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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


It has been said, 'Home is where the heart is' & while this is true enough; in actuality, how many truly understand the gravity of this tired old phrase? Okay, sure; where we feel ( in our 'heart' ) at home, IS Home, but does that really cover its vast meaning? Yes, personally ( humanly ) speaking, when we love our spouses, our children ( family ), etc, our 'heart' resides with ( in ) them & thus, THEY are 'Home'. 'Closer', but does this even reach It? Home, our true Home, has nothing to do with feelings ( emotions? ), nothing, indeed, to do with our humanity....................except, of course, by extension!

'I'm tired'! As Michael Clarke Duncan told Tom Hanks in 'The Green Mile', 'I'm tired, Boss'. To whatever extent, we're ALL tired; tired of the drama, tired of negative people, tired of the bullshit, tired of our thankless job, tired name it, but what it all comes down to is, we're tired, to whatever extent, of 'life'! The majority of people, whether they realize it or not, usually put on a good face & stoically go about their 'day-to-day', doing what they feel is necessary for the relative peace & harmony of 'Home'. But this only goes so far. A few go so far as to take their own life, seeing this as the only real option for ending their tiredness ( sadness ). It goes without saying...........................

The Answer to our Problem, 'as above, so below', has nothing to do with our humanity, though it has everything to do with our humanity! Let me clarify; 'as human beings, we always have a choice!' We can choose, as some do, to solve the dilemma of Life, by ending our own, or we can choose to trudge on through Life, stoically doing our best to survive the battle. More to the point though, we can look at the dilemmas that Life hands us as 'problems' to solve, or as opportunities to grow. Depending on how we look at it, we end up tired ( to the point of exhaustion ) or we dauntlessly go about the business of living & loving!

Life has a way of bringing us to our knees, whether literally or metaphorically ( sometimes both )! 'No', I'm not saying, in the manner of most religious folks, that 'prayer is the Answer', though many do turn, in one way or another, to some outside source for salvation. No, I'm simply saying that, in the busyness of the day-to-day, our struggles often bear so heavily upon us that we feel that we can't stand on our own two feet any longer ( 'I can't take it anymore! ). When we come to this wearisome realization, which we all do at some point & to whatever extent, some do indeed choose to rely on some 'outside source' to come & rescue them from their own chosen misery, while others selfishly take the easy way out, hoping their 'world' will be a better place without them in it. Still others pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, defiantly yelling, 'I got this, you 'sonsabitches'!' However one chooses to look at, from a human standpoint, anyway, we still have a Problem to Solve. But there IS a better way........

'O boy, here we go again; he's gonna tell us everything's really 'hunky-dory': the Problem's all in our heads'! Well, yes & no. The dilemmas we face in Life, though ofttimes of our own choosing, are not ALL in our heads; there are things that occur outside of our control. There ARE certain things, for instance, 'the evils that men do', that we cannot change; we can only react in whatever way we choose, even if our reaction is simply to be a duck, & 'let it roll off our back'. Along those same lines, however, it CAN be truly said that the Problem ( NOT the dilemma ) IS all in our head, because, again, it's our choice as to how we will act or react in the face of whatever Life hands us.

'Yes; we've been here before', but here we go, nevertheless! Humanly speaking, it is only natural to react to Life's circumstances ( not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that ), but as More than Human, we need not rely on our Humanity, pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, so to speak ( though that often works, at least for a time ); quite the opposite, in fact! Relying on our Humanity, whether it's ourselves or some 'outside source', to pull us through only gets us so far; 'Tired'!

No, as More than Human, More indeed than this Biology ( 'out of this world' ), we need only BE Who We truly are in order to alleviate our weariness! 'Easier said than done', you're probably thinking.......... You're right though; simple as the solution may be, in the busyness of this day & age, it IS a daunting proposition! 'Let it be', you might say; 'sounds an awful lot like being a doormat & letting people walk all over you'! No, I'm not saying to let people treat you however they will, but neither am I saying that, just because it's human nature, that we should react in accordance with our Ego. 

'It's not a Problem unless you make it a Problem'! In other words, our Problems ARE all in our head ( mind ). Again, humanly speaking, we tend to look at the circumstances Life throws at us as Problems to be solved, whereas if we simply 'let it be' ( 'it is what it is' ), we can bypass the Problem ( which really isn't ) & simply BE Who We are, no matter what everyone thinks we are, or for that matter, think they are. It IS difficult, in this day & age especially, with 'the Law of the Jungle' & all, not to simply return 'tit for tat', to 'kill or be killed' ( whether metaphorically or in actuality ), but by drawing on our innate Strength, on what I have often termed 'the Spirit Within', it IS well within the realm of possibility!

Home IS indeed where the Heart is! When we become familiar with our 'Heart of Hearts', in Essence, when we realize Who exactly We are, not just Human Beings, but that We are, in our Inmost Being, One with the Source of All Life, it naturally follows that We are Above all the pettiness of the Person, Above all the Drama of the day-to-day, Above the business of what we, as Human Beings, call 'Life'. As We go about our business ( or busyness ); all We need to do is keep in mind that 'this is not Us'. It ( 'Life' ) only affects us if we let it. If we let It pursue It's course ( including perceived harm ), we are left free to pursue our own course. As always, however, I speak as much to myself( maybe more ) herein, as to anyone else; I too, tend to create my own Problems.

Namaste' & Blessed Be.

Sage Charles

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