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Friday, August 01, 2014

The Rest of the Story

When will it end?

There are days ( believe me, I've been there ) when we just want to cry out, 'Calgon, take me away!', or, 'please God, put me out of my misery!' Depending on your situation in life, these times may come upon to a greater or lesser extent, but trust me, everyone that has a life has been there; it 'happens' to the best of us!

When we have days or moments like this, as Christians, we are reminded ( in my own words ) that all things happen for the good of those who love God ( based on Romans 8:28 ). Things may 'happen' in our lives ( 'it occurred to me' ), for whatever reason, that aren't quite 'right', but we are comforted, knowing, as the apostle Paul later wrote, 'nothing shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord' ( Romans 8:38 ). When we come upon such hard times, we can look such trials in the face and laugh at them, knowing that through the Strength within us, and Communion with the Body of Christ, we can never fail!

The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind drives away! Because they do not have the Comfort or Rest that the Holy Spirit alone brings, it is easy to let the rigors of everyday life take their toll and they are tempted to give up; they sometimes ( but not always ) do! Being the children of our Almighty & Heavenly Father, though estranged, maybe, these are surrounded, though they do not realize it, by a 'heavenly host', sent from the Father for such a Time as this, when they are brought to their knees in desperation & anguish.

Christians, as well, have their moments; though we realize that we have that Comfort & Rest, we often, again, for whatever reason, fail to take full advantage of the Communion that we now have with our Heavenly Father & with the Body of His Son! We let the physical trials & hardships of this existence get us down. We too often feel like our Heavenly Father HAS given us more than we can handle, and we are sorely tempted to seek for an escape!

Whether one acknowledges the Comforting Presence of the Holy Spirit & our Heavenly Father in their lives or not, He is there, and at some point in Time, He WILL make His Presence known! For some it may seem to be too late ( Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. ), but for others, that realization will Spring up in them, and they will see that, not only have they finally come upon what they have been missing their whole lives, but they will be excited to share this Good News with others who are seeking it, though they may not be able to 'nail it down'!

As the Body of Christ, we not only have the duty, but the glorious privilege of sharing this Good News with those who are most in need of it! Our own immediate families, of course, with which our Heavenly Father has most graciously blessed us, must take priority, but, as much as lies in us, we must live at peace with all men & women! We have been bequeathed with the Story, and it is one which stretches to infinity!

We are ALL an integral part of a Greater Story, on painted on An Infinite Canvas! Certain parts may seem to be more presentable than others, but the fact remains, that ALL of these parts are necessary; we ALL have a Purpose, and though that Purpose is not always evident to our finite eyes, we can be sure that it WILL be revealed in Time, our Heavenly Father's Good Time, not ours!

As the Children of our Heavenly Father, let us purpose within ourselves ( individually ) to remain in or seek the Communion of the Body of Christ, for it in Communion alone that we receive the Strength that we need to face the hard facts of everyday life in this crazy mixed-up world! Sure, people find a sort of strength every day to fight their battles, but unless they/we embrace that Strength that dwells within the Body of Christ, their strength will fail!

Until we realize that we belong to that Greater Story, and that we have a part in The Rest of the Story, we will never truly find that Strength! The realization that we ARE, in Him, the Rest of the Story that was begun & is chronicled in the pages of Scripture should give us much pause for reflection & praise! We have been counted worthy to continue the good work that He began; The Ministry of Reconciliation!

Amen & Hallelujah!

Charles Haddon Shank

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