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Monday, February 29, 2016

Der Hersteller Continues

The Man chosen by the Creator, from the Beginning, persists to this day & according to the Sacred Word ( the Divine Essence ), will exist for Eternity! Since the Marriage of Heaven & Earth, though much has changed & the End has Come, it seems that the Creation continues to be ravaged by the annals of Time. It would seem that the Man chosen by the Creator, oh, so long ago, had fallen asleep on the job & made a complete & utter mess of things; although Time marches on & the Creator's Purpose is doubtless being fulfilled, things seem to be about as crooked as ever they were!

The End in question was three-fold; the End of an epoch ( era ), the End of the Betrothal & the End ( Goal ) to which that Betrothal looked! The Time of the End occurred to the People of God, both real & imagined, when the man of sin was revealed, that sin was taken away & everlasting Righteousness was established on top of the Creator's holy hill of Zion. From the Beginning, those ministers of the Good News from the Creator had prophesied of this Time to Come when the Creation would become One with her Creator, through the ministry of this Man that He had chosen.

The Man of which we speak here is like, yet unlike, other men; He is the Only Begotten Son of the Creator, the Father, yet He is not confined to biology, like mere men are! He inhabits a Body which is made up of many bodies. In fact, one of these latter-day prophets records Him as speaking thus, 'In My Father’s house are many mansions'; as He is, so are we in this world! In a world, created by Him, yet that does not yet fully understand or accept the Relationship between Creator & Creation, this Chosen One still labors to make known this Good News to all Creation!

When this Chosen One was finally revealed, in the Fullness of Time, lo & behold, He wore the body of a mere man! Although He wore the body of a mere man, like, yet unlike His brethren, His Creation, this Man came to inhabit a yet Greater Body. As we have seen, this Body is made up of many individual bodies & is growing all the Time; in fact it will continue to expand for Eternity, till the Knowledge of the Creator covers the Earth as the waters cover the Sea!

The Marriage of Heaven & Earth revealed One important Truth; the Creator, now totally invested in His Creation & not willing that any should perish, has so bound Himself to His Creation that He has Covenanted to live with Her forever, in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony! Creator & Creation live & breathe as One & while neither ( individually ) is the other, they function as One, having the same Purpose. He ( Together ) Purposes the Reconciliation of Creation to Himself & as the Son of His Love, the Man Chosen before the foundation of the world is charged with this ministry!

The End, or Goal, of Creation was that both Creator & Creation might enjoy the Bonds of Fellowship in Relationship! It is in the Body of the Chosen One, the Man of the Creator's own choosing, the Man after His own Heart, that this Goal is fully & irrevocably met. The Creator had chosen this Man for such a Time as this, a Time when Reconciliation, though accomplished, must be continually groomed & renewed every day, like any good marriage!

While the Creation has indeed been Reconciled to the Creator, sadly, much of it has yet to be reconciled with Him! This is where the Man comes in: though He has been made One with the Creator, neither is He the Creator, nor is the Creator Him. As in the marriage between a mere man & woman, they remain separate individuals, yet with one purpose, so with the Marriage of Heaven & Earth; Creator & Creation remain distinct individuals, yet with One Purpose, the Reconciliation of Creation.

In some sense & for the purpose of further clarification, one might say that we speak of two different, yet inextricably linked Creations, one the natural Creation, that of mere humanity & another Creation, that by Covenant through which it has become One with the Creator! The Creation which has entered into a Covenant of Marriage with the Creator has become the Man/Woman through whom the Divine Purpose is daily being fulfilled!

As the Chosen One awakens to His & Her true Purpose & Relationship with the Creator, the Creation itself will awaken from the bondage of corruptible things, to the Glorious Liberty of That which is Incorruptible!

Charles Haddon Shank

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