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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fear; the American Idol

In this time of turmoil, both politically & religiously, one might well say that there is much cause for concern, and yes, even for fear! Though Evil is a daily occurrence, and many people exercise their wickedness every day, we might note that, in many cases, there is 'Much Ado About Nothing'!

Fear is prevalent in our lives ( I can attest to this ); 'Will he/she still like me if I say or do this?' 'Will I be arrested if I do or say this?' Can I do or say this without someone taking me to task for it?' 'What will the neighbors think?!' These are all ( more or less ) legitimate concerns, but these fears should not be allowed to rule our lives! They should not keep us from pursuing our hopes & dreams, nor should they stop us from doing what's right. For example, we should not be able to witness a helpless women being gang-raped, when it is in our power to do something about it, for fear of getting hurt ourselves and making enemies ourselves; 'I just don't want to get involved', is a popular statement!

The wars that our Government has perpetrated over the past 100 years ( at least ) have been largely instigated by Fear! Their policy of the Preemptive Strike is based in Fear. 'If we can hit them first, then maybe they won't be able to hit us'! They seem to forget that, 'if we don't hit them, maybe they won't hit us'! Not to open old ( or is that 'recent' ) wounds, but if we hadn't been sticking our nose in where it didn't belong, maybe we wouldn't be so hated by certain people & nations, and our Twin Towers might still be standing!

If the fear of being jailed ( or worse ) had not kept most American Christians from speaking & acting out against the Murder of the Innocents, maybe there wouldn't be the blood of over 55 million unborn babies on our hands! Even though the courts in this great nation are largely presided over by non-Christians, if those of this nation who care had cared enough to stand and fight ( if necessary ), I have no doubt that the fateful 'Roe v Wade' decision would ever have seen the light of day! Because of Fear, though, and extenuating circumstances, we just 'celebrated' the 41st anniversary of legal child-murder!

Most recently, we have heard quite a bit in the Major News Media about homosexual marriage, and more and more states granting licenses to these 'perverts' to legally enter into union! We've heard about businesses ( 'churches' included ) being forced to close their doors for not enabling this! Either that, or having to hire them or else face any number of atrocities!

There certainly seems to be enough Fear to go around! Even the Christian Community, to a large extent, has been on the bandwagon for years ( Wait, we ARE the Bandwagon )! Most Christian congregations have deemed it necessary, for various reasons, to get in bed with the State, and get a 501(c)3 status! The Marriage License, as well, is a result of unfounded fear! If we would just realize that marriage is of God alone and not something for the State, in all its earthly ( demonic ) wisdom, to be involved with, a lot of problems would be solved. If we weren't afraid of the State taking away our right to be happy together, then maybe we would just live our lives in peace!

Fear is a strong Motivator! Because of Fear, much in this World is not quite as it should be, and there does seem to be a genuine Cause for Fear, on this account. As Children of the Most High, though, We have no cause for worry or for fear because of the Blessedness of the Presence We live in! Much cause for concern, yes, in the case of a family-member who has recently been diagnosed with a terrible ( and possibly life-threatening ) illness; as parents, we should be concerned about where our children are, and whether ( how ) we'll be able to provide a better future for them.

In this day and age, there is much cause for concern, both Politically & Religiously! Religiously, there is a growing trend of idolatry & harlotry, with the Institutional Church seeming to jump into bed with the State more and more every day, and Politically, with the loss of more and more of our freedoms every day, till it looks like Armed Rebellion & Revolution might seem to be the only real solution! We should be concerned with all these things, especially as Christians, but we should not find cause in them for worry or for fear!

Our God is with us in all these struggles & concerns ( been there, done that ); He feels our pain! This IS 'Our Father's World', and He Rules & Reigns according to His Will! Very often, though, our own will is not in accordance with His, and this is where Fear enters the picture! We must realize that our Heavenly Father very often acts in ways that defy our laws, or 'the way ( we think ) things outta be'! As His People, and with concern for His Amazing Creation, let us Live Without Fear, knowing that Our God Rules!

Charles Haddon Shank

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