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Those who wonder are not lost; they are trying to awaken! 'The Sleeper must awaken!'

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Misty Mountain Morning

Morning has broken, and I wonder as I wander,
How blessed I am to live among such beauty!

The mountains high, the valleys deep,
The rivers that are so cold and clear!

The fawns that graze, majestic elk,
The great old bear that wrestles with her cubs!

On this beautiful wintry day, I watch the veil of steam,
As it rises from the vales, on this Misty Mountain Morning!

We praise our Father who dwells with us,
His Presence is seen in the beauty all around!

The Love of God is greater far, than all the beauty found on earth,
The Creation shines forth His praise, and sparkles in the Son-lit haze!

The beauty of the earth does not surpass His Grace,
Nor the ones who shout His praise!

We worship Him with all our deeds, in all we do and say,
For He is our only stay, on this Misty Mountain Morning!

Charles Haddon Shank

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