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Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Men & women are made for each other, that is all! The physical nature of their compatibility is only the most tangible of proofs. Spiritually speaking, their make-ups are such that they complement each other perfectly, as well. Not being an authority, or even having studied the science of the matter, I can only speak from a bit of experience & negative experience at that. The positive physical connection, as any married couple can tell you, is a very necessary part of a well-oiled biological machine, but without the supremely important & necessary spiritual component, the physical attraction only goes so far before it fizzles out & implodes upon itself.

Human beings are the primary subjects of this post, but other animals as well need this most basic of attributes to survive, as well. We, as the human animal, with our more civilized decorum,would like to think that our way of meeting our needs is somehow moral, while those of mere animals is not. One might blame this on our greater cranial cavity, or some special consideration from the Creator, wherein we are able to discern the right way, as opposed to the wrong way, to meet this most basic of needs.

Call it covenant, call it relationship, call it what you will; connectivity engages the necessary components to form a most powerful combination, one that Scripture calls 'a threefold cord' ( Ecclesiastes 4:12 ). Any relationship requires some sort of compatibility, or connectivity, in order to blossom. To whatever extent the components of this relationship work together determines how long & even if it will last. Probably the most important element, biologically speaking, though inextricably linked with spiritual matters, is communication. Human relationships without this most integral of elements have a tendency to burn from the inside out!

Physical  compatibility between the male & female of really any species, including plant & animal, is pretty much without question! For the purpose of procreation, which, it might be argued, is our primary purpose, the male & female of the species in question are formed so that they mesh together in a way that is marvelous, almost beyond words.For plants, one can easily see that procreation is a very necessary part of  their existence.For the various animal species, the need is no less, though for the human animal, Science & Technology have enabled procreation to be accomplished in increasingly unnatural ways & for perverted reasons!

Spiritual compatibility, of which communication is a primary ingredient, is of utmost importance! Though the human animal is traditionally the only species to enjoy this attribute, one might question the wisdom of averring the 'dumb' nature of any & all other animals. It is known, for example, that certain other species mate for life, in other words that the male & female of this species are wont to choose a certain mate & remain with that one mate till they die. Again, one might question the wisdom of trying to ascertain, through study & research whether other animals are sentient beings, not unlike us, but as creations of our Heavenly Father, we might ask ourselves whether they deserve many of the same considerations our fellow human beings do!

The spiritual nature of any being, human, plant, or animal, is almost without question! As the Work of One Creator, all that has life, which biology necessarily implies, has, to whatever extent, a spirit. Studies have been done & again, I do not claim to be an authority, but as far-fetched as some research might sound, the notion that even plants have feelings seems not implausible.  This is not necessarily to say that plants enjoy the same sentientality & sensuality as we humans, but certain genus of flora seem to be uncannily able to communicate with each other. While movies such as 2009's 'Avatar' certainly portrayed some very far-fetched notions, some portrayals may not be so outlandish, in particular, James Cameron's interpretation of the 'Tree of Life'!

Whether one has in mind the way of a man with a maid, the way rabbits seem to go merrily about their business ( of the birds & the bees ) or the largest natural organism on Planet Earth, a grove of aspens on the slopes of Pike's Peak in Colorado, the connectivity of biology is without question! Though much of this connectivity is yet unexplored & may actually be unexplainable, the fact that it exists is so clear, even logical, that to deny it would be almost to question the wisdom of the Creator Himself! The Spirit of the Creator, traditionally known as 'the Third Person of the Trinity', has, according to our understanding of  Scripture, made Himself known to the human race alone & so it is to Him that we as humans must look to truly bind us together, for though we may have some sort of physical, even spiritual relationship, without the Father of Spirits as our Guide, no relationship will be a lasting one. Bereft of that necessary Connection, our relationships must be based upon feelings & we all know how feelings are!

Charles Haddon Shank

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