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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sittin' in a Bar

I just played the pool I ever played, and am so frustrated with myself that I can't see straight! Of course, being that mad at myself  didn't help my game either, so I only got more & more frustrated as I continually got worse & worse! So, here I am, sitting at a bar, drinking & blogging; I can only continue on and hope that something I do here tonight will be blessed & a blessing!

This year has been one of change for me ( I know that sounds selfish ); earlier this year, my brother & his family experienced a dramatic change in both their life-style and their situation; they will most likely continue to experience this change for years to come! In the past several months, my sister & her family' pretty much the last blood relatives that I had on this side of the Mississippi orchestrated a move to a place far, far away, and are experiencing a big & drastic change themselves!

All in all, it has been A Year of Tears, but faced with with No Fear & with God as our Witness, this will be a year of a Glorious Change! Change is good, especially if we are Temples of the Holy Spirit! If we embrace that change, no matter how uncomfortable it may make us, it better prepares us to accept the change in our lives, so no matter how drastic that change, we will find ourselves the better for it! If, however, we cannot face this change with the confidence that comes through blessed relationship with our Heavenly Father, this change will only weaken us & cause us to fall prey to our fears!

 A good friend of mine just reminded me that I was in the process of grieving, and the more I think about it, she's right; even though I do still have plenty of people around me who love me, I will miss my sister & family more than I probably even want to admit, or realize! There is much in my pitiful life that has changed over the last 3-4 years, and these last changes almost seem to be the straw that will break the camel's back!

I will remain strong, however, because I am full of it ( the Spirit, that is )! I have the Family of God to rely on, through whom I know that our Heavenly Father will meet my every need! I praise our Heavenly Father that He does work through His people & gives us the Strength we need! I thank all of my Family, both through Blood & Water, for the Strength & Comfort that they are, and I can only hope, through the Grace of God, to return the favor!

Charles Haddon Shank

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Unknown said...

Once again. Thank you Charles for your words! My heart goes out to you concerning your sister and her familys big good thing though, we do have the internet..therefor our ability to communicate is pretty much instantly. Heh? By now, I'm sure your feeling a large void in your heart that sister and her family filled. But like one of our Fathers Promises..."all things work together for the good for those who love Him." Change....tough one...we desire it, but when looking at it in the eye....then (I) start to tremble in my boots some. Homeless shelter was one of the scariest experiences of my life...but at the same time, very meaningful and fond memories. I compare the time to a 7 day camping trip with evening camp fire stories, but without the camp fires