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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Taxation of America

And he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. He will take a tenth of your grain and your vintage, and give it to his officers and servants.
I Samuel 8:15 & 16

When Israel asked for a king like all the nations around them had, God warned them what the consequences would be for having such a ruler! Sure, there would be noticeable benefits, like safety & security, even comfort in their servitude, but there would be servitude: not only would this servitude be coerced, but this king would require a tithe, equal to, and in most cases, above & beyond what God Himself required!

Though America does not have a king, per se, and she is no doubt, 'one nation under God', she does submit herself, in all reality, to the rule of one ( group )! The Constitution & Declaration of Independence on which this nation was founded and by which she is supposedly ruled, are more & more being subverted and we are, in all reality, under submission to the elite, to a shadow group who have assembled from the early days of this nation behind a mere puppet!

Much like Israel, America has elected for the relative safety & security, along with the velvet chains of servitude & oppression that Big Government can provide! Although there are some fairly significant differences between Israel of old & America of today, we may note quite a few similarities too. Like Israel, America has gradually turned away from the ways of God upon which they were founded, and rather than being a light to the nations, have begun to envelop themselves in darkness. Rather than being salt & light to the 'world' ( culture ) around us, American Christians, for the most part, have become a sort of 'lite salt'!

When Jesus asked Peter, 'From whom do the kings of the earth take customs or taxes, from their sons or from strangers?', Peter correctly answered, 'From strangers', and Jesus replied, 'Then the sons are free'. In this country, we seem to have this all backwards; in many cases, and yes, I'm going to use the illegal immigrants for example, Americans ( sons of the kingdom ) are the ones who pay the taxes, whereas the foreigners ( strangers ) are the ones who get off 'scot-free'! Does that sound right & just & good?!

The point may be made & made well that without the taxes that we, as Americans pay, much of what has been accomplished in this nation would not have happened. From something as lofty as a lunar landing & a mission to Mars to things as earthy as interstate highways & free public education ( indoctrination, really ), there is much in this nation, not necessarily a bad thing, that would not, & could not take place with tax-payer funding. Probably the greatest evil that occurs daily in this country, the murder of the pre-born, popularly known as abortion, would not be happening, at least to the extent that it is, unless it was being funded from the public coffins, I mean coffers!

Unjust taxation may be viewed as a necessary evil in today's day & age, it is an evil, no doubt, though some good may seem to come from it, but it is by no means necessary! Not only does this coerced servitude take away much of our freedom, it takes away much of our responsibility as well! If a highway or simple road road ( even a bridge, for that matter ) is needed, then the surrounding community should band together and build whatever is needed, and the same with education; that's the way it used to be before the federal government got too big for its britches!

Sad to say, Americans, for the most part, even American Christians, deserve what they have got! Things may be turning around in this nation ( not as quickly as most would like ), and more & more are beginning to realize & shrug off the yoke of servitude that we are under in this nation, but pretty much as a whole, America is still slumbering in her velvet chains, sluggishly trudging along maybe, but still very much alive!

What may be done, you might ask, to remedy this horrible situation? Well, for starters, we can stand on principle & stop our funding of the atrocities that are perpetuated in this nation, and yes, I AM advocating the non-payment of unjust taxes! I realize that in most cases, this would likely result in loss of property, including what little freedoms we still have, as well as land and possibly even life, so this must be an educated choice, but if we are to be free of this yoke of bondage, someone will have to make it!

This total freedom from taxation, it it ever happens, is most like, barring another revolution, many days in our future, but with God as our Refuge it will happen! May it be in our day, or at the very most, in the days of our children & grandchildren!

Charles Haddon Shank

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