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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Divine Right of Kings

The question might well be asked, even though we won the War for Independence ( AKA, 'the Revolutionary War' ); 'have we ever really left the British Empire?' Sure, you may say that we beat them back from our shores & sent them running back to England with their tails between their legs, but did we really become independent of them & their influence, as was our main reason for armed revolt? We may have had our Founding Fathers, signed ( with much danger & hardship ) a Declaration of Independence, drafted our own Constitution & decentralized power, at least, compared to what it was, but have we ever been truly free of their 'evil'?

With the recent unveiling of Britain's own 'exit' from the European Union, one might wonder if the English are not now realizing the same thirst for freedom as our forefathers did, so long ago! Although the immediate circumstances are doubtless somewhat different then they were those many years ago, it is almost without doubt that some of the same principles that caused those brave men of old to declare their independence from Britain's own tyranny & when it became necessary, to take up arms against their 'mother'. Why exactly Britain chose to leave the EU may be up for interpretation, but one thing is clear, the EU, like our own U.S.A., was clearly going someplace the English people were loathe to go!

Now, understanding that the circumstances are much different back then, we should understand that they are not all that different when it comes down to it! I would be hard-pressed to tell you exactly why they chose to leave & even an internet search would probably yield as many conclusions as the day is long. The point of the matter is that they left for much the same reason as we did, so long ago; the question though ( again ) is, 'did we truly leave?'

Ask the average 'Joe' in America today where the Federal Reserve is headquartered & their ready response would most likely be, 'New York, of course. Ask the same question of one who has been 'awakened', however & the response would be some variation on the theme of 'Britain, England, or Europe'. Whether this is really true or not is somewhat beside the point; most of the tyrannies that we now face in this country, have direct or indirect ties to our English roots!

While freedom from tyranny may be a rather pert answer for why our Founding Fathers deemed it necessary, along with the majority of the populace, to declare independence from Britain, it is clear that Britain itself, after several hundred years, found itself staggering under the same sort of tyranny, though maybe in a different form & to a lesser degree. Opinions as to why the majority of Brits voted to leave the EU may vary & indeed, there seem to be some doubt as to whether Britain will actually leave, but whatever the case, it is clear, at least to this blogger, that the English peoples are experiencing many of the same fears & concerns that our forefathers did!

The Continental Army, under George Washington, although meagerly outfitted, & in many cases, I'm sure, under-staffed, along with a plethora of brave men of all ranks, pushed those damned red-coats back into the sea; of this we can be sure! At least, that's what our history books tell us! Although many are the witnesses to these facts of history & many are those who will attest to their continued bravery, we are no freer now then those forbears of ours who labored under British oppression! Most Americans, those who blindly follow the U.S. Inc. into its quagmire of death & destruction, would doubtless object to this line of reasoning, but the facts are clear, if one must get permission to exercise rights granted by the Creator, then we are not truly free, as far as that goes, anyway!

A wise man once said, 'if you wanna be free, be free'; as simplistic as that sounds, it really IS that simple! If you want to exercise your God-given rights, exercise them, government be damned! If you want to be led like a sheep & told where you may go, what you may do & when you may do it, then by all means, continue to be a flag-waving citizen of the good ole U.S. of A.. If, however, you would live as a free man or woman, then declare your independence from this tyrannical government & get ready for a fight, 'cause Lord knows it's coming!

Charles Haddon Shank

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