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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Der Hersteller ( The Maker )

In the Beginning there was nothing but the Creator; this Intelligent Being decided that the Time had come to create something out of the nothing! First, the vast canvas of the universe was spread, then in the infinity of it all, the Creator formed the energy within that vastness into matters of substance. As the years went by & Time began to take its toll, this matter began to take the form of what we now know as planets. Other sorts of energy took shape in the form of large gaseous spheres. Millions of years went by as Time progressed in its Natural Revolutions & Life ( energy ) came into being by the Hand of the Creator: all sorts ( kinds ) of Life was represented by various beings, full to differing extents, of the same energy that made up the more heavenly bodies!

The Creation was beautiful, but as yet, it was not aware of its Creator! In the Fullness of Time then, the Creator invested Himself into the Creation that He had wrought. The Man that the Creator chose to reveal Himself through was a Man like, yet unlike, any other, but this Man was given the special task to introduce the Creation to the Creator. Heretofore, the Creation had lived in idolatry, whether it took the form of animism or spiritism. They were aware to the point that they knew that Something, or Someone was working behind the scenes, pulling the strings, so to speak, of all that transpired within & without the boundaries of Time, but as of yet, they still attributed these events to idols, to something they could grasp, or understand.

Time went by & the Man through whom the Creator had chosen to make Himself known to His Creation, though He sure seemed to have done a crooked job of it, had made the Way straight for the Creator to, at long last, reveal Himself in His Fullness to His Creation! This Man, through many eons of Time, had appeared in many different iterations ( but all in human form ) to direct His Way & prepare for His Final Revelation. Finally, all was made ready & the Creator Himself, in the form of this Man, His Beloved Son, descended from His abode in the heavenly or ethereal realm, that outside of the boundaries of Time & deemed to be born as a baby, becoming as One with His Creation in order to finalize in Eternity the Relationship of the Creation & the Creator!

Upon the Birth of this New Man, the Creator Himself, Time stood still for a moment! No more was the existence of the Creation confined within the boundaries of Time, for the Creator Himself had become One with His Creation! Though the Human Experience had quite a rough start & a sordid History, the Man chosen by the Creator fulfilled His Purpose & prepared the Creation for the Arrival of the Creator. Through many intervals & by many crooked paths, the Creator's Purpose was made known & the Creator finally & fully invested Himself into His Creation!

The Beauty of the Creation, although appreciated for its manifold nature, was not yet complete; the Creator, from the Beginning, had Purposed to become One with His Creation! In order to truly become One with the Creator, the Creation first had to be made aware of the existence & true nature of the Creator. To accomplish this, over the course of a relatively short period of Time, the Creator made Himself known through the ministries of the Man He had chosen. This man, in the form of a created being, made the Purpose of the Creator known to His Creation & while the Creation was often at odds with these ministers, the Purpose of the Creator was fulfilled; the Two became One!

From the humblest of beginnings came the Greatest of Ends! The Son of the Creator Himself, or the True Man, was born of the very Creation & having become One with that Creation, now lives within that Creation in Blessed Relationship. You may call this a marriage of sorts, and truly, that's what transpired; the Marriage of Heaven & Earth!

Charles Haddon Shank

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