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Friday, August 02, 2013

Therefore Get Wisdom

Been there, done that!

The wisdom of the ages, especially as revealed through that wisest of Israel's kings, is the standard for wisdom! Of course, we know that the wisdom revealed in the Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, all point toward and speak of that Greater and True Wisdom, personified in the Person of Jesus who was the Christ. We, as His Body, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit, are possessors of that Wisdom, in fact, you might say that we, the Body of Christ, now embody that Wisdom!

'So', you might well ask, 'why do so many Christians make so many unwise decisions, making a mockery ( among nonbelievers, especially ) of the Union between Christ and His Church?' Why, since we have the Presence of Wisdom personified, do some Christians act so foolishly sometimes? To a watching world, one that does not acknowledge the Covenant, the answer may come quickly, and in the form of, 'well, they're just hypocrites; they really don't practice what they preach or do what they say; why would I want any part of that, they're no different than us!' If we truly have The Wisdom of the Ages, don't you think we would be acting wisely?

No one of us is perfect, that much is clear! By saying that one should be acting wisely if one truly possessed The Wisdom of the Ages, I am not saying that one does not possess The Wisdom of the Ages, unless one acts wisely all the time. I'm simply saying that he will be known for his wisdom, his wise action. I can empathize with those who have acted unwisely, because my life has not exactly been a shining example or a perfect personification of wisdom. This is not to excuse my own foolishness, or the foolish actions of others, but sometimes life seems to make it almost impossible to choose the wiser path!

Like I said; 'no one of us is perfect', and we're only human, right?!

Wrong; we're not only human!

Because we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, indwelt by the Wisdom of the Ages, even, you might say, Wisdom Personified, we are no longer merely human! Yes, we still have all of our human sensibilities, the greatest of which may be what is known as our feelings, our emotions. When I say 'greatest', I don't necessarily mean 'best', just most pervasive! Feelings, for their own part, are not necessarily a bad thing; emotions play a leading role in how we act, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't either, it's just that when those feelings or emotions lead us to act unwisely, foolishly, then is when we must stifle those feelings and emotions, and begin to think ( unselfishly ), 'how does my action ( or lack thereof ) effect those around me; what should I do for the betterment of society around me, not just for my own selfish 'feelings'?

This is where Wisdom comes in!

Wisdom, especially as written and Revealed in Scripture, but now seared into our conscience as well, tells us, among other things, that we are to think, not only of ourselves, but others as well! ( Thinking only of ourselves usually has an adverse effect on others around us, and thus an adverse effect upon us as well ) Conversely, when we act in wisdom, unselfishly putting the needs of others before our own, this usually ( not always ) has a blessing effect, because as we bless others through our unselfish actions, we are most often blessed ourselves, by their returning those unselfish feelings and actions, heaping blessing upon blessing back on our own head!

Prayerfully considering my own selfishness,
Charles Haddon Shank

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