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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tending God's Garden; Our Father's Wise Bestowment

Humanly speaking, politics is the answer! If enough people would just make the same right decision concerning their governance, this country, politically speaking, would be in a lot better shape! As the few centuries that our nation has been in existence have shown us, though, politics has failed us, time and again! Even the histories of the nations of the world attest to this!

'Why can't we all just get along?' Well, put simply, we can't just 'get along' because we're all human, selfish beings with our own individual set of like & dislikes, wants & needs! If we can't get or have what we like or want, without Divine Intervention, we're more likely to take what we want ( if we can ) than to just 'get along'! However, trusting to our Father's wise bestowment ( Divine Intervention ), we have that Inner Peace that says, 'God will provide'!

This does not mean that we just have a sort of blind, senseless ( dead-James 2:20 ) faith, without doing what we can ( within reason ) to obtain what we need! Indeed, we must have faith, but we must also take responsibility for our own lives and act according to that faith; this is where 'religion' comes in! Speaking of Politics & Religion, these both get a bad reputation because many of those who claim either or both say and do not; either that, or they are practiced wrongly! Such is the case in most of today's religious & political landscape!

A good friend of mine, in an email the other day, lamented that 'Washington is lost. There is no possible chance that it will ever be limited or pro-freedom'. I would agree ( wholeheartedly ), but go even further to say that 'politics ( as we know it ) is lost'! Though politics or simply, 'the decision of the people', is the answer, politics will never save this nation from the sinkhole of degradation & depravation that it has been sliding ( some might say 'hurtling' ) into for much of its existence!

The problem, as we've explored previously, is the 'sheeple'!

'We the People' have become so comfortable with this stagnation, and been 'dumbed down' so far by government schools and the major entertainment ( this includes the so-called 'news' ) media, that most Americans are as content as a 'pig in a sty'! with the status quo! When, and how in the hell, did the American Dream come to include servitude for most of your life, $50,000-$500,000 in debt, and a 15-30 year mortgage?!

Another wise statement that my friend made in his email was 'I am left with the sure pleasantness of tending my garden'. The world of men, with their corrupt politics & religion, may seem to be going to 'hell in a handbasket', but our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us a Kingdom, a Garden Restored, if you will, wherein we are free to live, according to His Law, the Law of Love, never to be slaves again, or to lead a servile existence, as most Americans, 'in debt up to their eyeballs'! That is no life suited for 'the Kings of the Earth'!

The question might be asked here, and should be clarified, 'what is God's Garden?' 'Why must we tend it, if it is His?' To answer the first question, we must go to Scripture, the Revelation of His Word! We read, in Genesis 2:15, that 'the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.' We can ascertain, through good & sound exegesis, that this 'garden' was typical of the Temple, or Dwelling of God on Earth. As the ( made ) New Temple, or Garden of God, resulting from the Marriage of Heaven & Earth ( as per the Lord's Prayer ), we have been placed ( planted-Isaiah 51:16 ) here, on this earth, to tend this Garden, to love & care for it, and to bring it to fruition!

We can only plant the seed and take care of our own, whatever God has seen fit to place under our stewardship! Much as we would like to, we cannot, through politics or religion, solve the problems of the world, but we can, with the Strength that dwells in us, tend our own little bit of Heaven, the Garden that God has placed us in!

Let's get 'dirty'!

Charles Haddon Shank

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