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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Rise and ( Coming ) Fall of the American Empire

I am by no means a history buff, nor am I all that knowledgeable about American history. All that I do remember though, about our history as a nation, came, not from any of the newer, and thus probably corrupted versions, but from older and likely less biased history books. Keeping in mind, of course, that it's usually the winner that gets to write the history books, we might remember that pretty much any history will probably be thus at least somewhat biased!

When America was founded, well over 200 years ago, depending on whose version of history you read, the founding fathers of this great nation, while being driven by more or less Christian principles, did not disallow for it to become an empire, much less one in direct opposition to their Creator and His Law. Even though our nation still is known in some circles as a 'Christian nation', and has, in the past anyway, vaunted itself as 'a city on a hill', 'a light to the nations', if you will; the government of this nation has been turning towards empire-building for at least three-quarters of it's existence! As far back, I believe ( and any history buff may correct me ), as the early 1800s, the beginnings of this empire-building, this Roman idea of bringing democracy or peace to the rest of the world through any means necessary, was employed by the leaders of this 'city on a hill'!

It may be argued ( and quite well, in fact ) that at least the First Barbary War was unavoidable, and in fact justifiably necessary! The Second, though delayed by the War of 1812 ( also 'necessary' ) was a much shorter and decisive one that spelled the end of any tribute payments ( heretofore made ) to the Barbary Coast States, and did much to enhance the reputation of the United States Navy as a force to be reckoned with. I trust that this information is correct, but whatever the case may be, it is without doubt that, as far as ( proclaimed ) foreign wars go, this marked the beginning of the American Empire!

As time wore on, and America waxed in her power and ability to assert that power overseas, wars became almost a matter of fact! Though most often provoked, it seemed that the reason behind these wars grew less and less, and the provocation for them, greater and greater!

Though many of these battles ( wars ) for domination were fought overseas, there were battles fought as well, within the boundaries of North America. The Mexican-American War, fought in the mid to late 1840s, was fought as an almost direct result of our expansionist policies, in other words, our possession of the Republic of Texas. Again, this war was no doubt justifiably provoked. Though this war was a direct result of our expansionist policies, and succeeded quite well in that design, it was not without controversy and even some opposition from certain elements.

The Spanish-American War of the late 1800s may have been the first example of a war that the US got themselves into because of their interventionist policies! Although this conflict lasted less than three months, with the help of native revolutionaries, a decisive end was brought to this war, which also spelled the effective dominance and even end of the Spanish Empire! Following closely on the heels of this war came the little-known ( to me anyway ) Philippine-American War. This conflict came as a result of Philippino revolutionaries vying for native control and freedom from the Americans, to whom the Spanish Empire had ceded control after their defeat.

Doubtless, many more examples of needless foreign wars, either because of our interventionist or expansionist policies ( or both ), could be enumerated here, but I hope you're beginning to get the idea! It should be clear by now that war led to war, led to war, led to war!As the new super-power of the world, America, or the U.S, soon began to view themselves as 'a light on a hill', 'making the world safe for Democracy ( at the point of the sword )', or as I like to call them, 'world police'.

America will never be destroyed from the outside.
 If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln-1838

Although I'm sure that Abraham Lincoln had high hopes that this day would not come, he uttered this prophecy in truth. It is not from any outside force, though they are and will be involved, that our destruction is coming! It is a cancer that has corrupted the heart of good intentions that is eating this nation from the inside out! The damage has been done, the gauntlet has been thrown down, and when the smoke clears and the dust settles; America will not be as she once was. It may take up to a century ( like as not, much less ), but it is physically unavoidable!

Clearly, America as a nation, or more specifically, the U.S. Incorporated, has begun to falter! Writing on the 12th anniversary of 9-11, as I am, we should be reminded that, though the impetus for these attacks ( on the surface, anyway ) came from outside our national borders, two of the greatest monuments to our financial prowess came crashing down! 12 years later, and throughout those 12 years, look where we stand! We are in the midst of an already bankrupt economy, which is seemingly being held up by false hopes and digits on a computer screen.

Without even exploring the notion that the attacks of 9-11 occurred as the result of 'an inside job', or even going in over my head and discussing ( at length ) the coming financial ruin of America ( the longer we hold it back with a false economy, the worse it will be ), suffice to say that the U.S. Inc. will not be recognizable, if even in existence, when it's all said and done!

With all the 'doom & gloom', some may ( or have already turned to ) despair, but there is Hope for America! This Hope alone is to be found in a national repentance for all the atrocities ( such a the 'murder of the innocents' ) that have been perpetuated in this nation since it's inception, and a wholesale turning in obedience to our Creator, Almighty God! If this national repentance does occur, and I believe it will, although this will necessarily spell the end of the U.S. Inc; America, through much trial and tribulation, may be ( will be ) preserved!

Amen, May it Be!
Charles Haddon Shank

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