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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nominal Christianity

'We are no longer just a Christian nation' - Barack Obama - 2006

Does a Christian nation allow for the murder of its most helpless citizens?!

When Barack Obama made that incendiary statement in 2006, most American Christians were outraged!

'How dare he declare that we are not a Christian nation?!' 

When he made this statement , I'm sure this soon to be presidential candidate was not referring to the fact that many Christians in this nation seem to have turned a blind eye to the ugly fact of abortion! I highly doubt that he meant to imply that, just because the Supreme Court of America declared child-murder legal in 1973, Amer could no longer be considered a Christian nation, but the fact is, a Christian nation does not murder helpless, innocent, and unborn children!

When America was founded, those many, many years ago, Christian principles, though maybe somewhat puritanical, were in force, and throughout her first years, it seemed that God had blessed her efforts, and the spilt blood off her sacrifices! It is safe to say, though with a sad heart, that America's sacrifices are no longer a pleasing aroma in the Face of God; they are simply the abhorrent savor of death!

Although there are no doubt many true & faithful followers of Christ in America, most if not all who have defended the rights of the preborn ever since, and even before 1973, the nation as a whole has done nothing concrete to stop this hellacious and abominable practice!

'Life goes on' and 'it is what it is', you might hear!

The murder of the innocent is not going to stop simply because legislation is passed saying that it's illegal, although if the penalties are harsh enough, it could sure make a dent, but by passing legislation making abortion legal, America has become complicit, as a whole, in these murders! Because of her complicity & lack of felicity, America has become displeasing in God's eyes, and will be brought to a painful and complete end unless she repents of her duplicity and begins, as she should, to protect the preborn, instead of murdering them in the 'cradle'!

America, once known as a Christian nation among the nations, is quickly becoming known for its duplicitous ways, and has fallen far from the lofty position she once enjoyed as 'a light to the world'! Nations all around us are seeing her for what she is, a wasteful, selfish, & slovenly whore! Her 'Christianity, what there is still extant in this country, has become a bunch of simpering 'panty-waists', 'evangellyfish', as a friend of mine calls them!

It is not too late!

If America's Christian will pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, cinch up their belts, and stop prostrating themselves before false gods, then maybe will will turn this 'colossus of doom' around, and bring America back to the once-great Christian nation she was meant to be!

May it be!

Charles Haddon Shank

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