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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


'Truth be known...............'

How often have you heard this statement, or a similar one, usually from the lips of an honest, sometimes brutally honest person?! 'If you want to know the truth.................' is usually followed by a blatant statement like, 'I really don't like...........' which is then followed by anything from 'that' to 'you'! This could be called a 'relative truth'; it may be true for the person making the statement, but this, that or the other person may like the subject of the speaker's disdain! This 'truth' is determined by choice, but there is such a thing as 'absolute truth'; this 'truth', you could say, is determined by choice, as well, but this choice is made, not by some fickle human being, but by the Ultimate Being, the Creator of Heaven & Earth, by the Master of the Universe!

Absolute truth just is; as 2 + 2 = 4 & the Sun always rises in the East, so it is with this 'truth', nothing changes it: our perspective of it may vary according to location, etc., but these are absolutes! Like the Creator Himself, they are unchanging; they always have been & always will be! Some might object at this point, saying that mathematics was invented within the confines of time or that the Sun itself had a beginning ( Big Bang? ), which is true enough, but my point is, these 'truths' are 'absolute'; you can never make two apples plus two apples ( or oranges ) equal five pieces of fruit! The Sun will always rise in the east because that's the way its Creator set it in motion. Yes, perspectives may differ according to location, etc., but we may hold these truths to be absolute, for they were defined & set in order by an Absolute Creator!

The fact that one person believes in absolute truth & the other only believes in relative truth does not make it so; it is what it is! One may believe that our God, the God of Scripture, is the One who created all things & sustains them by His Almighty Power while another believes that everything began with a Big Bang ( eternal LHC? ) & continues to happen by chance or through 'natural selection'! Does either belief make it so; does either person have the truth because they have chosen to give credence to the notion? One might say that simply by looking at all that is, the natural ( material ) creation & biology itself, one can't help but ascribe it all to an Intelligent Designer, but on the other hand, the other may look at the same wonders and ascribe it all to mere chance, or even to the folly of man!

It is what it is!

In the minds of most sane people, there can be no doubt that there is a Creator! No one who studies the heavens or the intricacies of biology can do so without realizing that there must have been an Intelligent Designer for all of it; mere chance will never fit or foot the bill! There is too much out there & in there that we have only begun to understand, through science, to ascribe these wonders to anything but an Intelligent Designer, one who set all things in motion!

Whether we believe what the Scriptures have to say about the Creator of Heaven & Earth, or not, it is obvious to most that Someone set all this in motion! Can one, regardless of the beliefs, float in a tin can through outer space and ascribe all the wonders they see to mere chance? The very fact that they are floating through outer space in a tin can is enough to make anyone wonder & marvel!

Is there a way to know for sure that a truth is absolute? Can we ever say for certain that there are certain factors in this world of wonders that will never change, that will always hold one certain & true value? Yes, as believers in an Almighty & Omniscient Creator; we can know for sure that all of the wonders that surround us were instituted ( appointed ) by this Intelligent Designer! Those who do not believe in this Almighty & Omniscient Creator may blindly look at all the wonders surrounding us & ascribe them to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, but one thing is for certain, even the Large Hadron Collider had to be built by Someone; it didn't just happen!

Charles Haddon Shank

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