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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Decline of Western Civilization

You may have heard comments from the Christian Right, far right, even, that the government handing out marriage licenses to homosexual couples signals the end of western civilization. Any good dispensationalist will tell you that, not only this, but many other instances of good being called evil and evil being called good plainly show that the end is near!

We agree, but 'the end of what'?

For over forty years now, by license for the government of U.S. Inc., unborn babies have been murdered in the womb, and now there is talk of even allowing for murder outside the womb ( woops, not supposed to know about that! ) under certain circumstances!

The homosexual marriage license may be the best thing this country has experienced in years! 

That may seem like an extreme statement, especially to many Christians, but the government handing out these licenses to homosexuals is only the next logical step in the decline that this nation has been in for the past 150 years or so! It would be very hard to nail down one certain event that signaled the beginning of the end, but one such speculation is that it began long before that even, with the first amendment.By prohibiting the Congress from making a law infringing on one's freedom of religion implied that Congress had the right to make such an infringement! This, like the fateful decision handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973, simply opened the gate for the proverbial horse to run free!

The statement above should be understood as saying that events like this only go to prove the deterioration of the moral fabric of this country means that we are ever closer to hitting the bottom of the proverbial barrel! We can only sink so far before we must look up and begin to crawl, on our hands and knees, out of this pit  of primeval ooze into which we are rapidly sinking!

Continuing on the subject of the government-issued ( GI ) marriage license, although most Christians have a different reason for seeking this licensed privilege from their government, most other heterosexual couples seek it for the same reason that the homosexuals are clamoring for it. They want an official acknowledgement and blessing, for whatever reason and purpose, from a higher power and authority. Since they despise God as that Higher Power and Authority, they seek it elsewhere! This is their God-given 'right', whether they want to acknowledge it or not; homosexual or heterosexual, it makes no difference!

With the blood sacrifice that this nation has offered to the gods of convenience and selfish lust over the years, it is really almost shocking that the nation has lasted this long and been blessed to the extent that it has! We praise God for His Faithfulness to His people, through all of this, because, like the trials and tribulations that we read about in the smelting-fires of the Scriptures, if it were not for His Faith in keeping 7,000 for Himself, who have not bowed the knee to other God's; this country and empire would have been toast long ago!

Does homosexual marriage ( you really can't call it union, can you ) really mean the end of western civilization as we know it? Maybe yes, and maybe no; one thing for sure is that we cannot blame it on homosexual marriage licenses, our problems began way before that!

May God have mercy on our soul,
Charles Haddon Shank

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