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Friday, July 11, 2014

Just Breathe! ( it's only FB )

Okay, I'm just sitting here, iPad in hand, blogging about drama!

One might well ask, "why blog about it, isn't there enough drama in your life?' Well, as sure as hell isn't what most Christians think it is, there sure is, and we're not just talking ANY old drama here either; we're talking Facebook drama!

This is the kind of drama that, just like the relationship status, if you see it on Facebook, you know it's official! If it's made it's way onto the hallowed pages of Facebook, you know 'it's for reals', because you can trust everything you read on the Internet, right?! Facebook drama is like real drama, but better, because it's easier to pull the wool over people's eyes over the internet; you can keep a straight face over the Internet, for one thing, though the occasional 'LOL' may slip out ( even THOSE can be deceptive ), and for another, because it's kinda like an online diary, you might find yourself saying things they normally might not voice out loud!

Don't get me wrong; I love Facebook ( in fact, most would say that I'm an addict ); the good parts, anyway, are awesome! It's a great way to spread the Gospel, to bridge the gap between those who wouldn't normally communicate all that much! For parents and grandparents, it's a great way to keep in touch with children and grandchildren who are separated from them by distances of any substance! Although there is no real substitute for face-to-face, one-on-one Communion, Facebook can even provide somewhat of this necessary fellowship!

So, 'drama'! What the hell's it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I don't need it, I don't want it! Some people can't seem to live without it, so if there's no 'drama' in their pitiful little life, they will create it in order to have something to complain about! Why someone would do that is beyond me, though I have my suspicions, but some seem to thrive on it; they're only happy when everybody else in their little 'world' is as unhappy as they are!

All drama does is cause more drama, more unhappiness, more pain, and in some cases, death! Depending on the holder, keeper, or recipient of said drama, it could drive you to drink, other drugs, or in extreme cases, to suicide! In any case, it's not a good scenario, so why some people seem to love it so much beats the hell out of me! At the same time, though, it almost amuses me!:)

There are a lot of hurting people out there, and though they've brought much of their pain on themselves, to whatever extent, their pain begs for attention! If they don't get the kind of attention they want, in the form they want, and in the timely manner in which they want it; they will take matters into their own hands! They will create all kinds of drama in their lives so that they will receive the attention that they feel they need & deserve!  ( I say 'they', I mean 'we', for we all do it, to one extent or another )

Sometimes, it seems almost hopeless; there's so much 'drama' out there, and so many people that thrive on it & even create it when it's not there! What can we do besides compromising with 'the world' or embracing the 'us versus them' mentality that we all know and love? Is there a happy medium, an in-between place where we can settle, loving both God & our neighbor? There is such a place; it is known by many names, Kokomo, Shangri-la, even Atlantis. Heaven, although in the eyes of most Christians, is a 'pie-the-sky' affair ( but only 'in the sweet bye and bye' ), is according to Scripture, not just The Dwelling Place of God, it is within us ( Luke 17:20 ). This is not to say that Heaven is simply 'A Peaceful Easy Feeling' ( although it is that ); our Heavenly Father has made His Dwelling with us; in the Marriage of Heaven & Earth, our Peace has come Home to roost!

How do we get to this place, this Heaven of Heavens? It is not by dying,  as many will tell you; it is by Living, and that, free of drama! While it is true that in our dealings with others, we will face a lot of drama, but if we meet it with a strong determination, it will slowly abate & finally, disappear! Drama, like sin, does not rule our lives anymore, for what God has joined together can & will never be separated!

Joyously ( despite the drama ),

Charles Haddon Shank

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