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Monday, March 09, 2020

The Fourth Horseman?

I hate politics! I'm referring, of course, to the corruptibility of politics & the way that they have, in modern times especially, become so tainted by selfishness & avarice. Politics is really not my cup of tea anyway, since government should be an individual thing, not one ( elite ) group of individuals telling another group ( usually larger ) how they should or should not act, how they may or may not live. To make matters worse, we have the Major News Media assaulting our eyes & ears on a daily basis, reinforcing the scare tactics used by the government of these United States to keep its citizens under their thumb. When I say 'scare tactics', I do not mean to discount or downplay the very real dangers involved in the ignorance or disobedience of whatever bullshit is going on currently. Speaking of the MNM, much or most of what we digest on the 'news' daily is likely blown out of proportion, though, as intimated, there is some amount of truth to it!

So we come to the latest threat, the dreaded 'coronavirus'! Again, this is not to say there is nothing to it, that it IS just a 'threat', so whether one believes the MNM or the 'real news' to be garnered from the internet, or whether one believes all the hype or not, it can't hurt to exercise great care when it comes to the possible contraction of it. According to this article, the common cold is fairly closely related to the coronavirus, both viruses affecting the upper respiratory system of mammals ( sometimes the gut ). Apparently, one could almost say that the common cold, or 'rhinovirus' falls under the umbrella of 'coronavirus', although the latter can lead to more serious illnesses such as SARS or MERS, for example. Some may find it interesting that this latest outbreak, simply called the 'Corona Virus' or even 'Kung Flu', originated in China, as did SARS. Interesting as well, to tie politics into the equation, is that the last number of 'outbreaks' seem to almost directly coincide with presidential elections of the past few decades!

So far, the most recent 'outbreaks' have apparently been devastating to some major financial markets & may even prove to be inFLUential in this years presidential election! In fact, there is a meme currently making its rounds on the internet right now which shows a direct correlation between the last number of presidential elections & the last number of 'outbreaks' that have gone viral. says this is false & generally misleading; so it may be, but keep in mind that is known to be fairly liberal ( whatever the hell that means ) when it comes to politics, so one should take all this with a grain of salt. However one chooses to process this information ( fact or fiction? ); it should be clear as mud that something sinister is going on here! As suggested, some have perceived a conspiracy behind, especially the most recent 'outbreaks' & whether this is true or not, it IS rather interesting that these 'outbreaks' are not far ahead of the 'vaccine' to cure or even prevent them altogether!

Yes, you guessed it; personally speaking, I AM one of those 'anti-vac' guys!  My personal opinion, which I have been working on NOT voicing, is that vaccines, for the past several decades ( up to 6-8 ), are much, if not most of the problem. Since Big Pharma began to show its true colors, both regular medicine ( medications ) & vaccines have been proven to be as bad as, if not worse than, the disease itself! Okay, so that may be a bit harsh & maybe a bit mislead ( misinformed? ), but how many medications on the market today, whether advertised on TV or radio, show a list of side effect roughly twice as long ( or more ) as the proposed benefits?! Whether or not these 'outbreaks' are engineered or not, there is no doubt that they have become a very real, or at least 'perceived' threat & should be taken seriously, especially if one must deal with the general public on a daily basis. However, the fear generated by these threats need not be, being based in this physicality, or biology!

Yes, when one gets right down to it, the heart of the matter, so to speak, this IS about the fact that we are More than this biology, this physicality! WE should not live in fear of what may happen to this biological machine! 'As above, so below'; yes, we should take them seriously, taking such precautions as are feasible in order not to contract this or any disease, but we should not worry about them to the point of joining in mass hysteria. Yes, wash your hands as often as is necessary, exercise caution when in large groups ( especially in public places ) & over all, try to eat as healthy as you can & live as cleanly as possible, but, on the other hand, these are things we should be doing anyway, right?!

When I discount 'Big Pharma', I do not mean to imply that all the scientists, all the 'worker bees' are 'in on it'! Probably the majority of them have good intentions for what they're doing. Right or wrong, they're trying to do their job to the best of their ability & seriously wracking their brains to come up with a cure for the common cold, or even for the various forms of cancer out there. This is not either to say that the benefits to the various medications, yes, even vaccines do not sometimes outweigh the alternative, just that when it comes to the big, faceless corporations known as 'Big Pharma', the 'bottom line' seems to outweigh ( by far sometimes ) the search for a 'cure'. Again, though, since we ARE More than this biology, we should know & rest in the fact that it is not so much what we put into our bodies that brings either health or disease, but how healthy or diseased we are in our very soul!

The individual soul, or the heart of the matter, determines whether we, as human beings, will manifest our fear in the form of disease, or whether we will live fearlessly ( though we take necessary precautions ), manifesting the Health that we inherently are. By saying that we are Health Itself, I do not mean that, as human beings, we are inherently healthy ( though that could be argued ), for this biological machine is prone to much dis-ease, especially when we forget Who we are, or otherwise neglect our physical 'vehicle'. No, by referring to our inherent Health, I'm simply saying that, as More than this biology, Health comes, not from without, but ultimately, from Within!

So, while this most devastating version of the 'coronavirus' ( Covid-19? ) is definitely something to be aware of, personally speaking, it should not be causing the stir that it is. It is because of 'scare tactics that this 'virus' is having the effect it is. On the one hand, you have the U.S. government, the Chinese government & who knows who else spreading terror & misinformation through the news media. On the other hand, you have 'Big Pharma' & the CDC using their own tactics to convince everyone that they're going to die unless they do what they're told! Again, this is not to say that it's all just one big 'scare tactic' ( Fear Factor? ), for even if the numbers are grossly misrepresented; if one does not exercise a healthy amount of care, an upper respiratory problem could definitely turn out to be fatal!

Modern politics is a real 'shitshow'! It is a fact that if one has enough money, enough political 'clout', one can get away with murder ( there, I said it; 'Are you listening FBI/CIA?' )! In politics today, who you know will only get you so far. It seems that the more you know about this or that person, the more political 'clout' you have. Speaking of murder, a popular 'theory' is that none other than our own government, the government of these United States, conspired against its own citizenry in releasing this & worse into the environment so that it, as well as 'Big Pharma' could profit off of the devastation that would surely follow. No accusations to that end here, though it would not really surprise me one bit!

To end on a positive note: although we should not discount the very real threat of this latest 'outbreak' ( however the hell it happened ), neither should we loose our shit over it! 'It is what it is' & if we give in to the fear, we are only giving them what they want, in essence, bowing the knee to them. 'As above, so below'; true health comes from within, not without, so while these medications & vaccines may seem to have the desired effect, if our heart isn't in it, as soon as the medication/vaccine runs its course, 'guess what?' The best we can do to avoid contracting this latest virus is to take care of these earthly vehicles, in essence, staying away from certain people & situations we know to be bad for us & washing our hands when we feel the need, things we should be doing anyway!

Namaste' & Blessed Be!
Charles Haddon Shank

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