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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind......................

No, this is not a doctrinal statement; this is a statement, however, and inextricably linked to doctrine: God is awesome!

I know I've written before on this subject, and have been accused of walking around, metaphorically, with my head in the clouds, and to a large extent, and looming larger all the time, this is true; right or wrong, I have lately turned ( my eyes have always been drawn toward the beauty in the 'heavens' ) back to enjoying and greatly appreciating the beauteous canvas that our Creator has spread for us in that vast expanse that we call the sky!

Clouds, throughout the prophetic Scriptures, have been indicative of the judgment of God, whether for good or evil. Clouds indicate then, more concisely and precisely, the Presence of God, the glory cloud, as is seen throughout Scripture, and much talked about in theological circles.

I have mentioned before, the fact that I enjoy gazing at and photographing the clouds, 'God's handiwork', because 'clouds don't talk back': in one sense this is true, but on the other hand; clouds speak volumes. When you stop and think about it, the way that God has spread this ever-changing canvas is an amazing sermon on the way that God has ordered His Kingdom; we like to think that we are on this planet, in this world, doing our own thing, and even if we are working for the glory of God, and striving to advance His Kingdom; we often get the idea that we are not blowing in the wind, that we know better than what God may have in store for us!

The Answer, My Friend.......

One thing that I enjoy ( and actually, truthfully, get a little perturbed by, sometimes ) about that most lovely and almost mesmerizing of God's creations, is that they are forever changing! Not to get too scientific about it; clouds, like something else we could mention, are but a vapor; it doesn't take much, relatively speaking, to change their whole demeanor, or pattern, from something beautiful, into something even breath-taking!

The Presence of God is also indicated in Scripture by the wind, although this is maybe a less familiar theme than the cloud. The first example, of course, is the divine wind, or Spirit of God, that hovered over the face-less waters of the deep, in the creation account of Genesis 1. In Ezekiel's vision of the resurrection of Israel, the wind is very active, being called upon to bring life to those who were dead.

This life is much like the clouds, when it comes right down to it: we go through this life, to one extent or the other, taking the bull by the horns, or staunchly and simply riding the storm out, but no matter how we choose to face it; the outcome is ultimately in God's capable and infinitely mysterious hands! As much as we like to think 'I can do this', or, 'we can handle this', it is God that has determined the outcome ( for our good ) and who blows us into the pattern, and onto the course that we eventually take. We have a choice, don't get me wrong, but we must remember that we are 'blowin' in the wind'; it is how we face that Wind that determines how we enjoy this life, and whether we are always open to change to the new shape or location, even dissipation, that God has in store for us!

Charles Haddon Shank

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