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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Resonance; Nature's Frequency

 If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
Nikola Tesla 
Depending on what or even who you read, the most natural frequency in the universe itself is 432 HZ ( hertz ) or 528 HZ. Most modern music, from my understanding, is tuned to the 4/4 beat, or 440 Hz! The theory is that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels first utilized this unnatural frequency to alter the minds & thoughts of those he wanted to control. Dr. Leonard Horowitz wrote,'The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.' It's a well-known fact that the music we listen to & the environment we are exposed to on a daily basis either soothes us or agitates us, calms our fears or assaults us with them; these frequencies can either resonate with our spirits, or trigger negative responses in our bodies, which are fearfully & wonderfully made. So, depending on the music we listen to, we will either resonate with the universe, or we will become  imbalanced by the unnatural affectations of this 'imposed frequency'!

From plants, to animals, to human beings, our environment affects us in manifold ways. These effects are not all good, but neither are they all bad, as much as our natural environment has degraded to being rather unnatural! Plants still grow, animals still thrive & human beings......................well, we humans are anywhere from being in a state of mere existence to living full lives. By 'full lives', I mean simply to say that some have accepted the glorious fact that, rather than being merely human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.There is no denying the equally glorious fact that this marvelously-engineered biology, which includes flora & fauna, was created, produced to house our spirits, which are of the same Essence, or Energy, as the Creator of the Universe. Our biological bodies serve at least this purpose, to be symbiotic! To be symbiotic means to be interdependent, to live in relationship; in this sense, we may take a lesson from the fore-mentioned flora & fauna: what is often referred to as 'The Circle of Life' can be encapsulated into two words, 'life' & 'death'. In other words, one dies that another might live: as simple as that sounds, it has, for many reasons, become very complex & a matter of the utmost importance to maintain this biological existence & rid ourselves of any vestige of biological death!

Whether you believe in the theory of evolution, that the universe randomly came into being through something like a big bang, or that there is One Creator, One Divine & Infinitely Intelligent Being who by design fashioned the universe & all it contains, it is abundantly clear that, even with the vast knowledge that mankind has accrued, we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is out there: hell, we have barely scratched the surface, if that, of what is in here, the human brain! Most, like me, have some sort of Conception of what, or who, rather, is known as the Christian God. As the infinite Creator of all, our God is the Almighty, the Living God, the God of the Bible; this Creator God has so constructed the universe & life itself that one things leads to another. In other words, one thing occurs that another may occur. There is no such thing as a random event! To us, it often seems like happen-stance, but everything that occurs has a destiny, a purpose & until that purpose is fulfilled, the same or a similar event will keep repeating itself!

That humanity simply ( ? ) evolved from apes is so absurd as to be laughable, if it weren't so sad, that is! It is abundantly clear that humankind is NOT just an evolved ape; even though there are some very smart apes out there, there are just as many, probably infinitely more, very dumb, or stupid, rather, human beings. The human animal & the ape DO have a lot in common, being made by the same Creator for maybe much the same purpose, but it is generally well-accepted that human beings have the mastery over all the other animals, exhibiting what is perceived as a greater capacity for communication & civilization. This perception, though, is laughable, for one but has to do a rudimentary bit of research to learn that simple animals often communicate better & are more civilized than human beings! Don't get me wrong, there ARE many examples of what we call 'dumb animals', but there are at least as many, if not more 'dumb humans'; especially those who are 'tuned in' to the wrong frequency! As it stands, though, human beings have gained, through various means & to whatever extent, dominance over the animal, though sometimes an uneasy one!

The Essence of Life is the Spirit of Life; it is the spirit that drives us, that animates this biology: in that sense at least, one could say with some certainty that even plants have spirits & in the same vein, animals as well, for we know that they are sentient beings, much as we are! Human beings have not traditionally granted animals the same 'handicap' ( for lack of a better word ) as ourselves, since we feel that we are superior to them in so many ways. Opinions on this matter will vary to a greater or lesser degree, but one thing that the human being has over all the other animals is religion, the belief that somehow, we are better equipped to make the world a better place, with our capacity to love our neighbor as our self!

The Circle of Life, as mentioned above, is not meant to convey the notion that we are in this biology only to keep the wheel moving: all biological life, as was mentioned, serves a purpose! Death feeds Life: plant, animal and human experience all prove this; for one to live, another must die. Human beings eat both plants & animals, while both plants & animals benefit from the worm-food that our biological bodies become when our spirit leaves them for the final time. Human beings almost thoughtlessly consume animals which have been fed plants that are fertilized naturally by the decaying corpses of both humans & animals, as well as other plants, so as you can see, 'the wheel on the bus goes 'round & 'round'!

We all know the feeling; some things just resonate with us, others don't, it's a biological matter of fact, but even more importantly, it's a spiritual reality! All created beings were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. To deny these rights is to deny the Creator! Among these rights is to commune with others, to live in symbiosis. To live in symbiosis is to live in such a way as to be mutually beneficial to each other. Even & maybe especially, beings of different species altogether may live in such a way. To live in harmony is the natural order of things ( look at the universe itself ), but without the natural resonance the Creator put in place, the world we live in has experienced much unnecessary pain & suffering, not to mention the unnatural disorder of things!

I'm not going to try to tell you that simply by changing the frequency of the music we listen to, all that is wrong with the world will go away; Hitler didn't do the things he did simply because he listened to the wrong kind of music, although the theory that his ministers used an unnatural frequency to 'brainwash' those they wished to subjugate probably isn't far off! There's a very good reason that prisoners are often subjected to a form of musical torture; sounds, in whatever form, are blasted in the ears of the prisoner in order to 'break' him or her, to so flood their consciousness with this 'imposed frequency' that their spirit becomes confused as to which way is up.

Returning to a more natural frequency resonates with this blogger, as I'm sure it does with most of my readers! Getting back to the way things were ordered in the beginning, 'back to the Garden', so to speak, should have great appeal to anyone who feels pain, anyone who feels downtrodden & is ready to make a change for the better, for the good. Most of all, the advice I give here resonates heavily with me, for it is myself that could use a change for the better. That this post, though, would so resonate with all my readers, must be my greatest prayer, for the thoughts & actions that may be engendered by such words will change the world!

May it be,

Charles Haddon Shank


vicluck said...

Charles, that was just beautiful and thoughtful and thankyou!

Charles Shank said...

You're welcome, Vicky!☺️