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Saturday, April 01, 2017

In Dreams We Soar; Up Where We Belong

Deothora couldn't quite put her finger on it, but SOMETHING was definitely different! That old familiar feeling, the feeling of soaring through the clouds was back; she knew she had been here before, yet she somehow felt freer than ever before & although she felt more at home than ever before, it seemed that she was soaring above it all, without moving a muscle!

She was expecting to hear the familiar words, 'O, good, you're awake!', but not a word could she hear, not audibly, anyway. It was more like she felt it, in her innermost being; It was all around her & it flowed through her; it was almost as if it was a part of her!

Elothar was nowhere in sight. Actually, speaking of 'different', Deothora wasn't sure if what she was doing could be called 'seeing', physically speaking anyway. As a jumble of thoughts & emotions ran through her head, she finally heard that most comforting & familiar of voices. More of a firm but gentle vibration than spoken words, Deothora heard Elothar's welcome to the depth of her being, 'I AM glad to see you, dear one!' Responding, as it were, with her own vibrations, Deothora's first thought was, 'I'm glad to be seen!'

Although she couldn't help but wonder where she was now, it couldn't have felt more natural to Deothora that she was seeing without the use of her eyes & speaking without using her voice. Here she was, soaring through the clouds ( ? ),. without any exertion at all. Her dragon was nowhere to be seen, but she didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable; quite the opposite, in fact; you might say she didn't feel anything at all! There was no feeling of the wind rushing against her skin, she didn't feel the familiar strength of Elothar's giant, but gentle paw around her; it was as if she was suspended in space, but moving at lightning speed at the same time.

Deothora knew, without saying anything to Elothar, that she was not dreaming! Her previous flights of fancy had ended with her waking to the smell of bacon & eggs, but this time was different; in fact, Deothora had a sneaking suspicion that she was soaring beyond the limits of both Time & Space. 'I wonder.........', she thought & as soon as the thought began to form, her vision was opened; she could see, clear as day, the giant form of her beloved dragon, flying just below & a bit beyond her. She was visualizing Elothar just as she remembered him, wings & all, though he didn't seem to be moving a muscle either!

She felt rather than heard Elothar's gentle rumble, 'Beautiful, isn't it?' As he 'spoke', Deothora visualized the patterns that surrounded them, that enveloped them like a gentle rain. All the different galaxies & more, with their different shapes & sizes were right there, surrounding her, welcoming her to explore them. She could have sworn, almost, that they were offering her the 'keys to the city', so to speak!

Deothora had been here before; the fact of the matter was, she had been here all along, it was just that she had become so accustomed to her regular senses that it had taken a bit to realize it. Deothora was at home here & though she had been so unused to communicating in this way, the thought patterns & vibrations resonated with her; somehow it felt more natural, as if that made any sense.

Out here, where she soared without any effort, Deothora knew that she could be wherever she wished, just by wishing. The thought that she was limited by anything never occurred to her; right here, right now, all she wanted was just to BE! Deothora, through whatever means, had come to the realization that what she had previously known was but a mere shadow of what actually was. Her flight that night would be the first of many that she would experience outside the limits of Time & Space. ( I say 'night', but there is truly no 'night' there, nor 'day'; it just IS! )

Time has a habit of making us feel threatened & therefore we find it hard to enjoy ourselves to the extent that Deothora found herself. If we could simply BE, as Deothora found, we might find ourselves soaring, as she did, high above the clouds & among the galaxies, not weighed down or limited in any material sense, but unburdened by such things, to go where we have only dreamed of venturing!

To return to the limitations of Time & Space, which she had just begun to enjoy her freedom from, Deothora was quite loathe to do, but she was reminded, by a firm but gentle vibratory nudge from Elothar, that return she must, for there were still those lost in that other dimension, those who had not yet been awakened to this Glory. They thought, for this is all they knew, that this existence, glorious as it could be on its own account, was all there was; they had only dreamed, if dream they did, that greater glory awaited them after they departed this world, this life.

Deothora accepted the challenge from her friend, the dragon; she would return to the outer world where she knew she was limited to using her physical senses. Now that she was awake, though, Deothora knew that her life would never be the same. Her experience had taught her that through communication with that inner world, that other dimension, so to speak, that life, though fraught with physical limitations, could be so much more, indeed WAS so much more than she had ever dreamed possible!

The sound of birds chirping told Deothora that she had awakened from her meditational trance. Though it seemed like hours had passed, she had been in that state for no more than a minute. The old cliche', 'Time flies when you're having fun!' came to mind.As she prepared to go about her duties of the day, the words that had been almost unspoken, though she knew they had come straight from the dragon's mouth, came to her & remained; 'BE, just BE!'

Charles Haddon Shank

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