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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Power of Positive Thinking; a Modern Parable

Bob had never been to a healer! Sure, he had gone to plenty of medical doctors who prescribed any number of pills, even vitamins. He'd even been to those who practiced Oriental medicine & stuck him full of needles. Homeopathy, although fairly recently enjoying more wide-spread acceptance, was not out of the picture either. Now, faith healers, like those infamous televangelists that like to push people down & then claim they've healed them, Bob knew enough about their kind to know that most were full of shit & not worth their salt! But a real, honest-to-God healer, one who was more concerned with realigning things like 'chakra', or 'qi', now that, he'd been told, was just a bunch of Eastern mysticism crap & he should avoid it like the plague! I mean, really, a 'holy' man standing there chanting a bunch of mumbo-jumbo over your inert body; that's supposed to do something for you?!

So, Bob had been to all kinds of doctors, taken all kinds of vitamins, even some potions & while they seemed to do some good, at least when he faithfully took them, he had noticed that his affliction seemed to slowly worsen! Sure, it was all but imperceptible sometimes, but after all, the doctors all said it would get progressively worse! When Bob finally broke down & decided to thumb his nose at all that was culturally acceptable, he visited one of those 'mumbo-jumbo' guys. Though a bit unsure at first, he had begun to accept that just treating symptoms was no longer an option; though it would very likely take a long time, by finding the problem at the 'heart', or the innermost ( spirit ) being, the adverse effects of any disease could be reversed, at least to some extent; some effects simply cannot be reversed!

Energy, positive or negative, is a natural fact! Whether one thinks positively or negatively has a lot of bearing on, not only how one acts, but also on their health. Knowing this, Bob had always tried to be positive about life, its ups & downs, but as we can all attest to, life has a way, to some extent & in some situations, of turning that smile into a frown, of making one forget the positive aspects & get caught up in the negative. The effects were noticeable; Bob had become increasingly listless, though he tried to keep a 'happy face' on; it had become increasingly harder to stay on top of things & life, in all its ugliness, had begun to drag him down! Oh, he still kept the beautiful parts of life in the back of his mind, but even there, those moments seemed to be getting further apart & fewer in between!

Life is beautiful & when you, in your innermost being, are correctly aligned with it, it's even more beautiful! Yes, life is still the School of Hard Knocks ( if anyone knew this, Bob did ), so one kinda has to take the good with 'bad'. However, with a positive outlook, 'it's ALL good!' Even what we normally look at as 'bad', or even 'evil' becomes good! Bob knew Romans 8:28 by heart ( his favorite, in fact ), along with certain other Bible verses, having been taught from an early age to 'keep these things' in his heart. The apostle Paul tells us that 'all things work together for good to those that love God', or something to that effect. He had always believed this & tried to look at it this way, putting a positive spin on things, but damn it, some things were just impossible to look as as having a silver lining!

Bob's energy had been zapped! Almost without notice & for whatever reason, things had been going downhill fast! It was not that he had lost his precious faith; he still believed the apostle's words, but something has been draining his energy & he didn't know why he felt the way he did. When he finally broke down & decided to try something that was 'off the beaten path', so to speak ( though it had been an ancient practice ), Bob could tell right away that he had taken the right step. He felt his energy ( he was positive ) returning to him. His smile was back & he was noticing more & more of the beautiful aspects of life & less & less of the ugliness. Oh, the ugliness was still there, don't get me wrong, but it was beginning to be less noticeable to him!

As the healer intoned those famed words over him & employed his 'mumbo-jumbo' ( good 'ju-ju', so to speak ) Bob could feel the negativity leaving his body!  Already, he felt the healing power, the energy that was being employed. All his life, Bob had been taught to seek healing outside of himself, so to speak, but as more positive influences began to affect him, he had begun to note that his own choices had the greatest effect on his own life, mind, spirit & body. Doctors had their place, to be sure, vitamins & other supplements were surely advantageous, but the greatest thing that one can do is to make the right choices; not the ones that everyone tells you are right, but the ones you know are right!

Bob had learned that not everything that is culturally acceptable is right & that not everything that is culturally unacceptable is bad! In order for our bodies to heal themselves, as they were meant to, Bob had found out, it is supremely necessary to know oneself! We may learn much about our bodies by visiting doctors, visiting medicine men & even shamans, but it is within us, deep within us that we will find the answer to our pain; it is there that we must begin!

Charles Haddon Shank

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