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Friday, May 29, 2015

'Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!'

Ever hear someone talk about, 'too much of a good thing'? It IS possible to OD on certain things, sugar for one, although sugar, in & of itself, is not a bad thing! Moderation is key & also depending on one's circumstances, totally abstaining from certain things might become necessary! The act of sexual intercourse, popularly known as 'sex' is yet another thing that must be carefully & thoughtfully observed. To maintain its significance & intimacy, we must limit our sexual urges to certain times & places, not to mention with a certain person!

Here's another one; 'familiarity breeds contempt'! Now, this may not seem to have anything to do with our subject, but if you think real hard, you might get a headache! Here's a hint though, 'if you stick your head through a window, the pane will be gone'! Okay, enough of that! Speaking of 'sex', depending on the person, of course, it can become rather mundane if practiced too often! Same with something as simple as sugar, if all one consumes is sugar, or sugary ( sweet ) things, even this can become a 'drag' ( especially on ones body )!

'Sugar', besides being an actual substance, can also be a code word for something else; kissing, or even sex can be implemented or requested by asking for this sweet but potentially dangerous, even deadly substance! Again, depending on the person, sugar can be a detriment to their health & even, in certain circumstances, bring death! Much of this though, can attributed to the type of sugar, how it was processed, etc, etc. The processes we employ to make life simpler & easier are actually making our lives more complex & harder, killing us slowly in the process!

The sexual act, like sugar, can be good or evil, depending on the circumstances, or process used to refine & define it! If one goes about it the wrong way, it ( sex ) can bring nothing but pane & suffering. Practiced the right way & using totally natural processes, both of the subjects at hand can be sweeter than honey & the honeycomb! Both were made, by the Creator, to be utilized with certain abandon & for our enjoyment. It is when we lose all sense & simply engorge in either glorious creation that trouble comes knocking at our door!

Sugar, the substance, not the act, is wonderful ( well, okay, the act too ); there are certain people, myself included, that just have a 'sweet tooth'! Then, on the other hand, there are those that just don't really have a hankering for 'the sweeter things in life'! As well, we have those too who should NOT have any of this delectable substance because it is not only dangerous to them; it can be deadly!

Practiced without certain restraints, those instituted by the Creator, the blessing of sexual intercourse can become a curse, both physically & spiritually! Due to certain processes, the sex act has been shown to mete out all manner of death, not to mention much needless pain & suffering. Through right & natural process, it, like pure cane sugar, can prove quite a boon to both ones physical & spiritual health!

'Too much of a good thing'? Yes; it is painfully obvious, especially in this Age of Technology & Industry, that this can quickly & easily happen! The obvious question could be asked here as well, 'what is meant by 'a good thing'; good for you, tastes good? Not everything that tastes good is good for you & not everything that's good for you tastes good. 'To each his or her own', I guess ( to make use of another cliche' )!

The point is, both sugar & sex, in their natural ( original ) state, are good, but through certain processes, have become dangerous to our health! Sugar, like salt or any other flavouring or spice, serves to 'spice things up', to make things taste better. It depends on the user if or how much of it is necessary to 'spice things up'! Correctly processed, both can be a real blessing, but with the wrong process, both can turn out to be a real curse & detrimental to our physical, spiritual & emotional health!

Charles Haddon Shank

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