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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Time on Our Hands

What if we could travel, not only back but forward in time & fix our mistakes both past & future? Time Travel has always, for the past number of years especially, held an almost immoral fascination for some people ( it's a growing number ). When you really think about it, which fairly recent movies like 'Looper' & 'Interstellar' have made us do ( even more ), how awesome would it be to be able to go back in time & fix the mistakes of the past? On the other hand, what if we could travel into the future & change our present, which would be a natural deduction; if we could travel back in time, why not forward, right?

Time Travel, while having much attraction at first glance ( who doesn't wanna fix their mistakes? ), also has some side-effects that aren't so pretty; what if we were able to travel anytime we wanted to, past or future & change our circumstances in either time, earlier or later: wouldn't there be a danger of losing the good ( memories ) too? We might travel back in time to change one aspect of our future & like 'Back to the Future' showed us, we could end up changing our whole future, including what we DIDN'T want to change!

The best way to ensure that we have a good future, obviously, is to do our damnedest to live well in the present! Sure, there'll be hiccups along the way; there'll be opportunities lost along the way, bad decisions that we regret & thing that occur that, looking back on them, we're pretty sure if they hadn't happened, things would have turned out differently, but we must also factor in the good things that come about because of certain 'bad' things. A 'for instance' scenario might be where, if we hadn't been hospitalized from a bad car wreck, we may never have met the love of our life who 'nursed' us back to health!

Living the good life in the present is no guarantee that your future will be all roses, but it certainly helps! What we do in the present DOES have an effect on our future, THAT is guaranteed; though there IS such a thing as forgiveness ( thank our Father ), the way you treat a certain person in the present WILL affect that person for their immediate future. The way we treat our bodies in the present will have much the same detrimental effect for our immediate future. Both scenarios are somewhat reversible, although some 'scars' may remain!

One aspect of the movie 'Loopers' that almost brought me to tears was that the mother of a particular child pleads with the one who would kill her child to selfishly secure his own future ( the killer's ) to spare his life so that she might raise him to be good; a second chance, so to speak. Isn't that what it's all about; don't we ALL want a second chance? Well, the Creator God IS the God of second chances; He has ordered the universe ( or multiverse ) in such a way that when we screw up, there is always the free choice given us to 'do better next time'!

This again is no guarantee that our second chance, even our third or fourth. will have the desired effect; we may just be that stubborn & ignorant! However, we DO have that choice before us, as to how we will act or react, whether to learn from our mistakes & do better, or if we will continue to make the same mistakes over & over, guaranteeing that our future will if anything be sadder than our present. Our future, in the greatest sense, is NOW & it's in OUR hands; what will happen is never guaranteed, although it is more open to the Eyes of Him who sees all, but what our future looks like WILL in many ways be determined by what we do NOW!

Charles Haddon Shank

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