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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Statement of Belief

1. I believe and trust in the One, True, Eternal God, the great I AM.

1a. I believe that there was a separation of sorts within the God-head for the Eschatological Purpose of establishing the Church & judging Israel according to the flesh.

2. I believe that this One, True God created all things ( visible & invisible ), and that nothing in His creation happens without His all-powerful Hand.

3. I believe that the Father sent His only begotten Son to the Earth, when, as prophesied in Holy Scripture, the Spirit of the Holy God came upon the virgin, Mary, who bore, of her own flesh and body, our Lord Jesus, who was the Christ.

3a. I believe that God sent of Himself, became human, and dwelt among us, as a Promise of His Presence. He Himself placed His Seed within the Virgin of Israel in order to consummate, in a type, the marriage of Heaven & Earth.

4. I believe that this Seed, Jesus Christ, was born according to the flesh, and suffered a normal* human existence, until He was sacrificed as the propitiation for the sins of His people, who had broken covenant & so lost the Blessings of Relationship with Him.

5. I believe that this one, final sacrifice was sufficient to cleanse His people from all blood-guiltiness, and to transfer His people from the Ministry of Death & Hell into the Kingdom of Life & Heaven, and back into Blessed Relationship with Him..

6. I believe that the Christ died, that He was forsaken by the Father, that His physical body was buried in the grave, and that after three days, He rose again, in His physical body* along with many of the saints who had fallen asleep, and ascended, in a cloud, to the Glory He had forsaken for a time.

7. I believe He returned to that same wicked generation, as the Scriptures prophesied, to judge apostate* Israel, and to open the way for the new and better covenant, through the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the changing of the covenant economy.

8. I believe in One Baptism; that of and by the Holy Spirit & with fire*.

8a. I believe that this Baptism, signified by a baptism of water during the transitional period*, was primarily of those Jews & Gentiles who accepted Jesus as the Son of God & their Messiah.

9. I believe in the Communion of the Saints ( the Body of Christ ), by means of fellowship & worship of the One, True God, in Spirit & in Truth.

10. I believe that the Marriage of Heaven & Earth was the End* of All Things.

by God's Grace

Charles Shank

2*. universe

4* common to all human beings.

6*. His human body, I believe was reanimated when He rose from the tomb, but shed when He ascended to the Father.* Luke 19:12-27

7*. their rejection of the Christ was the final "straw" ( read Josephus' "Antiquities" for more info ).

8*. trials, tribulation.

8a* This 'transitional period' occurred between the years ( approximately ) of AD30 & AD70, from the baptismal ministry of John & Jesus and the destruction of the Jewish Temple ( ie, Jesus' return in Judgment ).

10 * goal

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