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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

'Social Distancing'; What the Actual Hell!

Before  I begin my 'rant', I want to make two things absolutely clear; I realize that I'm not going to make any friends by writing this & I'm not at all advocating unsafe or unhealthy practices, 'social' or otherwise! That said; let's begin..................

This is NOT just about the 'coronavirus'! Let that sink in............................... There is more at stake here than mere longevity of human life. If my readers are wondering what the hell I mean by that; I will readily admit that much of what you're about to read ( if you so choose ) strays into that shady grey area often termed 'conspiracy theory'! It goes without saying that there IS something to this 'virus', though one might well wonder if it is worthy of the 'hype' surrounding it! Okay, so while there might be a bit more to it, scientifically speaking ( depending on who's speaking ), a 'coronavirus' is basically no different than 'the common cold' ( 'rhinovirus' ). 'Conspiracy theorists' have targeted, among other things, the advent of the formidable '5G' as one of the main causes behind, not just the spread of this 'novel' coronavirus, but the very genesis of the dis-ease itself! The statement has been made that this particular 'virus' was first 'hatched', then released by a 'bio-weapons facility' in Wuhan, China, whether in response to trade embargoes, or some such other terrorist plot. Though this may be a bit overmuch, one has to wonder if there isn't something to this 'theory; in which case, we should exercise greater care! However, as there is no actual 'proof' of this sinister plot, while we SHOULD exercise great care, neither should we give into 'the Fear Factor' like so much of our great nation ( in particular ) seems to have done!

This post is NOT about 'Covid-19'!  Whatever one may think about the novel coronavirus that is currently running its course through some parts of our world, as a wise man once said, 'there is nothing to fear but Fear itself'! This is not at all to say that there is no cause for concern here, for there is MUCH to be concerned about, least of all, the health hazards involved in mere exposure to this 'virus', especially for those with an already compromised immune system. To those with a healthy immune system, there is really no more to be concerned about, in my opinion, than the care one should exercise anyway, when dealing with such health issues!  'As above, so below'; the more important matter at hand is not the 'coronavirus' itself, but what it is doing to our world, or rather, the travesty that is being 'foisted' on our world through means of it! Simply by saying 'through means of it'; it should be clear that, 'conspiracy theory' be damned, there is more, much More, going on than what first meets the eye ( it does not take much to realize how adept the governments of this world are at 'sleight-of-hand' )! Given this somewhat alarming fact, should we then join the majority of our fellow citizens & continue to spread the Fear as if we are spreading the 'virus' itself; 'are we contributing to the cause of this dis-ease'?!'

'Dis-ease' ( most often without the 'dash' ) is popularly defined as, 'a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant,'. Ultimately, it speaks of something that makes us, as a person, uneasy,' in essence, at 'dis-ease'! In that case, there is much in this world of ours, of daily occurrence, that puts us at 'dis-ease', or at least 'it should'!  Something that jumps to MY mind, humanly speaking, is of course, the abortion issue. This terrible issue happens to be the 'pet peeve' of many of our ( older ) generation, though it affects the younger 'generation' as well. Abortion, though, is not the main issue! Though it IS an important one, the main issue is one of 'the heart' ( 'from which come the issues of life' )! 'The Heart of the Issue' is where it all begins: when we have dis-ease in our 'hearts', it spreads like a virus to the rest of our body! By 'the heart', of course, I'm simply referring to the individual soul, that which, as human beings, makes us 'tick'. The True 'Heart' of the issue is that most people have forgotten who they really are! We are More than human beings; at our very Core, we are an inseparable part of the Collective Divine! Without getting into the cosmology of it all, we have, in the majority, forgotten that & so limited ourselves to simply being human, 'eating, sleeping & shitting'
( 'working' should be in there somewhere ) as the 'sheeple' we have been trained to be!

For 'sheeple', 'doing what we're told' is not even questionable! Oh sure, we 'LOVE' to complain about our misery, but when it comes down to it, 'that's just the way it is'; 'we can't change it, so why fight it?' Right? Wrong! Our first mistake, as individual souls ( human beings ), is forgetting that we ARE the Masters of our own  Destiny! As individuals, we ALWAYS have a Choice; 'Act or React'. We can either Act in Love, knowing who we are & where we're going, or we can React to the Fear, not knowing who we are, trusting to some benevolent ( or NOT ) Force outside of ourselves, leaving our Destiny & thus our overall health, in someone else's Hands. Now, before anyone has a 'hissy-fit', I'm not saying that to React to the Fear is in itself necessarily a bad thing; being assailed by Fear has become constituent ( though not necessary ) with being human! Again, we have a choice; 'HOW do we React to the Fear that assaults us on a daily basis ( especially in these turbulent times )?' We can choose to flounder in 'the Pit of Despair', giving in to the Fear, or we can choose to 'rise above it all', remembering Who we really are, that we are More than this Biology, More than Mere Humanity!

Being More than human means that 'we do NOT have to do what we're told!' ( 'shocking', I know, right?! ) 'SHOULD we do as we're told?' That depends on what we're told! Speaking from personal experience, even if we're told to do what is 'right & good', the tendency is often to do the exact opposite, though our natural inclination is to do what is 'right & good' ( I'm SUCH a rebel! )! However, if we're told to do something that we feel is wrong ( 'immoral' ), even if we're told it's for the 'right' reasons ( 'greater good', or some such bullshit ), we SHOULD NOT, DO NOT have to do it; 'as above, so below', there is ALWAYS a Choice!

At the risk of sounding negative, the dis-eaase which unnaturally resides within the human ( individual ) soul quickly spreads to the biological marvel they inhabit! Because we feel in our 'heart of hearts' that we are not doing what is 'right & good', because we have become 'sheeple', doing what we're told, rather than what we KNOW to be Just & True, we are thus conflicted, not only having forgotten WHO we are, but what IS Just & True! This 'dis-ease', or 'unease' can only be 'cured' by remembering Who we are & that What we are is Justice & Truth Itself! No vaccine will ever cure what ails us! It may for a time alleviate our symptoms, but it will NEVER bring us lasting peace from our dis-ease. No outside source, for that matter, can do so; as above, so below', the genesis of Truth is within, NOT without. Like any drug, what comes from outside ourselves only treats the symptoms; it cannot heal the disease; THAT comes from Within!

Namaste' & Blessed Be,
Charles Haddon Shank

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