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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Despicable Art of War

'War is a racket!'

How much truth is in that statement! Since time began, the strong have made war on the weak in order to exercise control, whether it be control of money, population, power or natural resources. Human beings have always endeavored to hold under subjection those who don't enjoy quite the same status of importance! With the advent of centralized government, human beings found a simpler way to exercise this control, by threatening & carry out war against anyone who opposed the decisions of the majority!

In this country, we have exercised this power, as have many empires in the past have, in order to prosper! Because of the shortcuts we have taken to gain this prosperity, which by the way, is simply a false prosperity, we have become one of the most hated ( though feared ) & despised nations on earth! Sure, many foreigners love our 'freedom, which, again, is a false freedom, but sooner or later, they usually find out that they had it better, or at least no worse, in their country of origin!

Since The War on Terror began ( it's been going on for well over 10 years now ), terrorist activity has, if anything, worsened in its intensity! To be fair, the biggest discernible problems have, at least since the attacks of '9-11' have been relegated to other parts of the world, but if you talk to the right people, you might begin to understand why this is so! Since the inception of this corporation ( U.S. Inc. ), those 'in the know' have revealed how such events ( 'Pearl Harbor, '9-11', etc ) have been orchestrated by the 'powers that be' to needlessly embroil true patriots in the wrongful endeavor that 'they' wish to pursue, ostensibly, for the good of the nation!

America, or the U.S. Inc., is not the first empire to employ the despicable art of war, nor will it be the last! Many empires have risen & fallen since the dawn of time, and their downfall has always been wrought by the same perpetrator; corruption from within has always been a problem for empires & while enemies from without are a big enough threat, enemies from within are an even more dangerous & subtle threat!

Centralized government, whether it be the Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, or Roman Empire, has always imploded, due not only to outside influence, but because of inner corruption! Human nature, in particular, that which does not realize its covenantal nature, has always shared a 'pack mentality'; just like a base animal instinct, it is 'survival of the fittest'! When a certain segment of society is seen as weak or unfitting, it is readily attacked, and quickly subjugated or destroyed! When one group lusts after the possession of another group, it doesn't take long for the battle to ensue, and before the dust even settles, for the vultures to close in!

Terrorism is no doubt a big problem and has become even greater in both scope & magnitude over the past decade, but with the necessary equipment, much of the problem would likely dry up and blow away like the desert sands! It might surprise many people in this country how much of our national treasury goes out each & every year toward funding these terrorist organizations! Oh sure, this 'aid' which is sent overseas, probably on a daily basis, is marked for humanitarian aid, and to be truthful, some of it probably is ( we do, after all, have to put up a good 'front! ), but that's the 'aid' that we hear about; what about the top-secret & 'bedroom deals' that usually go unnoticed?!

While the American Empire is most certainly not the only one to ever benefit from terrorism of some sort, it is the most ready answer! Especially since the 'attacks' of '9-11', although that was doubtless not the first time, many eyes have been opened to the real enemy, that with our own central government! While we still have a long way to go & this country is very likely facing a Civil War which could make the last one pale in comparison, the corruption within the U.S. Inc, or the American Empire has had at least this one unintended, but unavoidable effect; it cannot continue to fight against itself, because, as a Wise Man once said, 'If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand'!

Charles Haddon Shank

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