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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The Other Child

Josaphyna was different, there's no question! From the moment of her latest incarnation, when her avatar began to take form in her Mother's Womb, though she was barely aware, even her Mother knew that this One was unique. When she began to realize & recognize her surroundings, Jo, as she would later be addressed, knew that this was not her first time around. Her brothers & sisters ( for she was not the first to exit her Mother's Womb ), although they accepted her as part of the family, never treated her like their other siblings. She never quite fit into their plans, except as it was convenient to them! Jo never really blamed them, though if she thought about it too much, it wounded her Ego. Being more aware of her surroundings, more aware of everything, Josaphyna had to admit that she was a bit much for the uninitiated. Knowing what she knew at such an early age was pretty unusual, even weird, or scary. Not only did she begin to show signs of awareness as soon as she struggled free of her warm Cocoon, she was making sounds & even putting words together into sentences by the time she had been in the Open for 6 months!

Jo's parents knew they had a child prodigy on their hands! Although there were no musicians in their family, they soon found themselves making room for, first, a guitar, then a banjo, then a piano, a flute, a saxophone. Music began to absolutely flow from a house where there had never been any before! Oh, sure, her siblings had their own likes & dislikes, as far as music went, with their radios, records, tapes & later CD players, but Josaphyna felt the need to vibe to her own unique orchestration. For the most part, her family tolerated & even to some extent, enjoyed her talent, but they never quite understood it. 'Why did she have so much 'God-given' ( as they put it ) talent, whereas we ( her parents & siblings, even aunts, uncles & grandparents ) never experienced such a Gift?!' Then, there was the music she played, even began to create. Not only did she play the old favorites, including everything from the Classical Masters to Classic Rock, she even started, at the almost frightening age of 5, to compose her very own music, which, she claimed, was not her own; it was 'The Music of the Spheres'. This, of course, only served to further confuse, then frustrate them. 'What is she talking about, this 'Music of the Spheres'?! Jo soon found that she could try to explain it to them till she was 'blue in the face', but they would never 'get' her vibe; that is, until they made the conscious, or unconscious, choice to do so!

Josaphyna knew that this was not likely to occur in her lifetime, personally speaking, but she could plant the seeds that would bear fruit when her avatar no longer tread upon this earth. It was at the beginning of her 7th trip around the sun that Jo unconsciously made the decision that she, personally speaking anyway, was not going to bless this world with her physical presence much longer. She had always taken to heart the subtle feelings of rejection she felt from her siblings & even to some extent, her parents. Being so aware at such an early age, little Jo 's physical body began to show signs of dis-ease.

It wasn't that she was being attacked by outside forces, although sometimes it sure felt that way; no, Josaphyna, being empathetic as she was, simply stopped responding to her physical needs & so her organs slowly began to weaken, then deteriorate, then shut down! Although her parents did their best to try to make sure she ate & drank regularly, even with her diminutive size & relatively young age, they found it increasingly hard to control her, much less keep up with her.

A 'normal' day for Jo looked something like this; up with the Sun ( if she slept at all ), Josaphyna hit the ground running! If it wasn't for someone else ( which it usually was ), Jo, having her own Agenda, her own Life, never got bored; she was always doing something! Her parents, though they gave her some lee-way, actually began to show some concern for this young wisp of a girl, who was ( they thought ) WAY too mature for her age. First then, Jo would make sure that everyone in their moderate household was prepared for their day ( including breakfast, sack lunch, etc. ), all the while cradling her phone between her bony shoulder & her head, either 'talking a friend down' ( whether metaphorically or really ) or making sure everyone in her little 'world' was well. When everyone else was more or less taken care of, maybe then Jo could be bothered to take in a bit of nourishment, whether it be 'bread' or 'water'. As young as her avatar was, she knew the importance of attending to her own 'needs' before others, but she refused, 'right' or 'wrong', to look at it that way!
By her own choice then, our little heroine's health was steadily declining. While she still kept up a fairly steady pace & a brave face, Josaphyna's delicate little flower was showing definite signs of wilting. Holding unsteadily at the bare minimum functionality, Josaphyna, placing others before herself, was slowly approaching the end of her short but weary sojourn! In her relatively short lifetime ( at least, in this iteration ) Jo had accomplished much in the way of spreading Awareness, not that everyone with whom she came in contact immediately 'woke up'' ( by NO means ), but, 'as above, so below', our little flower had spread plenty of seeds in her short, but purposeful lifetime!

Just as her life in this iteration had begun, so long ago, so now her human experience was growing to an End! Josaphuna had fulfilled her Purpose in this thing we call Life & now was ready to be truly Free to continue her Purpose in the Realm of Pure Spirit. As Jo's Spirit poised to take flight, those who had been blessed by her physical presence gathered around her depleted avatar. While most mourned her 'passing', having loved her in their own way, the last words she breathed through her failing & feeble lips will forever be etched into the memory of those who truly knew & loved her; 'Be as I AM'!

Namaste' & Blessed Be
Sage Charles

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