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Monday, September 07, 2015

A Nation at War

Is Almighty God pleased with the efforts of the U.S.Inc. ( USA ) at empire-building? Right away, most Americans, including many Christians, would respond with a resounding 'YES'! 'Look at all the nations we have brought under our banner', they might say, 'America is without doubt the greatest nation in the world'. America has become great, in a manner of speaking, but at what cost? Is she not one of the most hated nations in the world? It would be hard to prove that there is even one nation on earth that does not harbour any number of enemies of America!

Throughout America's relatively short history, barely 50 years has gone by with some sort of police or military action, most usually on foreign soil! Most, if not all of these actions have been perpetrated under the clever guise of bringing aid to the persecuted & downtrodden, for the ostensible & noble purpose of battling the forces of evil; the problem is, many of the actions undertaken to battle this 'evil' were themselves evil & utterly reprehensible!

Not only is America now one of the most ( if not THE most ) hated & feared nations on earth, we are burdened with a false & failed economy. Since 1972's Supreme Court decision, Americans have legally murdered over 50 million unborn children ( talk about Molech-worship ) & they have turned over our most sacred institution ( marriage ) into the dirty & greedy hands of the enemies of Christ. A Christian minister may face persecution, to say nothing of what the married couple might face, if he dares to perform such a ceremony with the appropriate licensing. Even many Christians have bought into this farce, insisting for various reasons that the appropriate licensing must be sought & found before it is lawful in the eyes of their god ( God? )!

Some might say that in spite of her many faults, America is still one of the most blessed nations on earth! To be sure, at first & with just a casual glance, this would seem to be true. Even though much of what most Americans call 'freedom' is fast disappearing, we are arguably one of the freest nations in the world! Admittedly, the hatred & animosity directed toward America is due in part to pure jealously; there are still many areas in which an American has more liberty to act than a citizen of a lesser nation. Even though this may be true, there is much about even this 'liberty' that wreaks of slavery!

'War is hell'! Ask pretty much anybody that has been involved in one & when it comes down to it, most like everyone would be in agreement. In fact, especially in the last 50-75 years of our History of Violence, no one emerges unscathed. Some receive greater harm than others maybe, but the mental ( usually worse than the physical ) effects last for a lifetime! Oh sure, there are usually support groups & other kinds of therapy for such injuries, but no matter how much healing is wrought, the damage has been done!

Those who have bled & died in the name of freedom & for the U.S.Inc. have done so believing that they laid down their lives for a good cause! On the surface of things anyway, there cannot be much doubt they did & for this, their masters have showed their gratitude. Of late however, those returning from war have not received the welcome & thanks they deserve. Much of the reason for this, especially of late, is due to the above-mentioned false & failed economy.  Much of the blame for this travesty, though, must be laid squarely at the feet of the often questionable & top-secret manner in which the war was waged!

This kind of reprehensible action cannot be a pleasing odor in our Heavenly Father's 'nostrils'! Oh sure, most would argue that the evils confronted necessitated the evils undertaken ( if one can call what the U.S.Inc has done 'evil' ), but as we all know, 'two wrongs don't make a right'; evil is still evil, no matter who perpetrates it & however noble the reason given may seem!

The question 'how much more flag-waving must Americans do before God is pleased?' is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but really, if you ponder it, it's akin to the question before the prophets of Ba'al in 1 Kings 18:26-28. Flag-waving will never please our Heavenly Father; the only thing that pleases our Creator is right action & sadly, America seems to have fallen far short of the mark!

Charles Haddon Shank

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