnings. We must realize the dependency of our independent spirit upon our Almighty Creator to an even greater degree than did our forefathers! As a nation, we must be brought to our knees in humble realization that it is only through the blessings of covenant and communion with Him and His people that we can thrive and prosper, much less survive whatever collapse may or may not be coming!

Although our focus, as Americans, is mostly on the good ole U.S. of A., national news shows plenty of strife around the world, much of it financially based. Some long-standing nations have filed for bankruptcy already, and more still are close behind! History is full of examples of what happens to empires and nations that vaunt themselves in the Face of God!

Collapse, to whatever extent, is coming, and the longer we try to stave it off, the worse it will be! Even foreign writers, those who have seen it happen in their own countries and lifetimes, are warning Americans of the coming cataclysm! Collapse must come in order for this nation to realize their dependence on the providence and blessing of the One who told Abraham, 'in you, all the nations of the earth will be blessed'! If America does not realize this, she may be wiped off the map, and cease to exist as we know her. Maybe this is what needs to happen, so that we can rebuild her, from the ground up, as it were, into a nation of priests, one that shines the Light and Blessing of the Covenant to the nations around us.

As Amercanist philosophy and eschatology goes, America has long held the faux position as this New Israel, this Savior Nation to the world. While much the opposite from the truth, this is, in a sense, what she should be, although we know that the Priesthood is based, not in physical, but in spiritual identity.

The history of America is a history of violence! While much of this violence was, in a sense necessary, and carried out within our own borders, for the past century or so, this nation has wasted its efforts ( and resources ) overseas in a vain attempt to prove its independence, and to carry out this messianic mission!

It can be clearly and easily ascertained that this nation and in particular, its indomitable leaders, have not limited their unnecessary use of violence outside their own borders; just read any old American history book, and you will see that the idea of 'might makes right' has been steadily perpetuated in this country since her inception! For instance, just ask any American Indian!

Whatever shall we do, wherever shall we go?!

All is not lost! This is our Father's world, no matter what men may say, and, like it or not, He does seem to respond favorably to well-behaved children. Whether or not this seems to occur mainly through the law of reaping what you sow, it has been proven for time immemorial that this is so!

Whether through a total collapse ( political, economic and social ) or a lesser ( to whatever degree ) one, America as a whole MUST be brought to her knees in humble repentance of her wickedness and failure, and then do an about-face, and start marching to a different tune. She MUST at the very least, stop murdering His precious ( and helpless ) children, though unborn; she MUST realize that familial Communion is necessary to her existence, and instead of perpetuating genocide around the world and in our own country, begin to bolster and protect the brotherhood of man!

This will not happen over-night or without a continuation of violence, though now it may be necessary! The downward slide of this nation and the whole world society has been happening for so long that it will take a long time for it to get back to where it should be!

A 'good' dispensationalist will rejoice at the condition we are in, for he must realize that, as things continue their downward spiral, the 'second coming' of Christ must be knocking at the door. Jesus will swoop down at any moment and deliver us from this mess we have made!

We, however, know ( realize ) that He has not left us orphans; He DID come to us, and He has given into our stewardship this world which He created and called good!

We made this mess; now let's clean it up!

Charles Haddon Shank

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