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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Body Politic

'Slavish education creates slavish voters!'

When you really ponder it, voting seems about as fruitful as taking medications; you're pretty much treating symptoms, and not really getting to the root of the problem! ( in a sense, just staving it off till a later point in time ) While politics are necessary for good & gracious government, politics of late has become an exercise in futility! The lack of good people who are willing to take the time out of their busy schedules to do any sort of politicking is so great anyway, but if a good does happen to make it to the primaries, he is either voted over because he wasn't able to spend the time or money needed in today's sham elections to get elected! Even if a good one happens to get elected, nothing much is really accomplished because an elected official is only as good as those who elected him, when it comes right down to it!

A good politician is one who represents his constituents well! Like it or not, Obama is actually a 'good' politician, and that's part of the problem! Undoubtedly, he does have his own agenda, and has disappointed many of those who voted for him ( twice ) and angered those who are opposed, however actively or inactively, to his socialist agenda! Whatever the case may be, whether his supporter are still behind him or not, he is still there, pushing that socialist agenda, and thumbing his nose in the face of many hard-working people in this country, as well as making a mockery of our Constitution!

The problem we have before us then, is not so much that we have bad leaders, although that is without question; the root of our problem is that the people themselves are bad, and therefore choose bad representatives! This is not necessarily to say that every single person who voted for Obama ( to say nothing of the Bushes ) is a bad person, and everyone who didn't is a good person. Sometimes 'good' people make 'bad' choices, whether out of pure ignorance or just sheer stupidity! There are those, on the other hand, though, who make 'bad' choices because they are genuinely evil, and selfishly wish to see their will done ( and their pockets lined ) no matter how many may die!

Much of the problem, it seems, can be laid at the feet of the government school system! Now, again, I'm sure there are some government schools that are better than others, but none would claim to be, as they are often called ( by those who should know ), 'centers for brain-washing children'! In these institutions, children are taught to sit down, shut up & listen; they are taught to stand, and march in line, and never to think 'outside the box', and to precisely & obediently follow a regimen & curriculum prescribed by, imagine that, the very government that we love to bitch & moan about, that has got this nation in the deplorable shape she's in!

The Church as well, or maybe to an even greater extent, shares the blame for much of what has gone wrong in this nation! If 'We the People' are the root of the problem, then the Church, who is to bring All God's Children into that blessed Reconciliation & Communion with Him, bear the blame as much as anyone! The President, with all of his Socialist Policies & Liberal Agenda, 99.9% of the politicians in Washington, D.C., and etc. & etc. ( anybody to blame but ourselves ) may indeed be at fault, but they are only the symptoms of a more insidiousness disease, one that has ravaged this nation since its inception, but has really reared its ugly head in the last century or less!

Because we have fallen so far, and because the slope ( cliff, really ) is so slippery, it will take at least as long, if not longer, to return to the place we once occupied in the table of nations! This can be done, whether, as some believe, by using the same form ( of politics ) that got us where we are in the first place, or as others are convinced, armed rebellion & revolution is inevitable, even imminent! In the case of a political solution, which holds the hope of the least bloodshed, only if those currently in office, as well as the nation as a whole, submit to our True Leader, and the Only Good for this nation, then, and only then, will a political solution begin to remedy the evils that we currently observe!

On the other Hand, and at last resort, it's looking more & more like an armed rebellion & revolution may be where we are actually headed! 'We the People', having been brought up, to a large extent, in those 'centers for brain-washing children' have, for most of their lives, played right into the hands of the government that schooled them! Of late ( most recently & notably, the Bundys of Nevada ), many of these have come to see the fallacies in our system of government, and have rebelled against it, even resorting to arms!

There are no easy answers, no quick & simple solutions to our problems! 'We the People' have become so screwed up that it's actually pretty amazing that we still enjoy some of the freedoms we do! As the old Virginia Slims cigarette advertisement claimed, 'You've come a long way, baby' ( wrong context, I know )!

It may seem hopeless; it does seem almost, that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers, and resort to bloodshed, to fight another useless and horrifying Civil War within our own borders! Even if a political solution can be found, it's going to take a long time to even make a noticeable difference, especially considering our current status. It, however, can be done! It must be done, and by the Grace of God, it will be done!

For our system of politics to get better, we must see people making better choices! If people cannot be trusted for that small task, then maybe the only logical ( in reasoning, anyway ) solution is to 'kill'em all; let God sortem' out'; at least then, 'We the People' could just elect better representative, and..............wait, that's what got us into this mess in the first place!

Whether we look for our salvation in politics or armed resistance & revolution; it will come from neither as long as 'We the People' have the same mind! If we would see Better Politics, or even a last Revolution, we must first see Better People, a people that have submitted themselves to the Rule of Heaven, and will not bow to the wicked ordinances of man!

Then, and only then, will this Body Politic have any Good & Lasting Effect on the affairs of this Nation under God!

Charles Haddon Shank

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