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Monday, June 22, 2015

A New Millenium: Transitions

The fact that we have been, since the first century, ushered into a new age, into the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father ( Colossians 1:13 )! This is more clear to some than to others, while to others it's just as clear that we are not there! The millenium that most Christians immediately think of when this term is mentioned is 'the thousand years' of Revelation; this metaphorical statement, which is simply a period of transition, is most often translated as a literal period of 1,000 years ( what we call a millenium, or ten periods of 100 years each ) However, this 'thousand years', which again is clear to some, but not clear to others, is simply a period of transition. Yet again, it is just as clear to others that it is meant to be understand as a literal period of ten centuries in which Jesus & His saints will reign on the earth!

The 'millenium' spoken of in the Revelation was a period of transition, a time in which the Kingdom of Heaven was transferred from Israel according to the Flesh to the Israel of God! The Renewal of the Covenant actually expanded the Covenant to include the entire good Creation, not just Israel according to the Flesh. The 'thousand years' is a metaphorical term found either directly or indirectly throughout Scripture that speaks of a time of transition or growth, from immaturity to maturity. So, in some sense, we today find ourselves in A New Millenium, a new period of transition! As we have seen & bear witness to, we have, since the first century, been transferred from the kingdom of man ( Adam ) into the Kingdom of God & Heaven ( Jesus ), from Death to Life!

The period of transition in which we find ourselves is one of shifting paradigms! This New Millenium is one in which we are beginning to realize the gravity of our situation, that in which we are truly & really a New Creation, we do not have to wait for our biological bodies to die before we can enjoy the Presence of God! We live in a Glorious Time of Transition in which the Kingdom of God & Heaven is being fully revealed ( fulfilled ) through us, through the lives of His People as we labor together with Him for the expansion of our borders!

The Church is in the midst of a theological tsunami! What has been taught for the millenia since the Son of God walked the earth is experiencing such a transition as has not been seen since the Reformation & possibly not since Jesus walked the earth, back in the first century! The Dynamic Duo of Covenant Theology & Covenant Creation ( Covenant Protology & Covenant Eschatology ) is currently blowing the roof off of theology as we have known it! The transition from a belief that the world is still waiting for redemption to realizing that we, the Body of Christ, the Church ARE the redemption it's been waiting for is not an easy one. In fact, to most Christians, that statement would probably be considered blasphemous!

The implications, to say nothing of the applications, of Covenant Theology are astounding! Beginning with Covenant Protology ( Covenant Creation ) & ending with Covenant Eschatology, the realization that the End ( Goal ) of Creation was the Investiture of the Presence of the Creator into His Creation is of infinite importance! There is no doubt in my mind that we will weather this storm, but the transition period in which we currently find ourselves will doubtless be a trial by fire for many! Theologically speaking, we have invested far too much for far to long in an ancient paradigm, so for many of us, the shift, however gradual, will not be a pleasant one!

This New Millenium, though unlike the one described in Scripture, is one of the Mind, in which beliefs are being challenged, doctrines threatened & paradigms are shifting, if not collapsing altogether! The next 'thousand years' is a period of transition, not from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light, but one in which the minds of those who still cling to the gods of this world are being opened to see the Revealed Light that is the Sons of God! We ARE the Sons of God, we ARE the Body of Christ & as Jesus said, we ARE the Light of the World!

As we labor in the midst of this Glorious Transition; as we witness the Baptism of Creation through the Spirit, let us remember that the world is always in transition; everyone is not at the same place in their journey! We live in the Kingdom of Light & while not all are willing to open their eyes to this glorious fact, through our witness, our conversation, so to speak, those around us may see this Light & bask in the Presence of Him who created it!

Charles Haddon Shank

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