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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dark Matters; the God Particle, Gravity's Rainbow & the Fifth Dimension

Traditional Christian theology tells us that the Creator God exists & operates outside the boundaries & constraints of Time. Call this the Fifth Dimension, call it another plane of existence, call it what you will, it should be noted that the Source of all Life is not Himself subject to the Laws of Nature He set in order, being the Creator of that order & in effect, outside that order. Some theories, such as Rainbow Gravity, also known as Gravity's Rainbow, might actually lead one to relatively compare the Universe with the Creator Himself!

The universe, many scientists have postulated, is largely made up of 'dark matter'; this is a ( hypothetical ) substance which is invisible to any telescope, but which 'neither emits nor absorbs light or any other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level'. Dark Matter might then be called one of the main 'building blocks' of the universe, while theoretical particles like the Higg's boson, often called 'the God Particle', might explain the origins of the universe!

If these theories are in any way true & verifiable, that would explain a lot about the Forces of Nature, both visible & invisible! Whatever the case though, one must exhibit some measure of faith, as no one alive today was there in the beginning. The theory of evolution, while made almost plausible by scientific study & even verifiable witness, calls for a certain amount of faith, especially for those who have not themselves been witness to its effects, but have to take, or choose to take someone else word for it!

There is some amount of talk going around, mostly on the internet, that says we have entered that Fifth Dimension! You may have heard 'chatter' about an extraordinary amount of cosmic radiation making the long journey from the sun to the earth. Such radiation would explain what has been going on this year, what with the crazy weather patterns, cellular interruptions & such! One can do any number of searches on the internet & find all sorts of fascinating 'information' concerning these events & more to digest. All this should concern us, but what should concern us more is what we choose to do about it!

More & more people seem to be waking up to the fact that things have changed & are still changing! The status quo obviously isn't working anymore & many are beginning to explore new ways of operating across the board. We have begun to figure out that the past 2,000 years of history, although we have come a long way, really haven't had the effect one might have thought! The fact that we have been made a New Creation ( in Christ ) seems to have had, according to evangelical Christianity, simply the effect of ensuring that we'll go to Heaven when we die. There are many positive events that have occurred over the past two millenia ( there's no denying that ), but the glorious fact of the New Creation simply hasn't had the effect that one might expect!

Without going into endless research, it is being reported that we are now living in a New Earth ( geologically/geographically speaking? )! While this sort of research is certainly very interesting & would most likely explain a lot, it is about as useful to Kingdom Living as discovering the Higg's boson or exploring the Fifth Dimension ( maybe a little more useful than the former ). The glorious fact is, we ( in Christ ) have been made a New Creation; in fact, the New Creation has been in existence since the first century A..D.! So, it could be argued from a Scriptural viewpoint, has the New Earth! The apostle Peter's second epistle indicates that the former 'heavens & earth were to be destroyed ( again, in the first century ) & the promised new heavens & new earth 'in which  righteousness dwells' would be established!

Especially through the blessing of the internet & the World Wide Web, anyone may bear witness to the manifold physical & material effects ( both positive & negative ) that this change ( the New Creation ) has had in this world in which we live; in fact, we are still witnesses to everyday change & look forward to yet more & better things to come! However, as we all know, change does not come easily or gently; although some take change better than others, change usually involves pain of some sort! ( if there's no pain involved in change, it might not actually be 'change'! ) Bearing up under pain not only makes us a stronger & builds character, it also usually makes us a better person.

Exploring these growing pains often lead us into dark areas; this sort of exploration usually forces us into introspection & to the discovery that all is not quite as it should be! If we're honest with ourselves & others, such exploration leads us to examine our own lives & make the necessary & painful adjustments! The apostle Peter wrote to his readers in the first century, 'you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house' ( I Peer 2:5 ) Though that 'house' was completed in the first century & established forever as the Dwelling of God ( in the flesh ), in some sense, new stones are being added every day. Not only that, but the stones that are already present are being disturbed as we realize this change that came in the first century & reach for a fuller application of what it means to Kingdom Life!

The study & exploration of these Dark Matters can be very useful, not to mention mind-blowing; they may even cause those who participate to alter their own consciousness & positively affect the world in which we live! Those who engage in such studies must judge for themselves the worthiness or worthlessness of such endeavors. As we go foward, however, we must remember that though these studies can be very mind-altering, they themselves are quite useless unless accompanied by positive action. Let us embrace these Dark Matters therefore & use our experience, along with the supernatural wisdom supplied by the Holy Spirit to affect the change that this world so desperately needs!

Charles Haddon Shank

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