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Monday, January 12, 2015

Beyond the Horizon


Besides having a stellar cast and being a very well-done movie; I'm not quite sure what to think about it! Yes, it was a theological movie ( all movies, or at least most, are theological by nature ), although you might better call it a humanology movie, because, although our hero was forever throughout the movie making reference to some mysterious entity called 'them'; he has an epiphany near the end of the movie and realizes that there never was a 'them', it was simply a more evolved 'us'!

This movie, in the process of blowing your mind with mentions of constructs like 'a three-dimensional time within a fifth dimension' ( or something to that effect ). The possibility of humanity evolving to the point of some of the almost unbelievably crazy notions that 'Interstellar' portrays engenders some rather intriguing questions! It is said that the average human being uses 10% of their brain's capacity ( that WOULD explain a lot ), so who can really say what a human being using even 50-75% of their brain capacitor ( 'Great Scott' ) would be capable of!?

What it all comes down to is where it always has to begin, at the beginning! Given that humanity could possibly evolve, at some point in time, to where some of the equations theorized in this movie might not be outside the realm of possibility; in theory, the root question we must answer is, 'which came first, the chicken or the egg'? No, seriously, it comes down to where the first bit of matter came from; did it just randomly appear out of nowhere? Somewhere, somehow, matter was created ( out of nothing ) by an Intelligent Designer! Take the human biology, for example; Scripture ( if you ascribe to that sort of thing ) acknowledges that we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'; it is utterly ridiculous to think, even with the advances that science has made in the exploration of the human biology, of replicating such a wonder!

The exploration of the human brain is pretty much in the beginning stages, even though scientists have been observing & studying it for quite some time, and the surface of the human mind has not even been scratched; you could even say that would be a well-nigh impossible endeavor, mapping the intricacies of the mind! One reason that this will never occur has never occurred or simply does not register in the minds of many scientists is that the mind, although closely related to the brain, is an intangible; it can never be mapped because it is our closest link to our Creator!

By certain definition, our Heavenly Father could be described as an intangible, but this is not to say say that He ( She? ) is all in our minds! The Creation itself, including the human biology, bears manifold witness to the glorious existence of an infinitely Intelligent & Loving Designer. Our finely tuned senses, even physical ones, can feel the Presence of our Creator!

This little blog-post was not intended to be a review, so much, of 'Interstellar' ( though that may be on the 'horizon' )it is simply an exploration of some of the points ( questions ) engendered ( in my own mind ) by the movie. Is there Someone out there ( or 'in' here ) guiding our very footsteps? Can our world be saved simply through the ingenuity of man? Are we all alone; is it really all up to us?

Because of the Spirit in us, now that our Heavenly Father has made His Home with us, it is not outside the realm of possibility that we might be the saviors, in a sense, of the whole race! If indeed the Earth, as a habitable planet, is nearing its last days like the fear-mongers are trying to tell us, we could probably find another home out there in this wide universe! If there is another habitable planet out there ( even if it's through a 'wormhole' ), it most definitely won't be because we put it there; not a chance! Even if we were, through discovery, able to transfer many of the inhabitants ( through whatever means ) of this planet, to their new home; it will not be because of our ingenuity ( okay, maybe 'through' it ), but because of the Infinity & Superiority of our Heavenly Father! If there is another habitable planet out there in the universe, whether in some distant, as-of-yet undiscovered ( or simply unexplored ) galaxy, it will be because the Creator of this vast universe put it there for such a time as this! If we could figure out a way to fly through a wormhole ( if they even exist ), and 'fold space' in order to reach that distant galaxy, it would only be because we were created with the sort of mental capacity that such an endeavor would require!

As I'm not even sure yet if I liked the movie ( I may have to watch it again, several times ), this would by no means qualify as an accurate & complete review of the movie ( there's just too much there for my feeble mind to comprehend in just one sitting )! As it stands though, I believe that this movie, like certain others I've seen, brings out certain points that we can almost be certain the maker never intended! What exactly these points are may be yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure, 'Interstellar' will definitely exercise your brain & get you to thinking about some of the deeper questions of life!

Charles Haddon Shank

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