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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

'Remember, Remember, the Fifth of...................July!?'

No matter the extenuating circumstances, the beating of a severely disabled woman by TSA agents recently, will forever be emblazoned in the minds of the American people! 'What in the world is this country coming to?' is a question that the people of this nation should be asking themselves. Events like this, although reprehensible, are really a 'God-send', for they are causing many in this country to 'wake up & smell the coffee burning; 'Houston, we have a problem!', 'There's something rotten in Denmark!', are but a few cliche'ic phrases that come to mind when realizing the corruption of what we used to call 'the land of the free' & 'the home of the brave'!

Hannah Cohen is by no means the first to suffer injustice in the name of 'safety', nor will she be the last; TSA is not the only Agency that has been found guilty of violating American citizen's freedoms! It's hard to know where to begin, but the events of the 3rd week of August, 1992, also known as the Ruby Ridge Massacre will forever be etched in our minds as the day that the tyranny of this nation's LEOs began to show their true colors. The siege that was carried out on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in the early Spring of '93, barely six months later, bore the signs of yet another massacre by seemingly bloodthirsty LEOs.

Realizing that the guilt, to whatever extent, is not one-sided, it is clear that those in 'authority' in this nation have evolved beyond being 'peace officers', reputedly there 'to serve & protect', though it might be noted, as I have often stated, 'they DO serve & protect, the interests of the State ( government )'. It would seem then, that they are no longer our servants, but those of the Agency that writes their paychecks. This is not to say that all that serve thus are totally without ethics or morals, but many, whether through ignorance or avarice, continue to uphold these 'evils' against their own neighbors!

Through these 'evils' & other like them ( or worse ), many of the citizens of this nation have awakened to the travesty that has been foisted upon a mostly unsuspecting citizenry; some of these seem to have chosen to hit 'snooze', in a manner of speaking & go back to sleep, ignoring the cries of the 'innocent', but a select few have chosen to arm themselves with knowledge & are taking action on an ever-increasing level to right these wrongs, to progressively turn the tables on those who would tyrannize their own people. Again, this is not to say that this tyranny can be blamed on ignorance or avarice alone, because the citizens of this great nation have, in some ways, forced the 'peace officers' to become 'law-enforcement officers', instead!

With some of the horror stories that can no doubt be told by Agencies like TSA across the world, it is almost understandable, the lengths to which some have gone to ensure safety, but even considering the atrocities that others have committed does not absolve these Agents of their own guilt in carrying out their own particular style of terror! Like the saying goes, 'two wrongs don't make a right'; though some of the people have given the rest a bad name, the TSA & related Agencies have no right to treat everyone equally when it comes to terrorizing the populace. Our Founding Fathers understood that when the Agency of Government begins to tyrannize its own citizenry, then that citizenry has a right & a duty even, to stand up, register their complaints of wrong-doing & fight if necessary, to uphold their God-given rights!

The State of this Union, for those with eyes to see it, is rapidly deteriorating! Some believe the System can be fixed, through more & better politics; others believe that the System must come crashing down before most people are awakened to the realization that they themselves are the guilty party ( 'mea culpa, mea culpa' ). Nevertheless, even though we the people must bear the brunt of the burden, it is we too who must repair the breaches; it is we who must, with the help of the Spirit within, turn this nation to our True Leader, our True Lord & say, with the prophets of old, ' we have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled, even by departing from Your Word and Your Way.'

'Can this nation be saved?' Some might say a better question would be, 'should this nation be saved?' Even with its founding documents, for all their worth, it has devolved to this point & don't get me wrong, it WILL get much worse if it continues on its current path of death & destruction! Many are the eyes that have envisioned a better way, but few are those who have pursued, to the death if necessary, the workings that lead to this better way. If those who have awoken would but pursue the things that make for peace, then we might, with that peace in our own hearts, begin to realize our own liberties & through that realization, with blood if necessary, help others to realize their own liberties, given to them by the Creator!

Charles Haddon Shank

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