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Friday, November 28, 2014

Beyond Covenant Creation; the Sacrifice of Israel, God's Only Begotten Son

Undoubtedly, the Scriptures are not a science textbook! In this day & age, even many Christians are beginning to realize this startling & almost horrifying fact, though probably as many more or holding vociferously to the old, archaic notion that the creation story related in the first chapters of Genesis is indeed a scientifically accurate, chronological account of the very beginning of Creation! We may read this account scientifically, but when we try, through that science, to prove certain 'facts' about this terra firma, then is when we run into trouble!

Being fully convinced of the truth that the account ( s ) in Genesis 1 & 2 are about the Introduction of Covenant rather than about the formation of the material world, we ascribe with all certainty to this 'model', and we understand many of the implications of this sobering, yet freeing truth! However, though this truth is becoming clearer & clearer every day, we might understand too, that while the importance of understanding ( intellectually ) the concept & construct of the covenant life is great, putting those implications into practice is of utmost importance! More & more, Christians & non-Christians alike are beginning to live according to this glorious Truth, whether or not they acknowledge & understand  ( fully ) the importance of this kind of Theology!

Covenant Creation really opens up the Scriptures! Reading the Revelation of God's Word in this Light makes certain heretofore obscure & meaningless passages grab our attention like never before! And, we've only just begun! It's really only in the past few years, certainly no more than a decade, that this construct, or conception has really begun to jockey for position with the more traditional concepts & beliefs that have been held for millennia! The Implications & Applications that Covenant Theology, from Covenant Protology to Covenant Eschatology & Beyond, have on this Life are Infinite! Understanding the covenantal relationship that we have with, not only with our Heavenly Father, but with all of His good Creation, should have a most profound Impact upon the way in which we live our lives, but what are the fruits that we have harvested from this 'tree', so far?

So far as I have seen, there are but a few discussion groups on the Internet, Facebook in particular, that are dedicated solely to the discussion of Covenant Creation! One of these seems to be aimed more at discussing the idiocy & inconsistencies of this position, while another group has been opened exclusively to those who already strongly hold it, or at least are hungry for the truth it holds! Both groups are relatively interesting & fruitful, but unless there is a meaningful change evident in the lives of those who get embroiled in such discussions, of what real use are they? Although we know than any lasting change will take time & in order for us to act on what we know, we must first be sure of what we know, there is a time when action must take the place of discussion! That time is Now; we must begin to act on what we know, not before it's too late ( for 'twill never be too late ), but while this biology endures, for as long as our bodies encapsulate the Breath of Life, we are God's Hands & God's Feet!

As faith without works is dead, so discussion of the principles of Covenant Theology, whether Protology or Eschatology, is useless unless necessarily accompanied by a notable change ( for good )! So many of us seem to substitute these discussions for meaningful change ( action ) & when it comes to instituting or applying these implications, it seems that we are fruitlessly discussing them to death & then going about our relative day to day with almost no noticeable change ( for the better!

Covenant Theology, both Protology & Eschatology, makes so much sense of Scripture that it's almost frightening! Having come to this understanding, it's becoming more & more difficult to envision life without it! Once you've drunk deeply of its waters, you'll never be truly satisfied with the traditional theology that most of us grew up with!

A return to the beginning, to the drawing-board, so to speak, is what's called for here! In many if not most cases, this all-encompassing paradigm shift is so pervasive & so with any previous paradigm, that it will take a complete reversal, almost, to relieve ourselves of the errors that have become so prevalent in our modern theological landscape! If we can somehow implement the changes in our society that Covenant Theology necessitates, then & only then will come to fruition the countless hours of discussion!

'I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End'! When we begin to understand the full import of these words, to witness the Protology & Eschatology of Israel, then it becomes infinitely clear to us that the Scriptures were never meant to simply relay the truth of biology, but are a record of the introduction of Heaven to Earth & the redemption of His Creation to Himself, through the ministrations of the Son of God! The preparation of Israel, from the First Adam to the Last, to be the necessary sacrifice for that Redemption & Marriage, was initialized 'in the beginning', as related in Genesis & finalized with the Advent of the Jewish Messiah, or Jesus, who was the Christ!

With the advent of this sobering, yet freeing truth, the Truth of the Marriage of Heaven & Earth, many things have changed & Lord willing will continue to do so, but to enable that change, we must be willing to move beyond any theology we might hold & put those beliefs into practice, to let them flow out through our fingertips into a suffering world that needs our Redemption!

As the Embodiment of God's Son ( corporately speaking ), may we always let this Redemption flow through us to the 'nations' around us, may we be the Waters of the River of Life that flows out from our Heavenly Father's Temple! Let us venture beyond our theology, Covenant or otherwise, with the realization that God IS who He is & WE ( corporately ) ARE His Temple!

Charles Haddon Shank

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