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Friday, April 19, 2013

Reality Versus Relativity

To a nation of moral relativists, what are three deaths compared to fifty thousand?

Anytime that innocents are killed, whether on purpose or accidentally, it is a great tragedy!  Any good American should be outraged at any person,  Muslim or not, foreigner or not, who dares to commit an act of terrorist aggression! Really, to any good person, American or not, Christian or not, feels at least a tinge of shame that another human being would dare do such a thing as to take the life of an innocent or even helpless person. But it happens every day! Not only do we see ( increasingly ) abominable events such as the infamous '9-11' and the most recent 'Boston Bombing', but statistically, around fifty thousand pre-born infants are murdered, usually in an even more abominable fashion!

With events such as this going on with increasing frequency, conspiracy theorists must be having a hey-day, not to mention the 'end-times' speculators and prognosticators. With moral relativism at an all-time high ( or is that 'low'? ), is it really any wonder that things like this happen all the time?

We are told, even by many professed followers of Jesus the Christ, that we each ( individually ) have, or must seek and find, our own truth. What is right, good and true for you, may not be what is right, good and true for me or for any other certain person. That there is such a thing as absolute truth may be professed by most Christians, but most do not act as if this is so. This is one reason we have so many denominational divisions within the Body of Christ, and why our founding fathers enacted the freedom of religion in this fledgling nation's new constitution!

The Reality is that Absolute Truth does exist, whether you accept this glorious fact or not! Theologically speaking ( especially ), where there is discord ( disagreement ) concerning the nature of God, which is what it all boils down to, if one person is right, then the other person is wrong! ( Very often, both are wrong! ) Too often, in today's society, mostly Western, but Eastern as well, it seems that the general consensus is that truth is relative, in an individual sense. What is wrong to one person may not seem wrong to another, for instance, the murder of innocent people! War, for just any reason ( the ends justify the means ) may seem just, good and right to one ( group of people ), while to another, it is the most abominable thing that one ( group ) could do to another!

Often, when we are offended and outraged by such events, it is because we are all too familiar with the motives behind them. There is a saying, 'but for the grace of God, there go I'. This can be applied, to some extent, to everyone! Some have a better control on their emotions and thus their actions, than others, but most people have a natural tendency to turn 'do into others as you would as you would have them do unto you', into 'do unto others as they do unto you', or even 'do what you feel ( is right )'!

Never minding what IS right; too many nowadays are quick to do what they feel is right, and hesitant to do what they KNOW is right! Moral relativism is so prevalent in Western society today that it's barely even noticed as such! It's taught religiously in the public ( government ) schools, it has pervaded our society in almost every area, and has even insidiously maneuvered itself into our pulpits!

Finally, and again, should we be outraged & offended when people, through whatever means, carelessly kill others, even innocent ( and helpless ) human beings? You bet; at the very least, it should aggravate our own sensibilities, but even more, these cowardly and abominable actions should convict us of our own cowardice! They should cause us to repent of former sins and to examine our own moral relativism !

May we, through the Power that dwells in us, use these opportunities to effect a great change in the 'world' around us, and society in general!

Charles Haddon Shank

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