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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Paulbots? ( the resurrection of common sense )

First off; what IS a Paulbot? To plagiaristically quote a certain funnyman, 'if you love liberty more than the cold comfort of slavery, you might be a Paulbot'! Is the younger generation acting like a bunch of robots, following the teachings of Dr. Paul because 'it's the cool thing to do', or are they dissatisfied with the way things are, and have latched onto 'Ronbo' because they see some relief in what he proposes?

Ron Paul did not originate the ideas that have begun to seep back into this nation of sheep, which has been so comfortable under the rod of tyranny and oppression for so long, but for those few who have labored with their blood, sweat, and tears, under the persecution of the God-hating 'statists'; Ron Paul is indeed, 'a breath of fresh air'. For those under the age of 30; he is simply the anastasis, or resurrection, of  'common sense'.

After receiving several wake-up calls, and being startled from my comfort zone, I have begun, as a good Christian should do, to involve myself more and more in the realm of politics, not only ( but especially ) of the state/local area in which I reside, but of this nation as well. I have often said, particularly in the past year or so, that the great thing about Ron Paul, is that it is not just Ron Paul; it is an idea, an ideal, to be more precise, and one which is the closest that we have gotten in quite some time, to the ideals which our forefathers espoused, and for which they fought ( and won ) with their 'blood, sweat, and tears'. These freedoms, some of which we still enjoy, have been, to a large extent, either completely lost, are drastically altered as to be almost unrecognizable as such!!

To call these brave young people, who seem to be almost fanatical, at times, 'Paulbots', basically saying they're mindless robots, following 'Dr. No's' lead, is tantamount to saying that some of our founding fathers ( not much older, if any ) were 'Benbots', or Thombots'! No, they were lovers of liberty, just like many of our young people today, who have taken up the reins of liberty, where their fathers and grandfathers dropped the ball! I will admit that there are some of this crowd ( okay, a good many ) who have not built their doctrine of liberty on the foundation of our liberty in Christ, and even those who have, are steeped in a futurist, almost a defeatist eschatology, but I believe that as these young people begin to seriously study the narrow avenue of liberty, this too will be resolved. As for those who have simply latched on to the freedoms that we have, for the most part, begun to take for granted, and hence have lost, without building their doctrine on the foundation of our God-given liberty; it is up to us, as the Body of Christ, and heirs of that true freedom, to gently show them a better way!

Ron Paul's motives, as well as those of his so-called 'Paulbots', may be called into question, although, to be fair, the motives of any one of us may be questioned, and that concerning any subject, not just politics. I will be the first to admit that Ron Paul is not perfect, but as a follower of Jesus Christ; I believe that of all the choices out there; he is best qualified to lead this country back to where she should be, that of being a light to the nations.

Charles Haddon Shank


Martin Kids said...

Great thoughts Charles. Thanks.

Martin Kids said...

Great thoughts Charles. Thanks.

Charles Shank said...

You're welcome, Micah!

You're welcome, Micah!:)

Glad you enjoyed it!