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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'My Mom Used To Be My Dad!'

Before we even begin here, I want to make crystal clear that although I AM judging, I am NOT condemning any of those who may feel the sting of this judgement! I believe that, though there ARE special cases, like hermaphroditism & such, for the most part, those affected by gender dysphoria are merely acting in rebellion, for whatever reason, against their Creator. Now, with that said, I am NOT claiming to be an authority on the subject; by no means could I be construed a biologist, but I DO know & trust that our Heavenly Father, the Creator God, designed human beings in such a way that, put simply, copulation is the normal & natural way for reproduction to occur!

Of late ( the past few decades ), phenomena that had barely made the news previously has become increasingly popular. As Paul McHugh, a contributor to The Witherspoon Institute's website wrote, 'The idea that one’s sex is a feeling, not a fact, has permeated our culture and is leaving casualties in its wake.' Foremost in our minds maybe & most famously is the case of the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the famous athlete from the mid-70s. Not knowing his situation at all, I do not condemn him for the choices he has made, but I will judge that he was created a man & for him to decide that he wants to identify as a woman is very simply rebellion against his Creator!

I have a theory! My theory is that 99% of those who 'identify' as the opposite sex or seek sexual intimacy with the same sex ( male or female ) are merely reacting to the treatment they have received at the hands of the opposite sex. Several of those I have discussed this proposition with are more or less in agreement with me, but others are still convinced by the 'science' that tells them that this is natural. I won't be so bold as to assert that there is NOT a natural explanation for such phenomena, but I would say that in these cases even, natural evolution has been affected by bad chemistry to the point that it is the main culprit!

By bad chemistry, I  mean anything from a generations-old history of bad diet to a like history of making other bad choices to the natural perversion ( rebellion ) of mankind ( humankind )! Certain choices that we make, whether diet or lifestyle, WILL have an effect on our body's natural chemistry. The Creator, according to Scripture & what little we know of the science of biology, made humankind male & female. Though I will be the first to admit that procreation is by no means the only reason the Creator designed us to work this way, clearly, the primary & natural means for this, among humankind anyway, is obvious!

The question might be asked at this point, 'why ARE we seeing such a surge of people with 'gender dysphoria'?' 50-100 years ago it was almost if not completely unheard of! Why are so many seeking to lose their natural identity & 'identify' as someone or something else? IS it simply because they're not satisfied with their life as the person that they were obviously created to be? In most cases probably, though I WILL freely admit there ARE those who were born & have persevered with both the X & Y chromosomes, for whatever reason. We can speculate till the cows come home as to the 'why', but, clearer to some than to others, the answer must be that the natural rebellion of the creature against the Creator ( 'Why have You made me this way?' ), of the child against the Father, is still at work in the sons & daughters of disobedience!

'Is it natural for a man to be born in the biological body of a woman?' Obviously not; for millenia, the history of humanity has proven that men & women, aside from obvious perversions, have been attracted to the opposite sex & for obvious reasons! Apparently sexual intercourse apart from this natural order can be somewhat enjoyable, but as any honest person will tell you, NOTHING takes the place of this natural order! Phenomena such as hermaphroditism are doubtless a special case & so must be treated so, but for the most part, it is evident that the male's genitalia was meant to fit snugly inside a woman's. Humans have devised many ways for people to bypass the natural order, but it has become more & more clear that it is best to follow the Created Order, that which our Heavenly Father established in the Beginning!

Judgment is a very necessary part of life; in order to continue in this existence, we must choose, or judge, whether this or that is a better choice for us, whether this will harm us & that will heal us or keep us well! People make judgements every day, from the clothing they wear to what they eat to the company they keep. The problem presents itself when we begin to condemn others for their judgements & vice-versa, when others condemn us for the choices we make. The whole 'trangender', 'transexual', even the 'LGBTQ' travesty may be just that, but everyone must judge for themselves: I have made my judgment, but we cannot condemn them for their choices; their choices condemn them & yes, THAT IS MY judgement!

Charles Haddon Shank

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