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Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

But why?

Yes; I'm harping again!:)

I love to harp!

Being in the Kingdom; I tend to harp a lot, especially lately, because most people, even Christians, seem to have fallen into the rut of celebrating the most wonderful Gift we, as the people ( family ) of God, have ever received, only, or especially at this certain time of year! So, 'why', I ask again. Why is it that we usually wait for this time of year to sing carols, gather together as families, friends, for these celebratory feasts, giving and receiving of gifts, all; yes, to honor the birth and revelation of the Savior of the World ( I apologize if I seem to be repeating myself; actually 'no', I don't! :).

As I have written before ( I reminisce ); I think that much of our reason for this 'oversight' ( shouldn't that be 'undersight'? ) is that the everyday busyness of our lives often tends to help us pass up the opportunities that God places in our path, if only we would feel free to step out of our comfort zone, defy tradition, and try something 'new'. Especially in the past number of years; the economic 'crunch' has made it even more difficult, with those of us who live at any distance from our covenant community, to gather together for these purposes.

As we near the Christmas holyday 'of most importance', Christmas Day itself, December 25th; the excitement, which has been building, depending on the viewer, at least since the Thanksgiving holyday, will reach it's climax, the gifts will be opened across the country, wrapping will be spread around the room, then discarded, Christmas feasts will be rejoiced over and consumed, games will be played, old acquaintances will be renewed, and familial bonds will be strengthened and enjoyed; but after this season is over, the tree will be undecorated, taken down, and if it was a live ( real ) tree, in most cases, discarded, the Christmas carols, which sing most joyfully of the ( present ) reign of Christ, will cease to be sung ( till next season, anyway ), family gatherings for celebratory feasts will be looked forward to ( next year ), and in many cases, the greatest Gift the World has ever known will be largely forgotten amidst all tthe busyness and cares of the world around us!

I must admit that I get caught up in this 'spirit', as well, and every time this season comes around; I break out the traditional Christmas CDs, look forward to family gatherings, celebratory feasts, and yes, even the gift ( especially the handmade ( or baked ) ones! As much, in the past few years ( as I've matured ), as I 'bah humbug this time of year, like some old Scrooge; I love this holyday season, I love the special music that is usually associated with it, and I love the 'spirit' that fills 'heaven and earth' at this time of year: I really can't say there's anything I DON'T love about this time of year! ( Sights, Sounds, AND Smells! )

As we gather this year ( can you hear the 'harp'? ); let us remember, not only the giving of this Gift, but the fact that this Gift matured into the Revelation of the Presence of God Himself, who once again dwells with and in His people, who presently reigns on this earth ( again, in and through His people ), and who, as the Preacher has repeated numerous times, 'draws straight with crooked lines'!

Maybe this is why most of His people want to remember Him as a baby?!

Rejoicing in the Reason for the Season,
          ( and for all seasons )
         Charles Haddon Shank

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