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Friday, June 05, 2015

Family Matters: the Solution to the Problem of Evil

According to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 'evil' ( adjective ) is something morally reprehensible, as in sinful or wicked & archaically speaking, something that is inferior or just disagreeable! While there are many things in our world today that can & should be considered 'evil' ( sinful/wicked ), much of what is considered 'evil' is simply a matter of personal preference. One might appreciate the beauty of some thing or idea that is presented, but to another, it is 'evil', in the sense that it is disagreeable, even abominable to him or her!

There is such a thing as Absolute Evil! Certain things are just wrong, not only morally reprehensible, sinful & disagreeable or abominable as a matter of personal preference; in the sight of our Heavenly Father & according to the Written Revelation of His Word, certain things ARE sinful, wicked & abominable! So, while in a certain sense as we've explored previously, the term 'evil' may be applied to a personal dislike ( in fact, Scripture sometimes uses it this way, particular in the Proverbs of Solomon ), for most intents & purposes, 'evil' refers to something that is morally ( according to Scripture ) reprehensible, wicked or sinful ( abominable )!

'What do we do about it; how can we combat it?' The Solution to this Problem has been argued & fought about for thousands of years! There is much talk of late about simply nuking ( bombing ) our enemies ( 'that'll show'em!' )! While this may seem to be the easiest & definitely a most justifiable solution, it, as History has shown, is no real solution at all! Eradicate one terrorist, or even a whole tribe & ten more pop up in their place! 'Evil' cannot be eradicated by practicing evil! How then should we approach this Problem; what is the Solution?

Well, as we've noted previously, the Solution to the Problem of Evil is not more evil, more killing ( even if it seems justifiable & necessary ); the Solution to the Problem of Evil is simply the Reverse, to Live! To Live as the Creator Purposed, in Peace & Harmony with all of His Good Creation, to Love our neighbor as we Love ourselves, to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated & to Commune with Him through Communion with His Family, those who have entered into Covenant with Him!

The Covenant Family of God is the Solution to the Problem of Evil! As 'evil' lies within & not without, it is only by changing ( for good ) that which is within, the heart of the matter, that 'evil' will ever be successfully dealt with! The Spirit Within has taken care of & is taking care of this problem within the Covenant Family of God; now this Spirit works through us ( painstakingly ) to produce the Desired Fruit: the Fruit of Life has become within us, the Body of Christ, a Tree of Life whose healing flow waters the nations around us, providing a lasting solution to the Problem of Evil!

To eradicate 'evil' by simply bombing the hell out of those whose actions ARE 'evil', would be akin to what the atheist creator of the 'new' Noah film decided. His solution was to simply eradicate all human life; no more humanity, just a bunch of 'dumb' animals in the Great Circle ( cycle ) of Life! Mere animals do not sin; idolatry & adultery are foreign to them! It is Humanity with their Laws & Religions that ushers in the Problem, right?! Wrong; it is the choices that we make! We decide within ourselves whether or not to follow our Creator's Law, whether to tred the Path He has laid before us or whether to rebelliously assert our free-will & trespass His Law by committing what is 'evil' in His sight!

'Evil' can be eradicated, but violence is not the answer! Sure, violence ( war ) or just the threat of violence may curb it for a time, but it can NEVER provide a lasting Solution! It is ONLY through Living, truly Living, that we will EVER eradicate 'evil'! Take away the lives of those who, in our eyes, ARE evil will only cause the evil to spread & multiply. If we kill one terrorist, we might as well kill the whole tribe, for without doubt, there will be at least one more in that tribe ready to fill that terrorist's shoes!

The only way to have ANY lasting effect on the Problem of Evil ( for Good ) is to follow the Path of Life through the Spirit Within! We cannot, by committing morally reprehensible or wicked & sinful acts ourselves combat evil! Though there is such a thing as Justifiable Homicide, it itself is not a Solution to the problem of Evil, but merely a Self Defense Mechanism ( this would include all that the Creator has entrusted to our care )! 'Evil' is an action, just like Loving & Living! One chooses to Live & Love according to the Creator's Will, or else he or she chooses to commit 'Evil' by rebelling against the Creator's Will!

'Who & How are we to judge evil?' I leave you with that question!

Charles Haddon Shank

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