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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Explaining the Brain

Okay, so the human brain is not a computer! It, according to an article I read the other day, it does not store data ( text OR images ); memories can NOT be reduced to just 'files' stored in 'folders' for future reference. Obviously, however, our memories ARE stored SOMEWHERE for relatively easy retrieval in case of future need. So how DO we explain this remarkable organism; how DO we account for its seemingly limitless capacity for storage of both data & images?

Scientists have deduced that the human brain operates using a multitude of electrical impulses, synapses, if you will, that generate certain chemical reactions in this very intricate 'lump of flesh'! With the aid of technology, we have learned that certain stimuli set off various light-shows inside the cranial cavity of different individuals. Any given action may not spark the same reaction in any given brain. We have determined that there are certain parts of this marvelous muscle that seem to control certain actions & reactions in the exterior members of our body, but the very fact that not everyone responds in the same manner to the same stimuli should be enough to tell us that our brains are NOT computers; they are unique & finely-tuned instruments, formed for the Glory of their Creator!

If then, we cannot simply explain away this marvelous tool, given to us by the Creator, as just a computer that has been programmed by its Author to solve problems & even to exhibit an intelligence of sorts, to varying degrees, how then are we to explain it? If the human brain does not operate like a man-made machine, storing bits & bytes of information, how are we to account for the fact that we DO store up information, HAVE memories & act ( react ) differently according to certain stimuli?

The only explanation that makes sense is that the same Creator God who hung the galaxies in space, the same One that so ordered the universe that certain conditions have been so precisely met that life exists in relative ease on this planet, has used the same intelligence to design a body that holds even a greater wander, a greater marvel of engineering, if you will! The Theory of Evolution as presented by Charles Darwin & perpetrated by manifold rebellious humans since is just that, a theory & an unsound one at that. Although Science has seemingly shown that there are certain equations extant in the universe that could explain the existence of life, it all comes down to 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?'

There are some out there who deny the Existence of the Creator & accept without doubt that the marvels that we bear witness to on a daily basis are just examples of happenstance! Though there are manifold glaring ( shining ) witnesses to the fact of Intelligent Design, there ARE those who rebel so against any higher authority or power that they almost blindly & fervently accept that these wanders are here by chance, that all this order came out of chaos by its own free will. To try to explain how the universe itself came to be, much less how the human body & brain function so marvelously, by any means other than Divine Intelligence, is laughable, even sadly hilarious!

The human brain, as we have explored, to some extent previously, has been mapped, to varying degrees of success. Science & Technology have been, from some reports & again, to varying degrees of success, been able to create a sort of Artificial Intelligence, an an almost human computer, but there is one thing that man will never be able to duplicate; LOVE! Love is the glue that holds us together, the agent that binds molecule to molecule & provides the gravity that enables the planets to revolve in their respective orbits; Love is the Creative Force that set the universe in motion, yet bestowed the same intricacies on that marvelous creature known as a human being!

The electrical impulses, the chemical reactions, if you will, that scientists have observed in the human brain, may be explained by any number of stimuli, but how it stores memories & other data ( images, etc ) cannot be explained by any such means, like that of a mere computer! A computer may be programmed, to whatever extent, by a programmer, to perform certain tasks, but even a computer has its limits, it cannot do more than it was programmed for. Like a 64gb flash-drive cannot contain more than 64gb of information, so a computer is not limitless in its capacity to perform any given task; it cannot do more than it was programmed to do, or function beyond its capacity!

Human beings, unlike mere computers, are infinitely capable of love! We are also capable of great evil, something else that a simple computer, contrary to certain opinions, has no capacity for. Computers are machines, nothing more, nothing less & as such, cannot do anything beyond their programming. Human beings, on the other hand, with their fully-functioning & infinitely self-aware brain, are able to act & react without the programming required by computers. While a human being certainly responds in more or less predictable ways to certain stimuli, every individual will likely react in different ways to these, whereas a computer will always react in the same manner to the same stimulus.

As we continue to explore this fantastically marvelous tool we have been blessed with, this gift that makes biological life possible, let us never forget that it is the Gift of an Infinite Creator! The brain is infinitely more complex than any computer-driven Artificial Intelligence that man will ever be able to 'create'. Though we are creators, of a sort, like our Creator, we can do no more with the abilities we have been blessed with & the means we have been given than to be 'co-creators', or procreators, if you will, using the means provided though through the Creation to bring forth ( bear ) Life itself!

Charles Haddon Shank

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