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Friday, February 20, 2015

The American Ouroboros

Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
Matthew 7:12

 Is it ever right to do wrong, even if it's so that wrong may be righted? Do the ends justify the means? Most Americans, to whatever extent, would very like answer these questions with a resounding 'YES'! Though most of the wars & police actions that the U.S. Inc., at the behest of the American Empire, has embroiled her citizens in, to be honest, have been retaliatory actions! The question should be asked, though, 'retaliation to what?' What provoked the action or reaction that we're retaliating to? ( not that this author is a citizen or employee of the Corporation known as the United States of America )

Okay, so Islamic terrorists hijacked several large airliners ( planes ) & directed them straight into several strategic targets, claiming the lives of at least 3,ooo innocent people ( ? )! At last count, ISIS, or The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the cold-blooded murder of a number of innocent civilians ( ? ), some by severing their heads from their bodies & at least one other by incinerating alive! These are terrible, dastardly & reprehensible acts, but were they unprovoked? History will show that they were not!

If memory serves, September 11th is a date, to the Muslim, that will live in infamy! Reading THIS STORY, one may ascertain that many years ago, the Islamic Turks suffered a crushing defeat at the gates of Vienna at the hands of Europe's finest. 'Okay', you may say, 'why not attack the United Kingdom?' Why NOT attack that certain part of Europe where they suffered their greatest defeat? Why not carry out their act of terrorism on British soil?

Well, first of all, in the greatest sense, they DID attack on British soil, or at least a British Institution! Many Americans, although probably familiar with the fact that the World Trade Center with its Twin Towers, was one of the greatest symbols of Economic Strength in America, but probably much fewer are aware that our monetary system is a primarily British, albeit private, Enterprise! The terrorists knew exactly what they were doing, by attacking one of the greatest symbols of European Strength in America! Why America? We'll get to that next!

America, as history will show, is rank with violence, especially when it comes to Foreign Policy! In its relatively short, but vaunted history, the American Empire ( really, just an arm of the British ) has paralleled, and even surpassed any empire before it, including the Roman, in its History of Violence! This is not necessarily to say that the Corporation known as the United States, being more civilized, has gone to the same extremes ( ? ), but probably at least as much violence, if not more, has been done in the Name of the Empire, if not in the Name of God!

Needless to say, we have many enemies as a result of this History of Violence! As evidenced by the events of September 11th, 2001  before that, Pearl Harbor, America is not well-loved in the Table of Nations! Sure, most of those we have conquered are our allies now ( if unfriendly ones ), but there are probably not many nations out there, as a whole, that would  stand by our side if it didn't suit their own purpose well!

The American Empire, as a whole & from their inception,, has not practiced the words of Jesus that we read earlier! Or maybe they have; maybe the reason that such violence is done to us is because we do violence to the rest of the world, in particular the Middle East! This is not to say that retaliatory violence is necessarily wrong, or even that we would be left alone if we kept our hands to ourselves, minding our own business! It is very likely that even had the American Empire never been formed, even if we had kept our noses clean, especially when it came to Foreign Policy, the U.S. Inc. would still suffer wrongs at the hands of their enemies! 

By following after the ancient practice of empire-building & by disregarding the words of the True Emperor, America has become what certain of her Founding Fathers feared! She has corrupted herself from within & now, because of that corruption, is reaping what she has sown. She has becom the mythical & fabled serpent, slowly devouring herself!

Charles Haddon Shank

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