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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Journey Continues

TSA does NOT like it when you try to fly without a photo-ID!

It was easy enough ( relatively ) to leave St. Thomas ( USVI ), even through Customs, with just a government-issued birth certificate, but they were a bit more stringent & careful when it came to flying out of Orlando, Florida! I lost my photo-ID somewhere between Boxeman, Montana & St. Thomas, USVI, but I wasn't planning to at any of my half-dozen or so stops for much more than a couple weeks at a time, so I figured I'd wait till I got home to get it replaced, plus, I DID have my birth certificate!

So, I got to Florida, safely leaving de islands behind ( jah, mon ) & stayed with my baby sister & her family in Winter Garden ( just outside Orlando ) for a couple weeks! While there, I did some much needed relaxing, but we took a day trip to visit the oldest city in these United States, St. Augustine  ( circa 1656 ) & wondered around, mostly on St. George Street, taking pictures & spending quality time with my sister, her husband, three children & inlaws. That weekend then, which just happened to be Easter weekend, I took a bus down to Ft. Myers to visit a new congregation ( very upLIFTing ) where I mt several FB friends whom I had never met face to face, so that was pretty awesome!

After I got back to my sister's little bungalow in Winter Garden & had a beer with Julio, down by the schoolyard ( just kidding, it was a new place in downtown Winter Garden ), I packed my bags & prepared to leave Los Angeles, I mean Orlando! After waiting through three or four cycles to get through a single stoplight, we arrived at the airport & then's when the REAL fun began! As I found out anew, TSA does NOT like it when you try to fly without a photo-ID ( apparently, even if you DO have a government issued birth certificate ), but I guess one can't be too careful nowadays, what with all the terrorists & camel-jockeys hanging around & blowing shit up!

So, I barely got out of Florida with my sanity intact ( oh, wait......) & after a fairly short flight, landed at Washington, DC's Dulles airport, met with another friend, this time an old family friend, with libertarian leanings like me & a lot of my other friends! We talked for a bit about the weather & the ( regrettable ) State of the Union & came to the mutual conclusion that there a too many damn laws/regulations & that it all just needs to go away!

Now I'm sitting at an automotive shop where my one older brother ( I've got six more brothers besides him ) works, waiting for my parents to pick me up so I can spend spend some quality time with them before I continue on to the next stage of my journey! I spent the night at my brother' house in Fredericksburg ( a short jaunt up the road ) & spent some quality time with him & his family last night, something I had been wanting to do for some time!

Did I mention that 'TSA does NOT like it when you try to fly without a photo-ID!'?

More to come.....

Charles Haddon Shank

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