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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bravehearts' of Freedom

In the greatest sense; Freedom is a gift that is given, not a reward earned!

Now, before someone wishes to find me in a dark alley and teach me a few things about freedom; let me just say that I am not making light of those, in the past who have fought, and given their lives for the 'freedoms' that we enjoy today. I acknowledge that there are still those who fight and give their lives to preserve 'the American way' of life. The freedom that I am speaking of, and which I wish to exalt today, is the freedom, both spiritual and physical, that we have because of what Christ did. In that sense, then, the statement above might better read, 'freedom is realized, not earned'. I say 'spiritual and physical' because I believe that one can naturally leads to the other, though maybe not in our timing, or in the way we'd prefer, but in God's timing, and in His Will and Way. Our spiritual freedom is the result of the salvation that Christ brought to His people about 2,000 years ago, freeing them from the 'shackles' of the the old covenant economy. When freed from these spiritual 'chains', which freedom we realize today, they also began to enjoy more physical freedom, as well. Once we realize this freedom ( in Christ ), our physical freedoms begin to present. I'm not trying to say that, even though we have realized that we are free to do certain things that all our lives we have been taught were wrong, we should do them; we should always be tactful about it Before we act upon our 'freedoms', particularly in font of a brother or sister that still thinks it's wrong, or a sin; we should ask ourselves 'why?' Why are we doing this certain thing, even though we are free, and even have the 'right' to do it, at this particular time, in front of this particular person, or people? Are we acting in love, even though we only wish to show them that it is not wrong? This is something that we all must 'face'; are we brave enough?

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