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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Identity Markers

In today's Culture, Western Culture especially & American Culture in particular, it has become popular, even 'common-place', to 'identify' as something which one is obviously not! Men are 'identifying' as women, boys are identifying as girls, although, interestingly enough, we're not hearing nearly as much, if at all, about women identifying as men. Some study will show that women identifying as men has actually been going on for some time, but under another name. 'Gender Identity' is a construct that has been under scrutiny, 'under fire', one might say, for some time now & some have gone so far as to endeavor to leave behind the classification altogether!

'I'm spiritual, not religious'; more & more people, even some who claim the name of Christ, are using this phrase when declaring their stance. When it comes down to it, this declaration is based, however loosely, on the fact that 'we are spirits, having a physical experience'. This is true, but what we do while inhabiting these biological bodies is, according to the apostle James, our true religion. Therefore, though one may claim no religion, they are in fact acting according to their religious beliefs, however they choose to live their lives! 'Everyone is religious!' I've said this before & I'll say it again; one's religion is simply what one believes: if it is good, right & just religion, then they will act accordingly & if it is evil, wrong & immoral, they will also act accordingly!

As spirits then, who is to say that we even have a gender? But then, if spirits don't have a gender, how do we decide, as human beings, what gender we are? Science has revealed to us that all human beings, up to a certain point before they're born, are female in gender! So, what happens that some babies are born as females & others as males? Whatever the scientific explanation, we know that it happened by Design! On the other hand, if spirits can be classified by gender, then are we not accusing the Creator of making a mistake? If He put a female spirit in a male body, then the joke's on us! It's said that He sits in the heavens & laughs, but isn't that going a bit far; I mean, seriously, how petty can one get?!

Male & female, man & woman; though there are indeed exceptions, it is normal for the male biology to exhibit certain sexual characteristics, while the female biology exhibits almost the exact opposite! As above, there are very rare exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, the differences between the sexes make it fairly simple to distinguish between the two. Now, as it happens & for whatever reason, some human beings are born with the identifying marks of both sexes. Again, Science has explained how & why this happens, to some extent. The male body has not built to carry a child; in other words, even those few examples born with the genitalia of the male & female biology do not have a womb. The female biology is the only gender, or sex, if you will, that comes equipped with the womb that is necessary to sustain life inside the mother's body for 9 months, though there are examples within the animal kingdom that are asexual, i.e., both sexes.

Having described before how the normal male & female sexual organs 'fit together like hand in glove', I will go no further here than to say that to fight against this arrangement is to fight against the Creator! In fact, a good question to those to those who choose to 'identify' as other than what they obviously are, is, 'if indeed you are a woman now, simply because you choose to 'identify' as such, then why don't you have a womb; why must you resort to surrogacy in order to foster a child?' Of course, the pert answer there would probably be something like, why would I want to bring a child into this world anyway?' As the case may be, though, one has to wonder why a man who wants to be a woman would exchange his male sexual organ, for the female's, except for the womb & breasts that secrete milk. They always want the breasts, but they're just useless 'boobs'!

Does the spirit of a human being determine the gender, or sex of that same human being? Even if one thinks they are the sole creator of their own existence, that one would have to say that it does, but obviously, some who identify as the opposite sex were born into the wrong generation, having been born with the sexual identity markers of the wrong sex. When a man, at whatever point in his miserable life, decides that he wants to be a woman, or female of the species, he then is simply showing his hatred of the Creator! Though a spirit inhabiting a biological form, he was assigned a certain form, one with the sexual characteristics of a specific gender.

One's religion, as we have noted, has everything to do with how that individual acts! Whether male or female, that one will act according to what they truly believe.Those who claim to be 'spiritual' but not religious' have a faulty view of what religion truly means, though; 'religion' does not refer to the institution that humans have erected, but rather, as noted above, it is what one believes. therefore, everyone is religious, because everyone believes something! When one commits, in their body, what is contrary to the Laws of Nature & Nature's God, while claiming, in the spirit, to honor that same God, then they are blatantly showing the disdain they have for the way the Creator engineered their body & asserting their individual autonomy!

Today's Culture then, especially that with no affinity to the Kingdom of Christ, is merely progressing, or digressing,  actually, according to the chaotic mess that is life lived against the Laws of Nature & Nature's God! Since not all acknowledge the Creator, not all are willing to live according to Design, but instead choose to live by their own private design & thus prove that human beings, when left to their own devices, are capable of all sorts of evil, almost to any length! The only way to prevent this evil from taking over the Culture & the Identity of Humanity, is to find our True Identity: look for more on this in the days to come!

Charles Haddon Shank

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