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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Resistance to Realization

What if we could simply decide to do something & then just do it?

'Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you'.
Jesus-Matthew 17:20

'Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask[c] anything in My name, I will do [ it ].'
Jesus-John 14:12-14

The old cliche' goes something like this; 'the Bible says it & I believe it!' Well, if we are to believe the Bible, Jesus strongly implied, several times, that we have a Power Within ( John 14:23 ) that nothing is impossible for, so why aren't we doing greater things than Jesus, why are we not able to literally move mountains? 'Well', most would say, 'as to the latter, Jesus was using a figure of speech here, telling His disciples that they would be able to overcome any obstacle, with the right amount of faith. In fact, one would likely hear much the same explanation from most any modern ( American ) Christian. Others, including this blogger, attribute the words of Jesus here, to comforting His first-century disciples with the fact that they, through faith in Him, would be able to remove the Jewish economy, the Temple, specifically, which was an 'adversary' to them. Whatever the case may be, whether Jesus was simply instructing His first-century disciples on how to overcome their Adversary, or voicing a universal truth about how to overcome obstacles, we can certainly attest to the fact that the Jewish economy is no longer in force & we CAN ( metaphorically ) move mountains through faith! 

One might pause to wonder, 'how will we accomplish greater things than even Jesus?' This is a daunting proposition, to be sure! We can speculate on what Jesus meant by these words, but there it is, in black & white. The argument might well be made here, that Jesus healed the sick, caused the blind to see, the lame to walk & even raised the dead; 'how does He expect us to top that? DOES He expect us to top that?! 'Well', it might be said, 'His words there, as in the previous quotation, were metaphorical'. In that sense, we might agree; metaphorically speaking, we HAVE raised the 'dead', caused the 'blind' to see, the 'lame' to walk & we DO heal the 'sick'. In a purely biological sense as well, Science & Technology have enabled us to literally bring people back to life, to bring sight to blind eyes, to make the lame walk again & doctors have learned to heal an amazing number of different diseases. But, Jesus said that we would do 'greater works'!

Like the Pharisees of Jesus' day, our problem lies rooted in the fact that, for whatever reason & to whatever extent, we do not believe we are capable of such feats as He was able to accomplish. We have been so conditioned that we are what we eat, in other words, that we are so limited by this biology that nothing but the Power of God could ever do such things, even through our weak humanity. The truth of such a stance is self-evident, or so it would seem! We tend to think of ourselves as weak humanity, but it is only weak humanity that clothes us; our true selves, our True Being, is Pure Spirit, just like our Heavenly Father! 

'Like Father, like Son'; so they say. Is this not what Jesus meant when He said that we would do 'greater works'? While this may be going a bit far, is it outside the realm of possibility, then, since, as Scripture says, 'All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made' ( John 1:3 ), that we might even be, or have been already, involved in the creation/formation of material things, the stuff that dreams are made of? That may be a bit much to swallow, but even if one denies that, cannot we see that we create our own 'world'? Through our personal decisions, or choices, we shape our own destiny, as well as having a greater or lesser effect on the world around us!

We do what we know! It is easy to say, 'I believe................', but unless we have that gut-feeling that we know it's true, we don't usually act on it. Many there are who claim to believe in a certain manner, yet act in contradiction to their stated belief when their mettle is tested. On the other hand, there are those who consistently manifest their stated beliefs. This is not always a good thing! 

In his famous diatribe against those that say they have faith, the mere believer; the apostle James, Jesus' own brother, said, 'faith without works is dead' ( James 2:26 ). A blind faith, a faith which is not based in knowledge, which leads to action, is worthless! True Faith, on the other hand, is more than belief, for as James also said, 'Even the demons believe—and tremble' ( James 2:19 ); Faith is trust & what man, woman or child among us trusts what they do not know in the heart to be true? ( Wait, don't answer that! ) 

The Pharisees & thus many of the Jews of Jesus' day rejected Him as their Messiah because they could not wrap their tiny minds around the fact that Man could embody God. Jesus also tread on many of their false notions about the nature of things, but the main reason that they called for His death was that He, a mere Man, as they chose to see Him, claimed to be One with the Creator. In His humanity, Jesus was no stronger than you or I; it was through the Spirit Within, the same Spirit that resides in us, that in fact IS us, that He was able to overcome the pain & suffering of the cross & thus, death itself!

It is when we ourselves try to wrap our own tiny minds around the glorious fact that Jesus said we would do 'greater works' that we get into the same sort of trouble the Pharisees did. The mind, being the seat of the ego, tries to make sense of things from a purely human perspective, as did the Pharisees, yet we must remember that our humanity is simply our clothing; we are, as the saying goes, 'spirit beings having a human experience'. It is when we realize this that we are able to accomplish those 'greater works'. The blind will see again, the deaf will hear & the dead will live again; even better they will retain such high vibrations in their own biology that even that will defy the ravages of Time!

Realizing that we are Life itself helps us to manifest in our biology that which we know to be True! The knowledge that it is our beliefs that divide us should drive us to live beyond those beliefs, to see that, despite our differences, in color or creed, we are all of One; it is the same Spirit that drives us all!

An immediate objection will be, in other words, maybe, 'but what about those who do not/have not realized this?' People like Pol Pot, Hitler, etc. & groups of fanatical terrorists like ISIS come to mind here. 'What about them?' Remember that Jesus told His disciples, in that first century context, 'do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul' ( Matthew 10:28a )  Those in the past who have committed atrocities such as genocide, other forms off mass murder & those who continue to advance terrorism today can only kill the biological bodies that house our true selves, they can never harm us, unless we allow them to! 

The knowledge that we can indeed 'move mountains', whether metaphorically or literally, should tell us something. Since it is the Spirit Within that drives us, we should know that it is the same which enables us to overcome those obstacles! Whatever physical strength we might possess in this relatively weak biological body, it is only our determination which pushes us past all others; any good & honest athlete will tell you that.  The Works that we do, the things that we accomplish in this biology, in other words, are the manifestation of what we endeavor in the Spirit; our Inner World fashions our Outer World!

Charles Haddon Shank

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

'Physician, Heal Yourself': Harnessing the Power of the Brain

The Possibilities

I want to be clear from the outset; by saying that we are One with the Creator, or even that we are the physical manifestation of the Creator, I am by no means saying that we ARE the Creator! We ARE, however, in our own right, what might be termed 'mini-creators', that is, creators on a much smaller scale. Intelligent Design, which I admittedly have not studied much, seems to have gained in popularity in  the past few decades, at least. The idea, the fact really, that a Supremely Intelligent Being put in motion the Universe & all it contains is so far ( infinitely so ) beyond question that it's quite ridiculous to even postulate that the beauty of the heavens & the Music of the Spheres could have just happened, by chance, as it were!

Well before He was crucified, according to Scripture, Jesus prophesied to the Pharisees, 'You will surely say this proverb to Me, ‘Physician, heal yourself!' ( Luke 4:23 ) Alluding here to His crowning achievement several years later, where the same Jews would say to Him, 'If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross' ( Matthew 27:40 ), Jesus, as the Son of God indeed, knew that day was coming, when He would be tested beyond all human ability. It is without doubt that Jesus could easily have come down from the cross that glorious but fateful day & thumbed His nose in their faces, so to speak, but we know that wasn't His Purpose!

Science & Technology have allowed us to learn far more about the human body, down to the atomic level even, than what had heretofore been known. The human brain, in particular, has been under the most intense scrutiny & scientists are discovering, to some extent, just how powerful it really is! With all their knowledge & research, though, we can safely say that even they cannot say with any precision, just what the human brain is capable of. Movies like 'Lucy' portray fantastical notions, almost purely based on Darwinian Evolution, that, with the right stimulation, the human brain & thus the human body, is capable of super-human, even super-natural feats. Such notions obviously have much appeal & are a lot of fun to speculate about, but they seem so fantastical to us in our limited understanding & the brainwashing we have suffered under for ages, that most will simply write them off as pure fantasy & after the movie is over, retreat back to the relative safety & comfort of their chosen prison!

What if we were able to transcend mere humanity & do things that, for the past ages have been looked upon as supernatural & even condemned as occult? Could we make such choices as halting the aging process? Is it possible that we could have such complete control, not just over our own bodies, but over the bodies of others around us & even matter itself? The possibilities seem almost infinite when one thinks about it! What would YOU do with that kind of Power? Would you selfishly use it to advance yourself into the upper echelons of the business world, to better yourself with secret knowledge so you could leverage others & control them to whatever personal advantage you chose? Or would you rather choose to share that Power with those around you, so they might better themselves & their world? Being that it is more blessed to give than receive, the obvious choice would be to share this Knowledge & Power so that ALL might be able to employ it, not just for their own betterment, but for that of the world around them. If this were to happen on a global level, just imagine the possibilities!

The human brain, as one might observe, is the physical manifestation of the Spirit Within. Being of the same Essence with our Creator, as has been postulated; why should the physical manifestation of that Spirit not be able to accomplish such things as we have heretofore only dreamed about? Jesus told His Disciples that they would do greater things than even He did, so why do we have such a hard time understanding, realizing really, that we have that Power? Much of the reason we find it so difficult to accept this glorious reality is our religious conditioning. We have been taught, from early on, that we are so limited by this biology ( true to some extent ) that only through some supernatural agency can we ever hope to attain the Promised Perfection. We have learned to look Without ourselves for the Hope of Glory, when it is Within that our Salvation Rests!

With such Strength at His command, as we have witnessed to previously, Jesus could have easily removed Himself from that embarrassing situation & made mincemeat of His detractors, but as we have also borne witness to, He chose instead, unselfishly, to fulfill the Purpose for which He came. That Purpose, of course, was to show Man that He had been endowed with the same Essence, that He could transcend His humanity & this biology, to do what Jesus had done &; greater things, for the betterment of humanity.

Can we heal ourselves? Is it possible to reverse the effects that ages of personal abuse & religious indoctrination have placed upon us, to break free of these shackles? It is more than possible; it has been done! Jesus was by far, not even Scripturally, the first to deny these limitations & He won't be the Last. Much of what has been condemned as heretical & occult, down through the ages, has simply been the physical manifestation of such esoteric knowledge.This knowledge has been denied, often through any means necessary, to humanity, for so long that the majority has weakly & meekly accepted these limitations as a matter of fact!

The glorious way that our biology is designed mirrors the very Universe itself! Now that Science  & Technology believe they have satisfactorily mapped the human genome ( etc.), they have turned their focus to the Universe. As if the human body & the rest of biology, for that matter, weren't enough to convince them of Intelligent Design, scientists, in places like SCERN, in Switzerland, have spent millions, even billions or trillions of dollars to try to prove that the beauty that surrounds us could have just 'happened'. They think they have found this 'proof' & thus 'rest' in the false security that man simply evolved from..............nothing!?

The building blocks, both of this biology & the Universe have been found to be, at the atomic level, the same material. The Music of the Spheres, like the arrangement of this biology, is orchestrated so that it plays out with such natural perfection that many scientists have found it supremely difficult to deny its Intelligent Design! Being of the same Essence, as we have noted previously, with that Supreme Intelligence, does it not resonate within every beating heart, that we are destined for greatness? That we have come to the Kingdom for such a Time as this?!

May it BE!

Charles Haddon Shank

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Kingdom

Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”
Luke 17:20 & 21

The apostle Paul wrote, to the Church at Rome, 'Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil; for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.' ( Romans 14:17 ) Whether you believe the Scriptures or not, there is much there that speaks to the heart, reminding us that it is within that we must look for the Divine. We are, each & every one of us, according to these same Scriptures, made in the Image of the Creator God. Covenantally speaking, Christianity tells us that, in order to rightly bear this Image, however, one must first accept ( believe in ) Jesus as the Messiah of Israel. Whatever the case may be & to whatever extent, every human being in existence today bears that Image, no matter how well hidden!

The question might well be asked here, 'What IS the Image of God? In the past & as it still continues to be, this has been a matter of some controversy. Some have postulated that it signifies Covenant Life, as above, while others call it the Divine Spark, testifying that it dwells within each of us, even the worst sinner. This blogger, throughout his own journey of discovery, has even theorized about the matter, interpreting this enigmatic phrase as meaning that it was the fact that Adam was given the dominion over the rest of the creation which comprised the Divine Image. This is, for all intents & purposes, a Scriptural interpretation, although it, as well as the apostle's explanation in Romans, simply & plainly says what this Image accomplishes in us, how we act because of its indwelling Power!

Being that this post was meant to be about the Kingdom Within, one might be wondering why the Divine Image has been at the heart of this post, thus far! That's a good question & one that is more far-reaching than one might think; 'if the Image of God is not present, could one inhabit the Kingdom?' On the other hand, 'if all have the Divine Image, do not all inhabit the Kingdom?' 'What IS the Kingdom?' We can speculate that this Kingdom, that which Jesus said is 'within you' is a different dimension, one in which the Creator God dwells, or one might simply say, with the apostle Paul, above, that it is 'righteousness and peace and joy'. This explanation actually fits very nicely with Jesus' words throughout His ministry, describing it as anything from 'leaven' ( Matthew 13:33 ) to someplace where the saints, those following Jesus, would 'sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob' ( Matthew 8:11 ). In other words, the Kingdom of God, or Heaven was not something one needs to look for outside him or herself, but rather is evidenced by an outward manifestation, peace that only comes from from the heart, or innermost being!

In many places throughout the Greek Scriptures, Jesus spoke of this Kingdom as something they would 'enter' ( Matthew 19:23 & 24, 21:31 ) & preached the nearness of it ( Matthew 12:28, Mark 1:15, et al ), but it is also spoken of on a more esoteric level, as something that would be manifested through the outward actions of its inhabitants! When Jesus told the Pharisees that the Kingdom was within them, one might immediately object & rightly so, that because they rejected Jesus as their Messiah, they ultimately did not inherit the Kingdom. In this enigmatic passage, though, while Jesus was alluding to their covenant status as the Israel of God, He was clearly proclaiming that the Kingdom was not something that would 'come', at least, not like they were expecting, but that it would be manifest from the heart, with deeds of righteousness goodness, mercy & peace!

The Kingdom, then, is really the manifestation of the Peace Within, the understanding that the Divine indwells us; as Jesus said ( Matthew 10:28a ), 'do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul'. This biology may perish, being mortal & prone to death, but our inmost being, our spirit, is immortal, being of One Essence with the Creator, Giver & Sustainer of all Life. This is where Peace, the Peace that passes all understanding, comes in; the startling realization that no other can harm us should give us pause. If none can harm us, who are the very Image of the Creator God, then should not that allay any fear & allow us to manifest only Love? Scripture says that 'God is love' ( I John 4:8 ); since, then, we are made in the Divine Image, does it not follow that WE are Love?

The Divine Image may rightly be noted, then, as dwelling in all, though all have not realized this capacity. It is through our manifestation of the Kingdom Within that those who have not yet realized, for whatever reason, their true potential will come to the understanding of what it truly means to partake in the Divine. Love, not fear, will be the order of the day, because as the Kingdom expands its borders, through us & those who receive our vibrations, so will the realization that Peace & Love Reign supreme! Fear will no longer be a factor, for as the Scriptures also say ( I John 4:18 ), 'perfect love casts out fear'. The writer went on to explain, in the context of his writing, that fear comes from torment, such as they were experiencing in their mortal ( biological ) bodies at the time.

If we would learn not to fear what things may come, in time & place, upon these mortal bodies, then would we be more apt to manifest the Kingdom Within, through the Love that is perfected in us. As we, ourselves learn not to fear, but manifest that Perfect Love, it will flow out through our fingertips to touch the world around us. Realizing that we may not always, with these eyes, see the intended results, we may rest secure, knowing that Love is the Way!

Charles Haddon Shank

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Destiny's Child

With her last breath, Destiny gave one final push! Depleted of its natural resources, the body that she had become accustomed to was finally shutting down, although she had somehow found the strength to carry this new one until it was ready to breathe life into the cold, dark world that she called home. The life that she had lived, up until about a year ago, anyway, was one that would seem all-too familiar to many of us; the busy schedules, the stress & the quick, easy meals ( usually fast-food or out-of-the-box ) had taken their toll on Destiny's body, already well-worn by the passage of Time!

Life, in this day & age especially, was not easy! Destiny had, by her own choice, moved half-way across the country at a fairly early age & so, had been forced to face many hardships & trials on her own. Oh, she had made some friends along the way, but too many of them were fair-weather friends, so when those trials & hardships set in, those 'friends' that Destiny had hoped to be able to count on were not to be found! When she seemed to be on her last legs, so to speak & was looking up at life from the bottom of an oak barrel, her knight in shining armor had appeared & as she was going under for the last time, gently grasped her hand & pulled her back from the verge of the abyss, setting her back on her feet & granting her a new lease on life.

For maybe the first time in her short life, Destiny finally felt happy! She had been so used to relying on herself that when Chris came along, it was like a breath of fresh air; she had purpose again, thanks in part to him. When Destiny found out that she was pregnant, she was hesitant, at first, fearing that this might spoil  the happiness she had so recently found. Finally gathering the courage to tell Chris, she was pleasantly surprised when Chris responded in a positive way, joyously telling her that he had been looking forward to the day when he might father a child. With such a response, Destiny was supremely happy! Having waited a lifetime for such a divine purpose, Destiny felt accomplished & what's more, she looked forward to the time when she would hold this new life in her arms & nurture it in such a way that the child might enjoy a better existence than she had, at least, up till this point.

Chris was a police officer; that's how he had found her: she had taken refuge in the bottom of a bottle & he had gently pulled her from its grasp & carried her out from its cold comfort to a more sure foundation. He showed her a better way, that it was within that we must seek our way, our purpose, even our own happiness! Destiny had lived her life, up to this point, with the understanding, the belief, that we must look outside ourselves for salvation from the hardships & trials of life, or even for our happiness. Chris ( short for Christopher ) had made her realize that, though he made her happy, it was her own choices that had kept her from this bliss for so long!

With a child on the way, Destiny began to see that the life she had led before her knight in shining armor, her salvation, had come along, was not the best one she could have chosen. She had gone the way of the world, getting caught up in the business of life in this day & age, swallowing the American Dream, hook, line & sinker. Too late now, one might say, realizing the toll her former choices had taken on her body, Destiny began to pursue a more healthy avenue. She began eating better, taking time to care, not only for her own body, but for the new one she was growing inside! Thanks to her husband, her protector, she was able to leave the rat race & focus her time & energy on caring for the new life she had been granted.

Destiny's life seemed to finally be on the right track; she had been restored to love, she was finally happy
& carrying within her own body a new life, with the promise of a fresh existence, free of many of the hardships & trials that she had experienced in her own relatively short existence. However, it seemed like the bottom had dropped out when the startling & most unwelcome news came one day; she would have to persevere on her own once more! It seemed like Life had taken one of those twisted turns & she was alone again!

Once she had gotten over the initial shock, Destiny, bolstered by the promise of a new life & a fresh start, determined to uphold the child growing within. She shouldered her responsibility, her love for this new life & with the comforting realization, thanks to her protector, that true happiness comes from within, Destiny made the choice to, if need be, give up her own life in this plane of existence that the child within might have the chance to better experience this blessed existence we call Life!


Opening her eyes for the first time, Sarah experienced a sudden rush of deja vu, as if somehow, she had been here before! Although she was not quite certain if she was ready to leave the comfort of her warm & cozy shell, she nonetheless welcomed this new, though familiar experience. Already aware of her surroundings, she startled those who had helped deliver her from her mother's womb, by gazing, almost surprisingly alert, at her surroundings, barely uttering a sound, as she seemed to calmly take it all in!

Charles Haddon Shank

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Energy Sharing

'Knowledge is Power'!

Most recently in this country, politically speaking anyway, we have witnessed what is often termed, 'the transfer of power'. While it is very arguable that the so-called 'leader of the free world' ( POTUS ) is simply a figure-head, a 'puppet' even & that the powers that be never really were transferred, but simply changed their 'face', to give the people of thinations the illusion of 'choice', the 'transfer' seems to be going fairly smoothly, despite the childish bickering about the price of tea in China ( or is that Russia? ). It remains to be seen, one might observe, whether any 'good' will come of this new figurehead, or whether 'we, the people' will be subjected to more of the same: this blogger reluctantly predicts more on the order of the latter!

The simple definition of 'power' is 'the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality; for instance, "the power of speech". A secondary definition should give us pause, though; 'the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events; for instance,
"the idea that men should have power over women." The notion that one should have power ( in this way ) over another is not foreign to humanity; the history of humanity, from its very genesis, has been an exercise in this pursuit! Biblically speaking, the 'serpent' in the Garden ( Genesis 3 ) used this power to his own advantage: Cain used his power over his brother by murdering him & the list goes on & on.

There can be no question that all of humanity has this power, not only to direct the course of their own lives, but to directly or indirectly influence the lives & choices of others. In some sense, there is nothing wrong with this talent, or ability, for it is naturally given by the Creator, but too often, especially for those in an unnatural relationship with their Creator, this power is used in a selfish way, to meet their own agenda, to satisfy their own lusts, without empathy, or care for how it might affect others. For ages, human beings have striven to assert this power over others, usually without stopping to consider if they should!

The Energy of which we are all composed, both what we call 'good' & 'bad', or Yin & Yang, if you will, is that which gives us this power! As always, though, we are faced with a choice when it comes to using this power, or expressing this energy. Many, as we can all bear witness to, use their energy in vain pursuits, exhausting themselves in the process & emptying themselves of their natural empathy & seeking their own pleasure, begin instead to use their power in a wrongful, even hurtful way, influencing others to fulfill their own lusts!

Not all who so misuse the Energy given them by the Creator do so in a purposefully evil, or hurtful way; most are ignorant of the fact that this behavior is unnatural! Human beings, to a large extent & for whatever reason, seem to have missed the forest for the trees. We have largely forgotten what our true nature is & rather than focusing on the Love, or good Energy, that surrounds us, we allow ourselves to be driven by Fear, or what might be called the 'bad', or negative Energy!

Many have chosen to throw off the yoke of bondage, not only from their own hearts, but from the hearts those with whom they have to do! By recovering their natural empathy, they have discovered that they themselves, as purveyors of the Divine Energy, have the power to change lives, not by using that power to subjugate & control, but by influencing others, through the Spirit Within, to choose for themselves what is good & right. Realizing our true nature & that we were all created with the same Energy, it becomes apparent to us that we are all in the same boat, all trying to do what seems best for us & for our loved ones. The choices we then make are tendered, not just with a thought for our own good, but with a mind for the betterment of all humanity!

Power, like the Energy that drives it, is never transferred, it is simply shared, or spread! One may give 'the reins of power', so to speak, over to another & many have ignorantly done this, not realizing their own power, but even though it seems like they have relinquished their power, the power remains in their own hands, to direct their lives as they will! Fear has driven many to the brink of despair, or at least held them in ignorance, thinking that their own power has transferred to another, whether for good or ill & that they have no choice but to blindly obey ( subjugation ), or face the consequences!

Those that know, have used this knowledge to begin a work, first, in  themselves, then in the 'world' around them. They have the Power, through the Spirit Within, the Energy that drives us all, to change the course of events! 'The powers that be', those behind the figureheads of the world, pulling strings & misusing the Energy they were given, have simply not become aware of their true power! It seems they believe power equals control & that by subjugating others under them they show their power, but they have forgotten where the reins of True Power lie!

True Power is not using our Energy to subjugate or control others; True Power is allowing that Energy to flow through us, directing it, through our choices, into the world around us, spreading our influence, sharing our power! When humanity remembers the Source of its power & its True Nature, then we will see wars & rumors of wars cease, power will no longer be transferred but shared, subjugation will be a thing of the past & the world will be transformed into a Garden, once again!

Charles Haddon Shank

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Manifesting Destiny

Sarah was a smart little cookie! For one who had lost her mother at such an early age; she had grown up to be a beautiful & well-balanced little girl as well.At around one year of age, Sarah was walking & talking, one could see by the way she cocked her head that she was listening intently when a wise one spoke, her intent was obvious when she made her little strides, both inside the house & out & when she spoke, everyone gathered around, because for a little one year old, Sarah had a good vocabulary & gave people a lot to think about!

Most people spend their lives waiting; waiting for something great to happen, whether it be the love of their life, a new job, or winning the lottery! Destiny's child was not waiting for anything, except maybe for her body to grow into her spirit. She could walk & talk just fine, but because of her body's diminutive size, she still had a bit of trouble, sometimes, keeping up with the adults. The vocabulary she manifested, though, especially at such an early age, was astounding, unbelievable, even! Admittedly, because of the size of her mouth & her extremely young vocal cords, Sarah had a bit of difficulty with pronouncing the bigger words, but talk she did & act, when her small body would cooperate.

Thanks to a rich uncle that her mother had never mentioned, Sarah had just missed growing up in foster care! Ordinarily, for one so young, almost a newborn, the child in question would have been okay, not really ever having known his or her mother, but Sarah, from the moment of conception, had always known that she was no ordinary child. She knew that if her life was to go the direction she wanted, she would have to make it so; no waiting for others to make the right choices so that she could be happy, no waiting for things to happen; Sarah knew that if she wanted to make a difference, she couldn't waste any time. Her body would eventually catch up, but till then, she was going to get on with it!

As Sarah's body grew, the walking & talking did become a little easier, she became more verbose & easily understandable & she seemed to exhibit, rather interestingly, many of the same traits her mother had, even though she had passed away at such an early age! She was aware, already, of many things that ordinary children take for granted, for instance, that though her uncle's wife was not truly her mother, her milk was just as satisfying, her breasts just as succulent & comforting & that her uncle was not nearly the jerk her mother had always thought him to be. Sara had a good life; even though it had been such a bumpy transition, so to speak, things had actually gone fairly smoothly for her. Her mother's brother lived almost half a continent away, but when Sarah arrived at her new home, it was almost as if she had never left! Things that should have been new to her experience, people, places & things, were like an old, familiar blanket!

It was almost as if Sarah's uncle was making up for lost time! He recognized in this little child the chance to show the love he'd always had for his sister, but had never quite learned how to show. The little girl had everything she needed; as her body continued to form around her indomitable spirit, both her aunt & uncle encouraged her every advance, while showering her with all-important love & feeding her growing body with the most necessary nutrients.

For a little girl of one years age, Sarah had quite the social life; it's hard to imagine, but she had more callers, more friends than her aunt & uncle did! She was a very caring & sharing spirit, of course, so her friends soon became those of her caretakers, but it never ceased to amaze all those around her, how easily she attracted people of the same caliber, with the same energetic spirit, even though their bodies were often far more advanced in years than hers.

Even with her busy social calendar, Sarah was still a child; though her mind never tired of interacting with others, her little body was still forming, so she took naps throughout the day, sometimes even while visiting! While her body got the necessary rest, Sarah's brilliant mind was melding with any who chose to participate, sharing memories, information & other kinds of knowledge. With her penchant for symbiosis, Sarah got as good as she gave & so her status among those who knew & loved her never waned, but continued to blossom & grow, opening wider to the Energy she manifested!

For the second time, Sarah's birthday was nearing! Her uncle & his wife had always been the traditional sort, at least till Sarah came along, but they still felt like throwing her a party to celebrate her life thus far. She had no problem with this, as it coordinated well with her own wishes to celebrate that day. She had never quite fit in with the whole 'birthday' thing, but, 'Hey'; a celebration of life; that was another matter entirely! Life, even life in a small body, was something to be celebrated: she had a voice, a new perspective & with her new body, it was like a new beginning!


Sarah's Story is almost purely a work of fiction, but my wish is that it will resonate with your spirit as well as it has with mine! Many of us are waiting for a miracle & while I believe that miracles DO happen ( witness Sarah's Story ), I also believe that we were given the bodies we have inherited for a reason. If we want to experience life to the fullest, we must go out & live it to the fullest, with all the Energy we possess!

Charles Haddon Shank