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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Politics, as Usual

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
- Albert Einstein

There is a lot of talk going around today that says, 'if we could just get politicians in there who'll follow the Constitution to the letter, then everything will be better!' 'If only we could get back to the Constitution', 'Maybe if we educate people about what is really going on......' It sounds like at least one of these could be the solution to our problem, but there is the problem in a nutshell, all these 'solutions' are old hat; they're partially what helped create the problem we face today!

To be fair, the U.S. Inc. has departed quite a ways from what the founding fathers intended, I'm sure! I doubt if they envisioned even half of the excrement that comes out of the District of Criminal today ( then, on the other hand, maybe they did )! The Constitution, when followed to the letter, may have prevented a lot of what we face today, and yes, reeducation of the populace may help ( to a point ), and 'yes', if we could get the right man ( or woman ) in office, that might at least stave the worst off for a little while!

The problem is people! We're seeing much the same situation that the judges of Israel faced in the olden days. They had the Law that Moses had delivered to them on Mt. Sinai! Being straight from the Mouth of God, too, it was infinitely better than any Constitution that man could ever write, but even though, look where THEY ended up! They had prophets that adhered strictly to the Law and even reeducated the people when necessary! Sure, things got better for a time, but eventually, that whole system of things came crashing down like Dagon!

'There outta be a law'! Well, that's actually part of the problem! When weak human beings try to follow a written code, we fail miserably much of the time. However, with the realization & acceptance of the fact that our Heavenly Father fulfilled His promise in Jeremiah 31:33, 'I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their heart', we no longer have to simply adhere to a code, because we have the Love of God in our 'hearts'!

We have Law & Punishment because the makers of that Law at least understood this, that the threat of punishment would at least be somewhat of a deterrent to most! However, this 'solution' only goes so far because if the person believes they can get away with breaking the Law, they usually will! If one does not fear a God that always sees, why would he fear, except out of reprisal, a government he can see?! Our Creator God faced much the same conundrum back in ancient times, during the days of the Judges & Kings! Fear of Punishment may have a great effect on potential law-breakers, but it will not hold them forever! Sooner or later, they will find that weak link ( loophole ), and break free, unleashing perhaps a worse evil on the intended victim ( s )!

Those who have entered into Covenant with their Heavenly Father have had His Law written on their hearts follow that Law, not because they fear the punishment due one who breaks a written code, but because they love that One who inscribed it on their hearts! When we fail to keep that Law, which we, even as Temples of the Holy Spirit still do, our conscience ( 'heart' ) burns within us and will not long allow us to stray from the True Path!

There are those ( many ) who have not acknowledged this relationship ( Covenant ) and so have grown hard, as many of the children of Israel did! They may obey the letter of the Law ( Constitution ), but at the moment that one of the Guardians turns his or her back, the Law may be irreparably mangled beyond recognition! Because the Law ( of God ) is not written on their 'heart', their conscience will not play 'Jiminy Cricket' with them to let them know they are straying & to guide them back to the Way!

How, if not through politics, can we solve this problem?! Well, politics may be the answer; if the people were all good & conscientious then we could almost safely rely on politics, but the sad fact of the matter is that most people in this great nation of ours have their own agenda! We have a melting pot, a hodge-podge, if you will, of different religions in this country, and while many of them are as law-abiding as the next, it is most often a fear-driven obedience, one that is motivated by a promise of punishment if one jot or tittle is broken!

Again, then, how do we fix this problem? Politics has failed us, having become almost unrecognizable & almost absolutely useless! Politics, and especially politics as usual has gotten us nowhere, except deeper in the hole that is almost as quickly being filled in on top of those who are digging the hole! The answer, my friends, is blowin' in the wind! It is the Wind of Change that is blowing through our Father's Congregation, a Wind that is waking His Sleeping Giant & reminding us that it must begin with us, with our own families!

If we can raise up a generation of young men & women with the Law of God written on their hearts, then maybe they can begin to have a goodly effect on this beast we call politics! It may not be too late! Many fear that it is, that this system of things, like Israel's of old, must come crashing down before she can rise like a phoenix from the ashes! It looks like they may be right, but looks, as anyone will tell you, can be deceiving! The most that we can do is the best we can with what we've been given, and it MUST begin with the family; if we get that wrong, all the politics in the world will do us no good!

Charles Haddon Shank


Randy Pope said...

If I wanted to be a stickler I could find some points throughout the body of this piece to pick on. I could not, however, agree with your conclusion more.

Charles Shank said...
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Charles Shank said...

Pick away, brother, I appreciate your comments, even if critical!