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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Wish Every Day Could be Like Christmas

'I wish every day could be like Christmas!'

I awoke this morning, as I usually do, and turned on the local radio station, which just happened to be playing this tune by Jon bon Jovi. Around this time of year; I'm sure that most children, and many adults too, would echo his sentiment, if not in so many words, and likely for different reasons.

With the commercialization ( notice, I didn't say over-commercialization ) of Christmas; children, especially, have looked forward, for centuries, to this time of year, because of what they'll find under the Christmas tree, or even in their stockings. I must admit that I tend to get caught up in this sometimes too, but I believe I'm getting better! Don't get me wrong; the giving and receiving of gifts around this time of year is patterned after the gifts that the maji from the East brought to the Christ-child, and most importantly, the Gift that God Himself gave to 'the world', and that His people received, so many long years ago ( two millenia, to be more exact ), and still receive, as His kingdom continues to expand throughout the whole earth!

I believe that most adults ( and artists like the one mentioned above; Bono of 'U2' comes to mind as well ), and even some children, will sing this theme, longing for a time when families traditionally come together in a central location, for, yes, gift-giving ( and receiving ), but more importantly, especially for those who are separated by any great distance, a time of fellowship and communion, a time to renew and strengthen familial bonds, to eat wonderful meals together around the table, and to just enjoy each others company for a season!

This season is also traditionally a time to share our blessings with those in close community to us, and I believe that this is what artists like Jon bon Jovi, Bono, and others have in mind when they voice such sentiments with their artistry. Many even share the love of God abroad at this season ( though they may not recognize it as such ), doing what they can to make the world a better place! Thankfully; it is not only in this season ( time of year ) that this kind of thing goes on, and I believe that we all, as time and finances will allow, wish that 'every day could be like Christmas'!

May we, in this Christmas season, and all year 'round, echo this sentiment, not only in our words, but in our actions, as well, and always share the love that God showed us when He blessed us with His Presence; the Presence which we now enjoy for eternity! Let us continually celebrate this greatest Gift by always enjoying it and through our bettered lives, blessing those around us, as far as our sphere of influence extends!

Many blessings, in Gods Presence,
Charles Haddon Shank


Martin Kids said...

Great thoughts Charles. Thanks for sharing.

Charles Shank said...

Thank you, Micah; as always, I am as blessed in writing it!:)